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  1. Then there's the Skiing & Cycling and the occasional Lawyering ....
  2. Whirlybird was doing most of them with a few extra added resin improvements up until earlier this year, don't know what's happened to their stuff now as they were supposed to be shutting up shop.
  3. Not many differences in the front cockpit (especially at 1/72 scale), but rear cockpit differs between marks primarily with the different radar fits iirc
  4. https://uk.airfix.com/christmas/advent-calendar
  5. Farewell Songbird - RIP https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-63812952
  6. Seconded - I'm not aware of any kit of it in 1/72, the only one I know of is Shed Models 1/200 metal kit
  7. Hi Colin As you're after 9 sets I presume you're looking to build the whole team? If so, you might want to scour the 2nd hand market for the earlier Airfix kit which comes both with the scheme you're after and all the team serials This boxing or any earlier Red Arrows boxing should have what you're looking for. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/airfix-03026-red-arrows-hawk--211450 If you've got kits already, you could try a begging post in the Wanted section for unused kit decals?
  8. None - that's the same incorrect sheet Paul They got the colours right in both the starter set that had the same scheme for XN793 as in the current release, and the initial kit release which had a natural metal 92 sqn scheme. Unfortunately if you still got the unused 92 Sqn decals left over from the initial release, they're too big for the camo scheme
  9. Yes, another useful site that had slipped my memory, I found some info on there about the SS Northfield which was lost to a torpedo in 1918, my 19yr old great uncle was lost along with all hands. I've got entries from Lloyds list for dimensions and a contemporary painting/postcard but no photo's. https://www.wrecksite.eu/wreck.aspx?77622
  10. Uboat.net is usually good at showing details of ships attacked by Uboats, but a search for South Gare didn't show anything, was she re-named by any chance? https://uboat.net/wwi/ships_hit/
  11. Looks to me like the plates covering the trim tab rams are bolted through onto a flange on their longitudinal sides, and the rear edge is bent up vertically and bolted through the rear athwartship plate. Difficult to see but the forward edge could be tucked under a strip of angle plate, or there's a hinge on top of the forward edge.
  12. 1 Ditch the white spirit for thinning, try laquer thinners (Tamiya or Gunze Mr Color work well) or Colourcoats Naphta thinners, you'll get the same high gloss but it will dry much quicker. 2 Try artists water colour paints with a tiny bit of dish washing soap in them (breaks down surface tension and allows them to flow rather than pool- works great for a panel line pin wash on a gloss surface and dead easy to wash off if you make a mistake.
  13. Those look like the Anchor signal balls. Belay that, @Our Ned is right - one ball is at anchor, 2 balls s NUC; the anchor ball is usually displayed forward, NUC from high up/midships/further aft - need more coffee to wake up before posting! In the photo's at Prussia Cove she should be displaying 3 balls vertically to indicate she's aground
  14. In the recent Airfix Factory Tour videos that have popped up on youtube recently, the factory manager is explaining the production process and was saying they were producing in batches for multi tool kits, presumably each batch would be delivered once ready, rather than produce all kits ordered and not deliver until the order was complete. This will lead to initial short supply, but rapid restocks, rather than flooding the market and then no or slow restock.
  15. Short explanation https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/techniques/what-is-oo-gauge/ Long and detailed explanation https://doubleogauge.com/a-history-of-oo-gauge/
  16. There's a few youtube videos around of the designer of the kit giving a talk on it's developement, he shows photo of a built-up 3-d printed test model on his workbench, and the Montforton book is just behind it!
  17. White metal is an alloy of tin, traditionally with lead, but nowadays for model and decorative items now with copper (no lead due to toxicity) Its properties depend on the alloy contents, it can be quite soft, and the weight of the model can cause white metal undercarriage legs to splay out over time. As the SAC legs are predominantly just the kit legs in metal with no extra detail or corrections, I've never seen any value in them as the kit legs are invariably strong enough to support the model with careful handling.
  18. Well that Martlet is has had a respray into British colours by a skilled painter - note the freehand tight soft edge around the roundels and fin flash! Interesting to see the hand cranked start as well
  19. Range - the Merlin was a thirsty engine and drank oil (then spewed it out in a dirty streak along the bottom of the fuselage) For most operational use the standard tank was sufficient, but for long range flights with overload fuel tanks a larger oil tank was desirable, PR work being a prime example of this, The original MkI Spitfire oil tank was part of the lower nose cowling (the middle bit of the 3-part cowling wasn't a panel, it was the tank) This was replaced with an enlarged tank giving a bulged lower nose on some Spits in the ME theatre (usually seen with the Aboukir filter as in the famous shot of Widge Gleed and a couple of 601 Sqn Vc's) With the introduction of the Vokes filter a new enlarged tank was fitted inside the lower cowling above the filter - this seems to coincide with Spitfires re-enforcing Malta either by carrier in ops such as Calendar and Bowery or direct from Gibraltar, both long range ops with overload fuel tanks. With the introduction of the 2 stage Merlin in the MkIX and a longer nose cowling (and more power/more thirst) a larger oil tank (compared to MkI) was fitted into the space available in the longer nose, this became the new standard, but again with demand for long range flights an even larger oil tank was fitted in a deeper lower forward cowling, demand coming this time for PR work. You see this on only a few types as demand for standard types in high and it's more efficient production wise to fit this only to those for which role demands it until a major redesign for standard types allows incorporation into mainstream production.
  20. https://www.monfortonpress.com/
  21. I doubt they've deliberatly spoiled them, this portion of the tooling hasn't been finished yet. They've been cut into the tool to allow later production of a different mark. When the first test shots are produced the whole sprue will be frosted as the tool is still in a rough machined finish. When the test shots have confirmed the parts are correct and are able to be moulded correctly the tooling will be polished to give the crystal clear parts we all want. In this case I'd suggest only the parts required for this release have been given the final polish, either due to time constraints to get this issue out, or tooling costs if there is some doubt about whether the second kit version will be issued/cash flow priorities or other financial reasons.
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