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  1. Tell me, is English your native language? Re read the last paragraph again, if possible with an interpreter. I am not you friend and yes, I would say it to your face with pleasure.
  2. You really shouldn't try to read in depth meaning into brief comments made on a subject whose prime intention was to alert fellow modellers to the photographs being shown on another modelling site. I didn't even mention the name of the site here on BM in case it offended somebody like you. I used the word 'pity' because for me a EUROPEAN subject would be preferable...such as a Hurricane. Can you understand that? A P47 is the next obvious choice because America is where the money is. If the words I've used has offended your sense of propriety, well then tough. You pick your words, I'll pick mine. Now please go ahead and have the last word.
  3. So you think I have a remarkable attitude? Did you read my post properly or do you want an just argument?? I said it was not a subject that I would not choose. I did not condemn them from choosing that particular subject or any other, I said that I would have preferred a European aeroplane. I don't need a lecture from you to tell me how Tamiya, or any other kit manufacturer needs to sell popular subjects in order to stay in business, that is common sense, so choosing my comments to lecture to me, and the BM membership at large, is pathetic.
  4. It seems that the new Corsair is due for imminent release with pictures of it on the web. It certainly looks a splendid kit and I'm sure that it's accurate in most respects (if it isn't the Yanks will tear Tamiya apart) and will come with a hefty price tag. Unfortunately for me, this isn't an aeroplane that I would choose to model, preferring instead a European subject, ideally the Hurricane MkI or the Spitfire MkI but you can bet your life that because the P 51 sold well in America, and this Corsair will follow suit, the next choice will be a P47. Pity.
  5. The Airfix kit is good but it has a long list of 'faults' that can be corrected. I built the B(I)8 which was covered in sink marks. In addition to the points listed by John my kit also had poorly fitting jet intakes and exhaust pipes, the wing tips were incorrectly shaped (plan view) and the bomb aimers bubble was too shallow (side view). Having read other, more successful builds here, I'm wondering if mine was a 'second', sold as new. Trubbie
  6. Does anybody know if Aeroclub has reintroduced their 1/48 JP and if so, How much? Thanks, Trubbie
  7. I've just received the email from PCM announcing this new kit. Having read somewhere of a pending 1/32 Tempest, I assumed that this was the only one. But it seems that there will be two different renditions which is truly amazing. Obviously having the kits in your hands is the only way to compare them properly but I think the Sword (PCM) kit will be rather popular simply because of Mr Sutherland's involvement in it's development. Knowing that gentleman's insistence on accuracy, I'd say this one will sell very well. I might even order one before it's released....phew! Trubbie
  8. This has come out very well indeed Johnny. Looks authentic and very close to some of the photos I've seen of XIXs in the air. Well done. Trubbie. PS Your spitfire collection is admirable.
  9. Two lovely Spitfires Derek. An excellent choice. Your dad seems to have a way with a sanding stick because that fuselage looks just fine! Well done. Trubbie
  10. Phoenix make an Azure Blue which is as close as I've seen ( in the flesh so to speak). It compares very well to the RAF Museum's British Aviation Colours WW2 paint chart. Trubbie
  11. Trubbie

    Revell DVII lozenge

    I'd choose a way that avoided having to apply masking over any decals. The DVII's cowlings might be best painted first, for example. Trubbie
  12. If this does turn out to be a good kit, I hope they produce a Mk I and a Mk V to the same standards. I tried the Phoenix (Precision Paints) enamel range of RAF paints and found them to be very close to the RAFM colour chips. Trubbie
  13. Sometimes, Parcel Force rip open the clear plastic envelope on the package and remove it's contents, which of course contains the delivery address. When, a little later on, another PF employee looks for somewhere to send it, and finds nothing, it's sent back to New Zealand. WNW then have to try to match the contents of the box with an existing order to identify the customer. They then post it back, and with any luck, when it reaches the clutches of PF again, it will be handled by somebody with more than a handful of little grey cells. Other than that, no problems......! This has happened to me and on several other occasions I'm told. My DH-2 kit has more air miles than Apollo 13 NB. WNW are exemplary with their shipping and customer services.
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