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  1. Morning all, my weekly update. Trying to at least find the time to post some progress.......




    I may not be able to fit the SBS radio I picked up, still working on a fix. A little too wide for the spot next to the passenger seat. May have to have on a packing block at the rear.







    Had to add a new crank point tube in brass and new stands for the number plate to raise it as the original kit part covered the crank point. Added a new tow point pin in brass and chain. I still have to fit the spare track mounts on the top of the mudguards which are in PE. From what I can see, not the best fit to arc. Never understand how a PE set provided by the kit manufacturer fit so poorly.




    You can see the brass straps on the wheels. Not too difficult to fit match the wheel arc, and look OK. Makes painting an issue with the outer rubber. Another reason I have to keep the gun deck separate until final build.




    Spent the day for some reason scratch building all the "plumbing" under the dashboard in the footwell......but not much can be seen when all is together.....still, some practice for the plumbing on the engine I'll attempt this week. Still having to find better pics of some of this detail. If anyone has a some info, would love to see some.

    Anyway, have a good day.......

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  2. On 6/9/2024 at 8:29 PM, Keeff said:

    Well, your progress is very good and it's looking neat!  Lots of detail bybthe looks of it too!  


    Keith 😁 


    Thanks Keith. They don't do a PE upgrade set for this one but as you said not a bad kit as regards the detail so went with what it has; except I picked up an S.B.S. 3D printed radio to replace the kit on. Have to see if it fit's this week sometime.




    On 6/10/2024 at 6:54 AM, Bullbasket said:

    It's a strange looking vehicle, but it's moving along nicely now.




    Cheers John, need to set up the painting area now as it's as complicated as a full interior build as regards the painting sequence of parts etc.


    On 6/11/2024 at 9:38 AM, Kelscale said:

    Fine start Simon. What an oddball vehicle. I have their Sd.Kfz.6 Flak gun and whilst the moulding looks good the reviews of the kit suggest a real issue with the cab layout. I understand some kits had an additional sprue which made amends but unfortunately my kit is not one of them.  The axle length appears to be an issue with all their '6' kits too.


    I'm sure you will have read this review but if not here you go https://www.perthmilitarymodelling.com/reviews/vehicles/bronco/cb35038.html


    I'll take a seat if I may and watch you work your magic


    Yeah, quite an oddball....early signs of Germany's inability to provide and having to recycle. I have that build blog and have done the widening of the axel. I found another build blog also that tackled that differently. I found it after I'd gone for the cut and splice method. Heres the link for future ref if anyone needs it.....





    17 hours ago, edjbartos said:

    Thats looking very good Simon, very nicely done somfar…



     Cheers Ed

    3 hours ago, robw_uk said:

    Great progress... Look forward to the next part

    Thanks Rob


    As regards any progress. Did some rebuilding of the footwell in the foot pedals and gear sticks. The gear sticks I replaced with width indicator poles. Also, as I intend to use brass replacements for the width indicators on the mudguards. The kit indicator poles  I decided to re-purpose them as the levers for the dashboard, perfect scale for them. Just drilled a 0.5mm hole and popped them in. Not sure why the kit doesn't supply them.




    Off to start planning the painting so I can actually pull together the growing pile of sub components.

    Cheers all.....

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  3. Afternoon all.....my apologies for the long gap between kick off and posting any progress. It's been tough to get any time at the bench and to be honest not the simplest of builds in many ways. There are some issues with the kit in some parts fit and also the use of PE when actually moulding the piece in plastic would have been a much better choice. I'll post these for now and follow up with some list of parts etc you need to be aware of you intend to build the same kit and a run down of the build so far.




    Overall I am impressed with the kit in the level of moulded detail and clarity; very nice.........As regards the build......


    • The Gun and attaching it to the gun deck - Nicely detailed gun but be very sparing with glue in the building of........ In the instructions they direct you to cut down the limber arms as you see above but it turns out to be a little short where they marked them for cutting to meet up with the vertical posts on the gun deck. My suggestion would be to cut them a little longer and sand until they fit tight when you finally fit the PE straps which are added over the wheels........to come later.






    Regards all.



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  4. 8 minutes ago, Milan Mynar said:

    It looks interesting, I'm looking forward to the photos from the building of this kit.


    Hi Milan, glad to have you along. I've studied the build review on the Scalemates page for this Bronco kit and made the same amendments etc.....e.g. the axel at the front needed a 2mm added to both sides to widen the final location off the front tires. I'm just researching in my library for more details that he mentions are missing and see if it's worth adding them.



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  5. Afternoon all. I hope all is well at your end.


    Finally after many months trapped on projects other than modelling, I'm back. I did intend to finalise many of the projects languishing in my cabinet, but couldn't resist starting another build. Not in the mood for painting at present.......can't be bothered to set up the spray booth.


    So, I checked the stash and this popped out at me. Something different and "odd" in many ways. I'm busy trying to locate a set of tracks in the stash; some R_Model metal tracks I picked up on Aliexpress.

    Here's the box art for the kit. Just noticed this morning, there's a print of the box art in the box free of all the text. Nice touch that, wish more companies would do the same.



    Anyway, I've kicked off on the chassis. I hope to have some pics of progress next time round.

    All the best.



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  6. On 5/9/2024 at 11:42 AM, robw_uk said:

    Think I will try salt weathering on this to add chipping to the cremeweiss/lighter colour I will do on the interior 


    Hi Rob, yeah trying to a new project underway; but may concentrate on the long line of started.......🙄. Ask regards the salt chipping effect. I did that on the rear spade on mine to show well used and rusted. Good place to do it as the steel would rust heavily; unlike armour. Look forward to see progress....

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  7. Hi Rob, how's things. Looking good so far. Reminds when I did mine for the Panther group build a few years ago, I did the Ausf.A.......I was surprised I got it done within the time frame of a group build. I did skip the engine though on mine as it wasn't seen. There was still a lot as your doing on the interior etc.


    I'm now back to the work bench after a long period on other projects.


    Keep up the good work and catch you again on the next update.





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  8. On 4/16/2024 at 5:33 PM, echen said:

    @Redcoat2966 Did you ever get this one finished?


    Hi Echen, sorry for the delay in responding.......and as regards the Panzer IV, nah mate, still in the unpainted condition above. Unfortunately my other half signed me up... (volunteered me that is....🙄 ) to help renovate a house and then build a bathroom in another property, so been snowed under since August last year. I'm going to be finished on this last project by the end of this month, painting etc.


    I'm then off until next year.....theres a lot of unfinished armour projects started last year that need finishing. But knowing me, I'll end up starting some new builds and never get to them.....let's hope not.


    All the best

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  9. 18 hours ago, Bullbasket said:

    That does look good Simon. Nice work with the airbrush.




    18 hours ago, FrancisGL said:

    Hi Simon,

    Nice ambush camo, I hope to see it finished




    Thanks Chaps, much appreciated……and yes Francis, I’ll get this one across the line…..I have to after all this painting effort😬




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  10. Afternoon all.....I hope you are all well.

    A quick post and dash on progress on the KT. I took the plunge and popped on a version of late war camo with a late war pattern. I still have to put the Dunkelgelb dots in the green area and brown also. The Dunkelgelb you see below was yet another respray over the images above, due to my first attempt at the camo........ Once the final dots are done, on to pin and detail wash's etc. 








    Anyway, thats all folks......catch you again soon with the next steps done.....:yes:

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  11. 12 minutes ago, Nemanja said:


    Thanks for the comment, Simon! Italeri Autoblindas are really nice models, hope to see your AB here soon.  


    Mmmmmm, I'm not sure on that mate. I had some issues with fit on some parts, particularly the bodywork.........And I hate rubber tyres. I know they do it to get better detail in tyre tread etc, but give me plastic moulded. My tyres on this kit were slightly narrower than the wheel hub. I had to glue one side and then try and get the other side to pop out enough to fill the gap on the inside......anyway, yes; I'll pop up the finished article by September when the group build deadline come around.

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  12. Nice clean Job John, as always. You ,lot put me to shame, I never seem to be able to finish anything to put it in the RFI section.......😬....I still have a Centaur languishing to be finished. Hopefully I'll be posting it soon along with the many half finished projects......


    great job John, love the way you've done the running gear on that ridge line......very dynamic.



  13. 6 hours ago, Retired Bob said:

    What paint are using for the garden furniture, camo or plain old varnish?

    Good to see you and the KT back, It's funny, I had just retrieved one from the pending pile as well.  Mine is a Dragon KT with Model Kastern tracks (you only have to stare at those and the pins snap)

    The old indecision game of what camo to paint it in. :hmmm: No, I haven't made my mind up yet. :facepalm:

     Hi Bob, how's things, .........funny man.......I'd say a colour very similar to what we Brits painted our tanks in, dingy dark chocolate brown.....This can had Ronseal on though and not WD and crows foot :D


    Yeah, thought it would make a change from the much more complicated jobs in the line up. No interior etc. I've given up Model Kasten myself, for as you say the pins are a pain. As regards camo choice etc. I'm battling at the moment over colour use and what looks good. What I posted above is the second base coat I did in this new scheme. The first one was with Tamiya Dunkelgelb XF-60 with light buff added to do some shade changes. I'm of the opinion now that this may be correct to the period, but it's so dull at 1:35th scale. I'm favouring much more sandy light yellow from now on.


    Anyway, back at my bench after my chore, so need to mix my colours for the next round.

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  14. Morning all, one of my very infrequent chances to post anything on the modelling front. Summer is always a drag as regards finding time for the modelling projects. I find I'm flitting around from one project to the next. Just came off my group build for my MAFVA club, The Italian Front, and decided to get back to grips on this languishing King Tiger. It's had many incarnations......as you can see from the build blog.....so.....final decision is going to be this one......



    I'm going to airbrush the scheme, and not hand paint. I should be able to keep it tight and then finish with hand painted dots.


    Here's the first base coat of the Dunkelgelb. Need to add a tad more of a yellow hue to the overall and then on to camo.











    That's my time slot to post anything......off to sand and paint a garden furniture set, not the painting I had in mind for my Sunday....:think:

    Cheers all.


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  15. 21 hours ago, Muchmirth said:

    That’s one fine looking model their. Those shields look really smart. Top job! Good that the kit supplies the metal barrel. 
      Are you going with the disc camo like the box art?


    Thanks Paul....:yes:. Yeah, makes a little easier and not to have to worry about the seam. As I said above, the muzzle break is well done with the internal parts just like a metal one. I intend a plain Jane in Dunkel Gelb with some red oxide parts here and there.


    21 hours ago, Bullbasket said:

    Its almost a shame to put paint on it. Seriously good work there Simon. The brass looks great.




    Cheers mate.....:yes: I'm not set up for painting at present, so it may languish in this state for some time. There again I have to set up to paint the group build I'm in.....so could attempt to finish off a few as regards paint job's.


    20 hours ago, Retired Bob said:

    Nice job there Simon, always like a Panzer IV with some Thoma armour.  I still have the Dragon Ausf.J to build with some Eduard Thoma shields.  Camouflage plans?


    Plain Jane Bob....Dunkel Gelb...maybe a faint green line camo....have to see. Thanks for the thumbs up mate...:yes:


    17 hours ago, edjbartos said:

    Beautiful clean work Simon, there are times when a model looks special unpainted and this is one of them, as John said earlier, it's a shame to put paint on it. Tremendous work...




    Thanks Ed.....:yes:


    16 hours ago, Keeff said:

    Nice job!  Here was I thinking I'll follow along and hey presto, it's done! 🤣


    Keith 😁 


    Yeah sorry Keith. As I said above the kit itself falls together with nothing to report.......other than if anyone does build this Border Panzer IV, you have to put a bracket in styrene to support the top plate......just behind in between the driver and radio access hatch's, as the top plate has a slight warp downward which creates a slight gap. Oh yeah. This was mentioned in build blog somebody did on here. The rear idlers have a square pin, rather than a round pin that actually match's the hole. I had to sleeve them in brass tube, so I can adjust them when tracks are applied later.




    As regards the Thoma shields........all done...










    Off to start finishing all the tools and fender details etc.

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  16. Afternoon all.....apologies for their considerable time since I kicked this one off, and not posting anything.....:worry:. It's been a tough first time build of such complicated fenders.....for me that is. Learnt a bit from having a go. I've only at this point done a little damage to the front left. The rest is going to be as is, for now. The Thomas shields have been a handful, I have to admit but I'm happy with the result. The nice fine mesh of the Eduard set I ended up using, rather than the set that came with the kit by Border. The mesh from Eduard was far more accurate.


    I have the set of R-Model tracks waiting in the wings, but will give the kit tracks a shot first and see if they work out. Hope to post those next.


    Overall the Border kit is excellent, really nice to build. The barrel come's with it, and all I had to add was the locking clip on on the muzzle break from spare parts. As you can see from the white filler on the turret front, I picked up the wrong one for the J version. Although I have see in some images the only cover for the gun sight welded on - so might make that final amendment and put the old cover on with weld beads applied.


    Here's where she stands at present.......




    Both rear mud flaps have the springs that came with the finder set....and working hinges.






    I added a couple of Heavy Hobby 3D printed tool clamps for the first time....not a bad product indeed.



    The left hand side Thoma shields are done, including the top grills to stop I imagine hand grenades etc.






    Anyway, that's it for now and hope to post some more soon; but I have a group build with my MAFVA club that needs to be finished by the 30th September, with a subject of Italian Campaign 1943-45. I've chosen the Italeri Autoblinda AB41# 6591 in German hands after the Italian surrender.


    Cheers all.....:yes:


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  17. 15 hours ago, Patrykd said:

    Thanks you for the link to your Marder. Could you tell me where did you find cable scheme for radio. Maybe you have some pictures of these conections. I notice that your extaungisher is in wrong place. IT should be on the right side hiden behind ammo rack. BTW great bulid from your side. 

    I almost finished the right side of interior. New hotos soon. I making now cable conections.


    Here's the best I could find in my archive of research.....hope this helps.





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  18. 16 minutes ago, vaoinas said:

    Sad to hear that, Simon.


    Couldn't you just relocate the PE parts from the damaged kit to the new one, or 

    are these destroyed beyond that point?

     Hi Vaoinas, nah mate.....too far gone. The kit was more salvageable than the PE really....... Never know, maybe another better version might come out by a better manufacturer than Trumpeter......:smirk:

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  19. 18 hours ago, Keeff said:

    The first Marder looked fantastic, but we can be our own worst critics.  I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the second one! 


    Keith 😁


    Cheers Keith, appreciate that. There is another reason for deciding to go round again with mark two.....I had the PE set and no point in trying to sell it on Ebay, you never get the full worth.....so thought "hey, let's give another go around". Also if the first goes to the breakers yard, I have another use for the Pak 40.....my RSO needs it. Didn't like the Dragon quality of the breech block.



    5 minutes ago, FrancisGL said:

    Hi Simon,

    An impressive and overwhelming set of PEs...although you are more than capable of getting all the juice out of it.

    Cheers and TC


     Cheers Francis,........:yes: should be a pleasant long build, although might have to take a back seat to new Border Panzer IV on it's way.

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