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  1. Dr_Flangemeister

    US Vehicle Colour Schemes

    If it's of help, the higher resolution colour versions of all the Bison instructions are still available online here: Google album, Bison 1:72 instructions The LVT-4 instructions are near the end. Chris
  2. Dr_Flangemeister

    Pave Hawk decals from Werner's Wings

    I agree Dave, it would be good if they did. I need a enough for two (maybe more?) aircraft in 1:48 and don't know how good my scratch building is to ensure consistency yet alone even consider a foray into casting. Cobra Company in the USA did them in 1:35 but he closed shop just before the new year. I'm hoping either someone else buys the masters to re-issue them and/or Live Resin do something seeing as they've produced miniguns on standard window mounts. Chris
  3. Dr_Flangemeister

    Pave Hawk decals from Werner's Wings

    Quick heads up on Werner's Wings recently released MH/HH-60G Pave Hawk decals [Link]. A very comprehensive set and look to be well printed. Am looking forward to using them when I find the time to start back on my H-60/S-70 Hawk theme again. Excellent service from Floyd: I ordered the full 1:48 Combat Rescue set and the 1:35 stencils and received them a week later. I have no connection with the company, just a satisfied customer. Cheers Chris B IPMS Farnborough
  4. Dr_Flangemeister

    Hard top for Revell Series III Land Rover

    Maybe... That said, the set does seem to include this detailing set: https://www.djparkins.com/product.php?productid=18097&cat=298&page=1 Might be worth contacting Mr Parker directly to see if the hard top could be purchased separately unless you want the extra detail set? "You pays your money and takes your choice."
  5. Dr_Flangemeister

    Hard top for Revell Series III Land Rover

    Firing Line (David J Parkins) may be what you're looking for: Land Rover 109 hard top: https://www.djparkins.com/product.php?productid=18098&cat=298&page=1 Chris
  6. Dr_Flangemeister

    RAF Liberators...

    Also worth looking at is this website: http://www.rafb24.com Chris
  7. Dr_Flangemeister

    Kallisti - an open letter to the Mod's

    Just a couple of things from my perspective that I hope will be constructive. I also state that being a fellow IPMS Farnborough member I also know Andrew fairly well. I agree that Andrew broke the overall Groub Build rules. These rules are in a pinned topic of their own: Quote Mish "Any member that is found canvassing or trolling for votes either on Britmodeller or elsewhere will have their build removed from any poll and may face other punitive action. "This is considered by the moderators and admin staff to be unsportsmanlike and not in keeping with the spirit of Group builds." However, it may be worth considering re-stating these rules in the individual Group Build rules or at least referring people to them so that they are reminded of them? I understand that Andrew was not aware of this and it is only this topic that has caused me to look for them. To me it seems that there should also be some transparency as to how the rules are enforced and stating what the "other punitive action" may be. This is extremely vague and perhaps a statement giving examples should be given? That said, one good thing that has come out of this is that it has started to cure his addiction to online forums! Chris
  8. Dr_Flangemeister

    What are my options?

    Hi Radleigh Not too many options for you juding from the lack of responses. I'm not sure what the truck is, looks like it has a cab-over-engine or short bonnet and an extended flat-bed for the Me-109. Any idea where or when the photo was taken? You could try Kit Form Services, they may have a 1:24 transkit of the right era but won't have the same cab configuration. Otherwise your best bet is Revell, they did produce some 1:24 scale early post war German lorries a few years ago that may be suitable for conversion e.g. Bussing 8000 You could also ask on Truck Model World forum where they may be able to help further. Cheers Chris
  9. Dr_Flangemeister

    Sources for diorama stuff?

    Hi Neil You may be able to pick up some 2nd hand Airfix boxings (which the Dapol kits originally were) at model railway shows for cheaper. For accessories and figures, I've used Dart Castings before, the sculpting is fantastic. Alternatively, you could get away with modifying or using as is the 1:72/1:76 Airfix/Italeri/Revell aircraft ground crew figures but Dapol also produce some unpainted railway workmen figures including shunters, guards, drivers and firemen. Decals for wagons, etc. what era are you looking for, i.e. GWR or BR Western region? Have a look at Cambrian models for pointers on sources. Track, again you'll probably pick up some used track at model railway shows for a few pence. The only display tracks I know of are the (relatively) pricey Hobbyboss ones in 1:72. Most OO gauge tracks are actually HO so the sleepers are too close together (also the actual gauge is a little bit too small). But as it's a yard diorama there may not be muu much visible under all the poor quality ballast, ash, cinders and general rubbish. As for the ballast itself, I would say any model railway shop should stop ballast. I'd suggest using ballast designated for N-gauge as it's more in scale for yards. If you do decide to purchase a railway magazine I would recommend Model Rail as that may provide you with a lot of inspiration... They also have a web forum you could ask for help on HERE. Hope this gives you some help Cheers Chris
  10. Dr_Flangemeister

    Trumpeter Challenger

    I think you're right Sam, the green usually does look darker alongside the black, very much an optical illusion. The various softskins parked around Aldershot seem to be in the same green with or without the black. Although the latest MAN trucks seem a little more brown to my eyes, but that's going off topic... Cheers Chris
  11. Dr_Flangemeister

    Fixing weights in models

    You could try "fluid lead" or "liquid lead", basically small sperical lead pellets about 1-2mm in diameter. It's available through several model railway shops. I pour it in and mix in neat PVA glue. It ends up as a solid block. Sometimes an internal plastic bulkhead helps to keep the lead pellets in place. Chris
  12. Dr_Flangemeister

    British AFV's and Softskins in Iraq

    Hi Mike I suspect the official colour is still Light Stone, BS 381C 361, which was used in Gulf War 1 and is used on the vehicles based at BATUS and on Salisbury Plain training areas. Going from memory, the closest Humbrol match is 93, Desert Yellow. I painted a Suez Crisis Centurion Mk. 5 in that colour and I'm fairly certain the colour hasn't changed, HERE. I'll have a check when I'm home later. Cheers Chris
  13. Dr_Flangemeister

    Italeri 1/48th F-4J Phantom VMFA-451

    I second that, both the need for beer money and they fact most of us don't bring models (that often at least!) Btw, nice colour scheme and good to see a clean airframe too, especially on an anniversary scheme. Cheers Chris
  14. Dr_Flangemeister

    1/48 2010 Display Hawk - Finished with Photo's

    Glad my photos came in handy (before I wiped the card for the next batch of club photos!). Nice finish btw Cheers Chris
  15. Dr_Flangemeister

    Dust Models

    Hi Chris That looks great. That's one nicely battle-scarred walker you've got there. A good combination of paint chipping and old and new rust. I also like the metallic effect on the straps. Cheers Chris