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    RAF vehicle colour

    I am making some trucks for an RAF diorama and would like to know if the timber floor of a truck deck would be natural timber colour or painted the outside colour of the vehicle please ?
  2. Many thanks for this , I may have access to that magazine , i shall go and have a look for it . At the moment I am undecided but it could be VP-FAJ , VP-FAE or VP-FAV .
  3. I have decals , at this point I do not want to do an ANARE aircraft , or buy a conversion set , none of which were mentioned in the original question .
  4. I think you will find they all had military serials !
  5. I have the Airfix Beaver which I would like to build in a scheme which I believe is civil and I am wondering about several features of the kit which I think might only be found on some military variants . On the centreline under the cabin/cockpit there is a raised feature with three things which might be vents , on the rear fuselage top , behind the wings there are three raised features a circular disc , a raised bar slightly starboard of the centreline and another smaller shape , and finally the windows and raised features on the wing centre section . I cannot see any of these in photos of civil Beavers though they are areas which do not often show up clearly in photos . Are these features I need to remove/fill in ? Any assistance appreciated . The aircraft I am building worked in the Antarctic .
  6. The serial numbers supplied in the kits I think are a little suspect , one I looked up I think turned out to be an Oxford and another a Lancaster , and I think a couple were possibly transposed , Mk1 for Mk 11 .
  7. Story I heard was that Pamela Veal vacforms were actually the products of his sometime girl friend , they were certainly far better than anything he produced . I had a 1/48 Jungmiester and I seem to remember a reasonable 1/48 Meteor F8 .
  8. From memory the cross section of the fuselage on these two kits is different around the lower fuselage .
  9. Aeroclub had issued kits of an FB1 and an FB4 , complete with decals , W/M seat , U/C etc and vacform canopy .
  10. NZKIWI


    Contrail kits are a mixed bag , some of these kits were "upgraded" between reissues , and so from memory the Hinaidi and the Hyderabad kits were a step up in quality from the Virginia . The kits I have of the HP aircraft are title Hyderabad , the instructions illustrate both this and the Hinaidi , the differences being engines , fin/rudder and a 5 degree sweep back on the out wings . The kits include a small assortment of plastic strut , white metal radial engines , props and U/C legs etc. , one set of decals which are for an in service Hinaidi and optional fin and rudder in plastic . Not included are Lion engines . The U/C legs seem to be a bit one sided and the props are four bladed , now I think the Lions had 4 bladed props and the Jupiters were 2 bladed . The Virginia kit was a whole different ball game as you in fact get , kits for five different aircraft in one box , and enough parts to build them all . From memory there are two different marks of Virginia bomber ( V11 and X ) and three of transports a Victoria and two Valentia , some white metal generic radial engines two blade props , some extruded plastic wheels, exhausts and U/C legs , most of which I would think needs replacing either from spares box , Aeroclub or scratch building , a decal sheet is included . There were also optional parts for a third type of Valentia .
  11. The first Airfix mould was also issued as an Air France boxing , the tail cone extends about 6mm past the rudder trailing edge on this kit while the tail cone on the Revell kit extends about 3cm past the rudder trailing edge . The wing shape is also different .
  12. I have now had time to read through everything posted and try and get my head around it . As well as the Minicraft 14504 Flying Tigers 707-320G PoleCat which is unopened I have found I also have a Minicraft 14484 Northwest 707-351B which according to Jessica's post and pictures would appear to have the 320C wing and JT3 engines , the Minicraft 14455 Lufthansa 707-420 with Conways , which has the other wing Jessica pictured , shorter with less width inboard of the engines , and the Airfix kit which has a wing with a similar shape to 420 kit but shorter again ? Compared to the Minicraft kit , the Airfix kit fin is not only shorter but also has less cord . I have the 26 decals and would like to make a BOAC aircraft . I had almost convinced myself the Minicraft 420 was the way to go till the last post above . Are the Airfix engines short or do they just appear that way because they are too fat ?
  13. I seem to remember a very basic vacform from Airframe , might come up occasionally on Evil bay
  14. I came across this thread while looking for info on a Trislander conversion . Not sure if there ever was a conversion article in an Airfix magazine for the Islander to Trislander , however the October 1972 issue of Model World has one with plans and enough information to help anyone interested in the Trislander , you will need a couple of Airfix kits and some pretty basic scratch building .
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