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  1. Come on podciech!!! we are stuck at home and we need to see your awesome stuff!!!!!! Please!!
  2. Thank you all guys, I really apreciate your words. I have to make a little pause on this project because I have to scratchbuild 2 models, and one of them is for december (not too much time for me!!!!) They are an embraer 111, and a EADS CASA-295 both of them from the Chilean Navy. I will try to continue some how with this one (it is for me) So, see you next post. Agustin
  3. Hi Wayne, thanks for your coments. For big cuts I am using a pneumatic tool (from my work) then dremel, and finally manual lime, and lots of patience....... Agustin
  4. Thanks for the explanation man, and for watching See you
  5. Hello, just some little work..... I added the flaps and ailerons to the wings and prepared them to start painting ......soon...... Then I started working on the main landing gear, first made of plastic But I realised it was going to be very weak, so after thinking a lot I decided to try with metal, in spanish called "laton" kind of bronze (think so) Of course no detail, that is going to be added of plastic I am going to use an old pair of wheels, because I don´t feel able to make them from scratch, I know they are not the same ones as in the real plane, but at least they
  6. Thanks Angels 49, as I always say it isn´t so dificult as it seems, just try yourself. Yes Phartycr0c, the colour is like this RAF TUCANO Thanks for watching See you on next post
  7. Hello my friends, thanks to everybody who has stoped here and watched, and also for the comments. Here some pictures. I am preparing to start painting soon..... Navigation lights spinner and tail See you soon with more pictures All the best
  8. Thanks Chris and James G, I am working on the tail and soon will post those new parts Thanks for looking!! Agustin
  9. First of all thans to everybody for your kind words, I really apreciate them. Here is a very little update.... The rudder It was made of 2 mm plastic (3 of them together) Ahh and also the first scribing atempt......not very good, but I learned some things for the rest of the model..... Hope you like it See you
  10. Hi Mike, thanks for looking and for your words. This is not my first scratchbuilt model, but yes I could tell you is the first serious one. I choose the Tucano just because I love the design and also because I really like the paint scheme used by Linton-on-Ouse. Thanks again for looking and any suggestions are welcome. Keef, same as Mike thanks a lot for your words. See you next post Cheers Agustin
  11. Thanks Chris for your words, I am happy that you like it!!! See you at the next post Agustin
  12. Derek, thanks for your comments, I appreciate them, specially after looking at your work, I think I have seen all your topics here and also in LSP forums, I really enjoy them. Now you can understand why you find your buiding techniques similar to mine.......... I have learn from your work I wish I could achieve just a little percent of your skills Maybe I could ask you "how to do" some things during my building?? Regards
  13. Hi Kirk, yes, it always separates easily from the filler. Just check that in the place you are going to put the filler, the film is stretch. Glad to help.
  14. Hello everybody!! a little update of my work, not much, but making some progress. Well the pictures.... First of all, I had to cut the fuselage and the wings for placing them in the correct place. Yes it was a little bit scary!! Here you can also see the wheel weels inserted into the wings And the results Here the turbine exhaust, made in 2 parts so I can separate it and vacuforme it, and some air intakes, same as the one near the nose that you can see some pictures above I hope you like it See you soon
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