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  1. Supermodel made a very nice little G.55S. it's not quite up to today's standards but it still looks nice when done. Italeri may have re-released it but I'm not sure. Probably as rare as hen's teeth...
  2. Thank you for the great photos. This one is definitely on my wants list. I've had a soft spot in my heart (head?) for the Proctor, ever since building the Frog 1/72 kit back in the early 70s…
  3. Well, I did have a self-imposed ban on buying anymore biplane kits (one has to draw the line somewhere), it looks like this one will break that. Looks heaps better than the old Aurora kit. I'd be in for at least one. Yes to the Chipmunk as well.
  4. It may be worthwhile to take a look here: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10070228 You should be able to see any differences between your kit and the J-35Ö.
  5. I remember reading a few decades ago where the builder did all the wing painting prior to assembly. He then used regular copy paper to make a sleeve for the wings prior to adding them to the assembly. When he was ready for decal application he just removed the masks and was on his way.
  6. I just caught on to this, too. Despite the issues you had, you've brought it to a beautiful conclusion. Nicely done, sir.
  7. Wow! I hope the "not another Spitfire" crowd buys this in good numbers, so that AMG will have funding to continue "different" choices like this one. I won't be getting one, myself as it just doesn't interest me that much, plus I'm on a self imposed "ban on biplanes." Now when the Hawker Hart comes out, that may be a different story…
  8. Do you know which bits were missing? Maybe someone here can help you out with spares.
  9. While the Williams Brothers kit isn't technically a short run kit, you really do have to treat it as such, test fitting, filing, sanding, filling, rinse and repeat…
  10. With the recent financial upheaval at Revell, I believe that the parts replacement service has been put on hold, that's probably why there's been no response to your queries. You may be out of luck.
  11. You'll definitely want to replace those main wheels. Also, when assembling the fuselage sections, glue the nose halves to their respective main fuselage halves this will help avoid some fit problems in that area. That's for the "bomber" versions, I don't know about the A-20G or the P-70. Eduard had a couple of pretty good sets for them, Vector makes some nice resin for the cockpit and nose sections. True details wheel sets include the liferaft that sits on a shelf behind the pilot. While I like the raft, I think their wheels are to "flat" for my tastes. There are plenty of other aftermarket bits available including conversion, exhausts, intakes, cockpit, etc.
  12. Looks like you'll have to "take one for the team." Let us know how it works out.
  13. I keep hoping that Airfix's F.8 was a success and that eventually they'll do a Mk.14.
  14. I don't see a little smily face after your first sentence, so I assume you're being serious. While the Chinese aircraft, obviously, aren't painted to US FS colors, apparently the FS color is a good match for the Chinese colors. I wonder if the Chinese have an equivalent to FS 595 that's published. Hmmmm…
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