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  1. Yes probably. After all it is a short run model. Pay close attention to the alignment of the various parts of the fuselage. Better to dry test all parts before assembly to check that they fit smoothly. For example, I had to insert a thickness of plasticard between the two valves of the tail trunk because this was a little narrower than the corresponding front part with which it was going to match.
  2. I update the wip of the "space chicken". I wanted to put a captain to enhance the vehicle, so I bought the STL file online from SkulForge Studio and printed it in 3D with the help of a friend. You can see the result in the picture, not bad at all both in terms of definition and detail ........ [/url] I believe this is the near future of model making, at least for accessories, detail set and figures. After the assembly of all the parts, I moved on to the primer painting, I preferred to leave the parts disassembled because after it will be easier for
  3. A few months ago on this forum I saw Andy Moore's work on this subject which was of great inspiration for me. I have always been a Star Wars lover so occasionally I allow myself a distraction from my planes, just for fun and to experiment with some new painting techniques. The Sci-Fi are pure fun, no rules and then these new Bandai kits are a fairy tale, perfect joints, zero burrs, the sprue attaches to the very thin pieces that leave almost no trace .... some small details added to the cockpit, using remains palstic and photoetchted spare parts, the only drawback a
  4. Great job, I have done the same thing on my Lancastrian but I've made a master of a couple of seats and after many resin copies.
  5. I have resumed my old Alitalia Lancastrian 1/72 project and it's time to paint the cabin crew compartment and the cockpit. I am in doubt as to whether to use the standard color for the Lancasters (all black-black / green) or whether there was a specific color for the civilian version. I have not found any references or photographs except for this which represents the radio operator's position: So if someone could give me some suggestions, would I appreciate it very much. Thanks in advance. Sebastiano
  6. Another little slow update on the Sycamore. I tried to scratchbuilt the structure of the rear seats with round 0.4mm profiles like evergreen and simulate the fabric of the seats with 0.10 mm "texturized" sheet metal. To reproduce the canvas effect, I simply heated the sheet on a candle and pressed it with the wooden handle of the brush on a squared bottom (like Ikea cutting board). The result was satisfactory, I will try to exalt it in the painting stage .... [/img] At this point I fixed all the interior parts for a fit test.........................
  7. Ciao, waiting to complete my two 1/32 Bf109, I'm taking some moment of relax, building another chopper! The Bristol Type 171 Sycamore, it's the typical ugly but fascinating. The kit is in 1/48scale from the prolific Ukrainian brand AMP, I had already built their Sikorsky HOS-1, a few months ago and I must say that also this Sycamore is not bad. Fine details and engraved panel lines, the only drawback is the presence of numerous molding burrs on many parts, probably cause of a mold not particularly accurate, but in a "short run" kit there can be acetable. A small flaw because the kit
  8. For first....thank to all for your appreciation! Yes the latest not the last ......I hope! The painting process is showing in the following pictures.......
  9. Some slow progress on my Lancastrian, finally I've made some resin copy of the windows, interior arrangements and seats. I'm planning to make in the near future some complete copy of this conversion with BOAC or ALITALIA decals so if someone are interested, please drop me a message. Sebastiano
  10. Various little problems had brought me to stop modelling. Now these problem are partially solved, so now is time, after over two years, to unfreeze my Lancastrian and to go to complete it. I restart working on the internal arrangement, I've scratchbuilt only 5 seats but I need 13, so I ve planned to make a resin copy. Also I've scratchbuilt the lavatory compartment and the middle bulkhead that separated the cabin crew from the passengers. At last I've opened the passengers entrance door on the back end of the fuselage. Hope to post more progress soon ! Sebastiano
  11. Another little progress....... Because the colors are the same of the Alitalia version, by request of a friend, I've added two BOAC version to my decal sheet........ and I've printed it of a self-adhesive paper sheet to make a test on the real model............................. I've sent a copy of my sheet to BOA Decal for a quotation..... Please if anyone notice any errors in the text or in the colors of the BOAC version, may you report it to me? Bye for now Sebastiano
  12. I know, good point, but I just changed them to take pictures. maybe the main problem is the decal sheet, I'm checking the cost to print a few dozen copies. I will keep you updated! Thanks to all Sebastiano
  13. First of all thank you all for your interest in my model. The work on the Lancastrian proceeds so I passed on the wings detailing the flap with the Eduard photoetched set. It was a very tedious job and here is the result after a few hours and many ...... many ribs after. I know the problem of the dihedral of the wings, but I do not know if correct it because, having cut off the flaps, I do not want to weaken the wing too. I do not know, we'll see along the way. Now is the time to detail the wheels bay, does anyone know where to get good photos of the interior? Sebastiano
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