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  1. Awesome result, incredible conversion and detail work in this!
  2. Yes, they do. This looks like a very good kit too, so I am already looking forward to the Mig-9. The surface detail on the parts is a very nice combination of raised and engraved lines and panels The details are very nice, it looks like a reasonably well detailed model can be built with what is provided in the box, all in all after a quick look at the parts I am well happy with this kit.
  3. This is my entry, I just received the kit in the mail this morning I have not even opened the kit bag yet to inspect the parts, so I have no idea what I am in for, but this should be fun!
  4. Looks very good, especially with the wash and the gloss knocked back a bit. I think you hit the colors pretty well.
  5. Oh yes, I am a huge fan of your decals, and know it will be worth the wait. Kind of why I am holding off, waiting for a better alternative in markings choices for the FB.
  6. This will be interesting to watch! I live in Rochester and remember well the FB-111's flying around quite a bit. I have the Academy kit with almost all the Scale Down add ones to one day build as a 509th bird, I keep putting it off, my current excuse is I am waiting for Caracal to release their promised F-111 decals! At least you made it to the show........I started twice, but never got out of town.....
  7. Ahh, thank you, my mistake. That would explain a lot with this kit then.
  8. I apologize, I have no connection to the guy doing the review, it is just the only review of the actual kit I have found so far. I am rather disappointed by how the kit seems to go together. I was very hopeful that since Kitty Hawk apparently scanned a real aircraft, that care or effort would be translated into a more accurate and well though out kit. I have this kit and their Su-34 on pre-order, I had hoped I put my money on the better option, but now I am not so sure
  9. There is a build review on YouTube, in several parts. Doesn't get deep into accuracy, but does point out a couple of omissions. It looks like the multi-part fuselage and spine will be a challenge to get together nicely. Construction wise, it looks like somewhat of missed opportunity. That being said, I do have one on preorder from a shop so will build it when it comes in.
  10. Here is a silly question, if one were so inclined to propose an article for publication, how would they go about contacting the editor to propose said article? I would be interested in proposing an article or too but would rather like to have some feedback before hand.
  11. Flagon

    Baynes Bat

    That is a decent little kit, and quite colorful when done, but as has already been mentioned, the decals are pretty horrible and do not settle down well at all, at least they didn't on mine. Flagon
  12. I would be interested in this, I have several kits that would be appropiate, though might need help with decals. Flagon
  13. Thank you all for the replies.......although some are a little intimidating. To be honest I have no real idea what the kit is worth, and it reall dosn't matter now! I would prefer to be one of the few who have built the kit than one of those who "have" the kit Since resin details are provided for the airbrakes, I think I will build them open and add whatever extra detail might be needed. This is a big project, so I am clearing up some smaller projects (long overdue to be finished) to allow more room for this on the bench. Again, I appericiate all your comments and support. Flagon
  14. After a plesant day working on the Bucc, this is where I managed to get to; got the verticle tail together but when trying to alighn the resin fin tip I just could not be certain that everything would be correct later on when I added it to the fuselage, so I decided that I would go all in and get the heavy construction out of the way now. This way I will be able to check fit and alighnments aginst the fuselage, I outlined the fuselage halfs with a Sharpie and then cut them out by scribing around them with an X-Acto knife held at about a 45' angle to the part. This effectively reduces the amoun
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