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  1. My 1/48 build of NZ2504 is on here somewhere - from memory, I made the turret blank by taping the fuselage together, bending and taping the thinnest bit of clear plastic over the turret hole so I could see what the shape was, drew the shape required, removed tape and plastic, cut it out, applied superglue and voila - no filling req'd. Clear plastic came from some sort of packaging, I think.
  2. How's this build going? Have you fitted the engine firewall to the fuselage yet? Mine appears to have a gap at the bottom where it butts up to lower wing....
  3. Sure - that would be awesome - thanks very much! (Still hoping that Airfix will release the definitive kit at some point....)
  4. Hi Troy - thanks for your reply - I already have the kit, and built it several years ago, but in the absence of a better one coming on the market, was considering giving it a bit of a revamp. Always thought it looked a little short once finished....
  5. Just curious as to how accurate a kit this is, in regards to basic dimensions. Also, if it has serious accuracy issues - how do you correct them? Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks Sky Dancer - cool video...
  7. Thanks guys - most of your thinking seems to be down the same path as my own, so that makes things easier!
  8. Not too sure about some of the "restored" Tr.9s - at least a few of them are modern conversations, and at least one has a standard Mk.IX wing, complete with cannons, which is definitely wrong. PV202, which is ex-IAF, had red patches over both outer gun positions in each wing, although my understanding is there was only one gun per wing.
  9. Good Morning A couple of quick questions re: Spitfire Tr.IX (or Tr.9?), particularly in Irish Air Force Service, that I'm hoping someone can help me with, as emails to both ARC at Duxford and Biggin Hill have met with no response.... 1) would armour behind the seat have been fitted to either cockpit? seems unnecessary weight o be lugging around in a trainer.... 2) was there a fuel tank forward of the cockpit? the original MkVIII had a smaller tank installed, but was this carried over to the Tr.IX? Restored examples don't appear to have the rather obvious fuel cap o
  10. Were early WWII Luftwaffe primed/undercoated (Stuka, Me-109E, etc)?If so, what colour would have been used on exterior surfaces? Thanks in advance for any help.....
  11. Interestingly, some people have had Camels for 2-3 weeks now, and I can't find a single WIP build..... Surely 12 pages of drama over having to wait for delivery isn't so they can just be added to the stash?
  12. Thanks, Graham - a Malta Mk.V is next.......
  13. Sweet! Thanks for all your help - you guys rock!
  14. Calling all Spitfire experts..... What period were the port wings of Spitfires painted black? Was this applied at the factory, or while in service? Also, once the decision to chance to sky undersides was made, were black wings overpainted, or was it left to attrition and replacements to ring in the changes? Secondly, from what date/serial was IFF a standard fit? (Basically, I'm trying to figure out how to build/paint Spit R6835 of 603 Sqn as at late Aug 1940....) Thanks in advance John
  15. If you go off the numbers of each kit, WNW started at 32001 and have released about 50 kits, with the Camels finishing on 32076 - this likely means that there are at least 20-25 aircraft under consideration/development - bound to be some French, Italian, etc aircraft in there somewhere.
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