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  1. A lovely job on both aircraft Cliff. Great pics and terrific DG/DE finish, presume it was airbrushed (?). Curious which paints you used, and what you had for a camera setup.
  2. Well done Stu. The Hurricane definitely is something a little different :-).
  3. Thanks to all for your very kind comments. Am curious as to why Rick Brown found this a more difficult build than other Airfix Spits? The only tricky part I encountered was ensuring that the undercart bits and flaps were installed in the correct positions, very easy to get it all backwards . And the stenciling took longer than the kit to finish, very tedious LOL!
  4. Supermarine Spitfire F Mk.22 No. 607 (County of Durham Squadron), Royal Auxiliary Air Force, RAF Ouston, England. This aircraft took part in the Cooper Trophy Race of 1948. Airfix 1/72. Great model, fit and finish were superb. Highly recommended.
  5. Well done Mr. Fuad, a remarkable finish to be certain. Glad that my take on this exact same model was posted before I saw yours. I may have to delete my post *embarrassment smiley*.
  6. Due to other priorities, and sometimes mojo not working, a long drawn out build for me. Glad I have finally completed it. The Special Hobby Whirlwind Mk I is a great little kit with nice detail supported by some resin, PE parts, and excellent decals. Weakest part for me was the undercart and associated doors which the instructions failed to provide enough information on regarding attachment points. Painted with Mr. Hobby lacquers.
  7. The Spitfire bug first bit me in 1962, when I built my very first Airfix model of the Mk. IX, Johnny Johnson's mount. Plain and simple, it is a stunningly romantic and beautiful aircraft, with a killer instinct. Much like some women I have known.
  8. It's already been said, so at the risk of sounding repetitive, what a stunningly, brilliant, beautiful, fantastic job! Classic.
  9. Just getting caught up on this topic, and was admiring the colours of your brushwork Steve. I assume from your post that these are Vallejo Model Air paints; can you tell me which paint colours you used to get your RAF camp colours looking so correct? I'm having a heck of a time finding anything Vallejo that really matches RAF dark green and dark earth.
  10. I think you're fairly safe going with grey green for the sidewalls and fuselage interior, with aluminium painted tube frame substructure.
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