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  1. I Have to agree with the others. This is a great looking Cobra. I absolutely love the colors, fading, and staining but to be perfectly honest I thought that it was missing something. It took me a few minutes to figure out what that was. The exhaust stains are missing. That should be no sweat for someone who knows how to use an airbrush as well as you do. Once you add that it will be a true masterpiece! This is perhaps the best execution that I have ever seen of a P-39 in these markings. Makes me want to build another one. Dave Shaw
  2. Well, you certainly caught my attention. I always liked to see medium bombers done up up just right and you are doing a treat to these. GREAT WORK! Dave
  3. I like what you are doing with this Jeep. I don't know what you have for reference but here is a link to the photos of the 44MB my brother completely restored from the ground up. If there is an area you are unsure about I'm sure there will be pictures of it! He documented the resto pretty well and took great pains to get it right. http://www.surfacezero.com/g503/showgaller...=861&page=1 I will be watching this one for sure. Dave Shaw
  4. Monogram 1/48 P-39 Built out of the box. This is the latest re-re-release (the Promodeler version). Kit decals went on nicely with Micro Sol & Set. Model Master Enamels used throughout. I have always liked this kit. It’s a good kit to just get back to your modeling roots on. Cut away into it, I am sure I’d agree with all the flaws pointed out so don’t hold back. I always like to here feedback no mater what you think. I can’t learn if I don’t know what’s wrong. Dave Shaw
  5. I am not much for all the extra detail sets or going ‘A Bridge Too Far’ with scratch detailing, particularly since not much of the interior detail can be seen once it’s together anyway. That being said, I don’t mean to tell you that this will be completely a stock build. .Detail in the flight deck and cargo areas I think are adequate for what can be viewed once assembled. The only exception is the throttle quadrant, trim wheel, and pilot and copilot seatbelts. These might be seen because I plan on having the side window to the cockpit open. Last other detail will be some life rafts (yet to be sculpted) across from the cargo doors. The only reason I opted to replace the sound proofing material on cockpit walls was because there were some mold release marks that would have been impossible to remove without destroying the molded detail. The kit representation of this was weak at best anyway. I used foil burnished to my hobby knife handle to get the pattern for my replacement sound proofing. Painted motors will do for me. Move along if you were hoping for after markets. I like the bench seat belts, they are all different. Just fitted together to see how it’s shaping up. I still have a few tweeks to do then it’ll be bye bye interior. Not sure if war time aircraft had the emergency exits red but I saw it in a restored bird and thought it added interest. That’s it for now. All comments welcome, good or bad. Dave Shaw
  6. G’wan and get the tracks. I know they can be intimidating at first but you’ll see they are not that hard. Believe me I am horrible with fiddly bits. I like to use Testors liquid glue, the stuff in the black bottle with the hypo tip applicator. I like it because it takes plenty of time to set up so you’ll have the time it takes to get them on as you like. The worst case you’ll put the rubber bands back on but at least you’ll know and won’t ever wonder about using them again. You won’t have any problems though and you’ll wonder why you didn’t get them before because they’ll look so much better. Obi, tell him... Dave Shaw Out
  7. Yeah all’s well with me at the moment, At least it is now, my hard drive was crashed by a virus and I had to reformat it… AURGH! I had to return the camera I had been using to the one that owned it but now I have a new one that I like better. I still haunt ARC but I have not been checking the non aircraft page over there lately. After battling my last panzer project I sort of lost steam with armor at the moment. So to refresh that, I am working on Monogram’s C-47. I am sure after all the sanding and filling on that I will be ready to get back to armor. I saw your C-47 when I did a search over there for them, very nice. I will hopefully have a thread on the goony bird this weekend. I’ll get an email to you then to talk about tracks when I have more time…. You KNOW how windy I can be. In the mean time, as Obi-Jiff suggests VP has extra gear also Academy has a few sets that’ll supply you with some good pieces as does Tamiya. These are usually listed as “modern” since much that was used then is still used today. That should help to get you started in your search. I talk to ya later, Dave Shaw out
  8. Hey Sean, Very nice. You have really gotten quite good with your weathering these days. The rain streaking on the side is very effective. I like that a lot. The interior has a really good base to it. Now then, just a few suggestions…. You asked. If you are not going to use the swim vane you might want to fill in the mounting holes for it. I would consider using it though, I can’t say I ever remember seeing a 113 without one, not that it is impossible to happen. Don’t forget to dirty up that ramp. The inside of which would be dirtier than the sides of the vehicle since that is where the crew walks with their muddy boots. Add a lot of dirt to the top outside of the ramp where it sits in the mud when open. You defiantly need to add stuff. I mean MORE stuff. Just the usual duffel, C-rat boxes, ammo cans, man pack radio, etc. remember there would probably be quite a few guys crammed on here with all their rucksacks and crud. Plus don’t forget those coveted comfort items solders always have on a vehicle like cots, tarps for rain, coolers, transistor radios, Playboys, you get the idea. Maybe line the bottom of the interior with sandbags. That was a common practice in Vietnam to help protect against landmines. A roll of RPG fence wouldn’t hurt on this one either. It sounds like a lot I know, but it would really add life and the best part is, you don’t need to change anything you already have going. Just add! You have enough armor under your belt now that it may be time to take it to the next level. As you said this kit is old, not that is a bad kit, but the tracks really show its age. They really don’t represent M113 track well at all. I am sure someone has to make AM track for M113 series vehicles these days. That would really set your 113 apart from the rest, at least something to consider. If you don’t go that route it was a good touch to tie the rubber band track down for that weighted appearance. One last thing off the top of my head… I like that you did not use the mud guards. These were removed in muddy conditions because mud would clog up in there and cause you to “throw track.” That said, you might want to take a pin vise and drill out the bolt holes. You can use the kit mud guards to get the locations for the holes. Your “track", as PC's are often refereed, looks great as is. These are just some of the things I’d add if it were me. Looks like a fun build that I WANT to do now… It’s all your fault! As always if you have any questions feel free to drop me a line. Your friendly neighborhood Cav Scout, Dave Shaw
  9. Hello Dave, First let me say I have not heard “Chaps and Chappesses” in quite a few years. As soon as a read it, for some reason, all I could hear in head as I read it was the voice of Danger Mouse as he was about to give “Another exciting installment of Secret Agent Secrets”….(never mind) Anyway you made a fine choice for your first go at tanks again. One can never go wrong with a Panther. Very nice build, thanks for sharing. Dave Shaw
  10. Well Sean, I hope you have a lot more space on that wall... Looks like you'll be bringing more home with work like that. I must have missed your build thread or even your ready for inspection thread, here or on the "other" site. I'd like to see more pictures of this one. Dave Shaw
  11. This is it, the bit I've been waiting for! The build went nicely, very clean work, but it's the paint I've been holding out for. I was just thinking of trying this sort of thing the other day when I was painting the chips on my panzer IV the old fashion way. Painting the whole thing in natural steel colors, rust, gunmetal, and so on, then having a go with the salt or hair spray seems like it would be much easier and more realistic. Your last post does not give me too much hope as I am a strict enamel man. I can't say that I've heard about using silicone though. It was my understanding that salt was just fixed in place with water. I suppose I'll need to break out the scrap plastic and see what kind of mess I can make out of it. Well keep it up and I'll be watching for the next update. Dave Shaw
  12. Hey what gives? You didn't even say good bye! You can't just go and take a powder on us with out prior approval you know. I was beginning to think that you thought you were too good for the likes of us. I have not finished anything since the Panther and I blame you entirely. I have even been poking around in my aircraft stash again. Anyway it's good to have you back with us buddy... NOW LETS GET BACK TO WORK! Dave Shaw
  13. I have got to admit that I am very new to using the Photoshop program and have been teaching myself how it works. I did use the "filters" to give it some grain but I could not match the dot matrix of the WW II photo. The grain created by the program that I applied to the tank is random where the actual photo has a uniform grain to it such as you would find in news print. I didn't think of using the noise setting, perhaps I'll have a go at that. If I was able to work from the original photo that might have helped... or if I could clean up the background photo before I drop the tank in it.... hmmm. Yes that would have worked. After playing around a bit I found that I could have despeckeled the background first and then I could have matched the grain perfectly.
  14. I’m posting this Panther again only because it was said that it needed a more appropriate backdrop. I have to agree that is true. …better than… Photoshop sure makes diorama building easy! Dave Shaw
  15. Okay, this will likely be the last update before I finish the thing once and for all. I won’t bore anyone with commentary about what has been done this time and just let the pictures do the talking. Now the fun part, I get to dirty it up! Dave Shaw
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