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  1. On 1/23/2023 at 4:55 PM, FrancisGL said:

    Hi Redcoat,

    Despite all the drawbacks you mention, it looks very complete and interesting. Looking forward to seeing it with paint on top...

    Cheers and TC



    Yes Francis, nothing major with the issue's, except the lack of bolt heads on the 38(t) tracks. As regards the paint, that's going to be later in the year when I set up to do painting a few kits in one go.


    On 1/23/2023 at 6:29 PM, Keeff said:

    Very nice work.  I looked at this kit a few days ago but resisted ..... 


    Look forward to seeing it progress in paint.


    Keith  😁


    Couldn't recommend it enough, as always with Tamiya kits. Nothing like my new project, the Trumpeter Sd.Kfz.7 Early Version. What a nightmare of a kit....last Trumpeter kit I'll be getting. I'll try and do a blog on it if I get some time.



    On 1/24/2023 at 7:12 AM, Hamden said:


    Looking good Simon can't wait to see it with its war paint on!


         Stay safe          Roger


    On 1/24/2023 at 9:32 AM, Bullbasket said:

    As always Simon, a great looking build. Nice work.



      Cheers John......:yes:

    On 1/25/2023 at 1:55 PM, Muchmirth said:

    Yeah I saw the r-models tracks cheap too and wondered about them being fit for the 38(t). 
       Good job on the marder, looks great!


    Great tracks from a casting quality, really nice and sharp. The missing bolt head on one side is an easy fix once burnished and painted. The only issue really is the fit to the drive sprocket.......they don't fit that well to get them to stay on. Luckily I have the Friul drive sprockets from the 38(t) track set I got for my Tamiya Marder III M........so will switch out the kit sprockets. Strange, as I think the Marder III M and this kit are the same parts, as regards the running gear. If you don't have replacements as an option, some sanding of the drive teeth would fix kit parts.....just a bit tedious.



    On 1/26/2023 at 8:55 AM, robw_uk said:

    stunning as always... looking forward to it being painted


    Cheers Rob.....:yes:


    Thanks everyone for taking a look, and sorry for the delay in responding.......I'll try and be on more and participate as I use to.

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  2. Afternoon all, managed some time to take some pics of the latest build. Bit of a crash build......build a bit and dash. Here's some quick pics, and sorry for there being no build blog on it. I have a few more hours to finalise as the top section and lower hull are still un-attached for the painting, so I can't add the exhaust etc until I can marry together after painting and add final details.


    Really nice kit as always from Tamiya, fell together - no issues anywhere. The Aber set was very basic and didn't fit in many places. The set was for Tamiya, but acted like it was for another brand. Anyway, the biggest disappointment was the R-Model tracks.  Picked them up cheap (£20), but they require the CNC'd pins but came with wire like Friuls, but for the life of me I could not find any that were specific to the 38(t) tracks. So a little mud should be OK to cover up the lack of bolt heads.














    Interesting thing to note, neither the Tamiya kit or the Aber upgrade set mentions or supplies the little piston thingy behind the gun lock. Had to build it from scratch with brass tube and some bits of PE from the box of spares.




    Should have it finished in a week of two........then it's in line for a prime and paint job :worry:, so catch you all again soon...:yes:, and I'll try and be on more than I have been....




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  3. Hi, just came a cross this post. I've just received a shipment via AliExpress of a few set's. I find them the cheapest on AliExpress, as compared with Ebay etc here in the UK.


    The tracks themselves I find are the best, even the one's that come with a coil of wire like Friulmodel. As regards the one's that come with pins, they are fantastic to pop together......sometimes less than 30 mins a side. No cleaning or pre-drilling required.......the best tracks on the market....:yes:


  4. 1 hour ago, vytautas said:

    Completely agree with the others!

    One small thing - the breech is a massive piece, but in your model, there is a strange empty space inside the breech body behind the breech block.



    Here are Nashorn walkaround photos: https://www.net-maquettes.com/pictures/nashorn-walk/





    Hi Vytautas


    Thanks for that, and yes I see what you mean. I looked at the instructions and I don't see a part to fill that.....strange. Maybe I'lll have to fill and sand to get rid of it. I'll look in the parts bag that's left over, maybe there's something they omitted from the instructions also.


    Thanks again.

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  5. Afternoon everyone, and I'm so, so sorry for long delay in posting progress on this Hornisse. Time has been tight, with many interruptions, so ploughed all the spare time into working on the build and just take pics when I could.....so sorry for the low quality.


    So, where do I start. It's been an interesting build. Nice kit as always from Dragon. I mixed some multiple photoetch set's. One for a Shanghai Dragon version (their first), along with some specific to this kit as regards foot plate and interior and exterior detail.


    If you do decide to build this version by Dragon you're going to have to do this......... for some reason they didn't put a positive catch/connection for the top plate and the slopping front armour the marry together.....if you don't there's no way of gluing them inline with each other.




    Additionally, make sure you widen the weld lines on the lower section of the front plate..




    so the weld lines as in the actual vehicle can be done along with others no represented on the kit.




    Here's some interior shots of additional detail and the PE.....








    The gun itself is an impressive effort by Dragon, really well done. I did buy the Aber barrel for this Hornisse/Nashorn, but discovered the kit one was perfectly fine with some slight sanding.




    One last shot of the interior. As you can see in the background, I'm working on the ammo boxes. I'll try and get some shots of where I stand later this week.




    One last shot showing the welded upper armour and exhaust details.




    Anyway, that's it for now.....see you all soon....:yes:


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  6. 19 hours ago, Retired Bob said:

    Good to see you back Simon, and now armed with a super fine blow torch of all things, this will be interesting to follow.  :winkgrin:


    19 hours ago, FrancisGL said:

    HI Simon, 

    welcome back, it seems that it is going to be a very complex project, and that of the soldering for PEs... it is very interesting... Looking forward to seeing how it progresses...

    Cheers and TC



    18 hours ago, Bullbasket said:

    Hi Simon. I was beginning to wonder where you'd got to. You and Wayne @diablo rsv have been MIA for quite some time now. Nice to see you back again. And I would be very interested to gear how you get on with the flame thrower.





    17 hours ago, Stef N. said:

    Welcome back Simon, always a pleasure to see your work.👍


    I did recently drag out Dragon's original Nashorn from the stash and I'll let you know how dated it is. Looks like there will plenty of upgrades needed.


    Hi Stef, thanks mate ......and yeah, the original Shanghai version didn't get many gold stars for accuracy etc. I've read it was their first German AFV model, 


    17 hours ago, Patrykd said:

    I made initial version earlier. You can easy find my ending gallery. I will be watch your progress.


    Hi Patrykd, and yes; I've been taking a look at your build. Looks like the Nashorn Dragon 6166, as it has the arched strengthening bar for the gun shield. I have that one also in the stash, but your build gives me many pointers on some details.


    14 hours ago, edjbartos said:

    Nice to see you back Simon, looking forward to seeing you build this one...




    12 hours ago, Maddoxx77 said:

    Welcome back! Good to see you. 

    Regarding the kit...... i'll grab a chair and some snacks because this is going to be a good one! 👍😁



    Thanks Gents all round for the welcome back........taking some time to get back into it after such a long time shut down. I'll post as much as I can on progress, but t present just working through the lower chassis and wheels.


    Cheers all.....:yes:

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  7. Afternoon all.

    Well it's been some time since I was on the forum due to my bench being dismantled and closed down for house renovations, so did absolutely no modelling it seems since way back in June. Now everything is back in place, I'm getting back into it. I did have a plan to start the Takom full interior Jagdpanther G2, with all the bells and trimmings from barrel by Aber and PE by Voyager......but, I just couldn't face the multi phased construction with painting in the required stages as the build progressed......so after a dig I came up with this one. The Dragon kit from 2002 of the early version Nashorn. I quite like open top pieces as the opportunity for PE upgrading and up-detailing is wide.




    Sd.Kfz.164 Hornisse (Nashorn, Early Variant) Dragon No. 6165


    I have the following Eduard PE set's to go with it, so it'll be a long build, but I'm OK with that.


    Eduard No.35618 Hornisse - Kisten und Bodenplatte #1

    Eduard No.35606 Sd.Kfz.164 Hornisse (Nashorn) - Interior/Exterior Update set.



    I also have dug up an Eduard set from the bottom of the stash that is actually for Shanghai Dragons very early Hornisse from 1992. I can't imagine the parts can't be fitted to their newer version. I won't be getting the 1992 version, so chance to use up a large part of the set here and there to back up the 35606 set.

    Another new thing on this build will be the first time in soldering the PE where required. Invested in a super fine blow torch with soldering tips etc, and liquid flux. Just now have to get a soldering mat and I'm ready to go.


    Well, off to make a cuppa and sit down to study instructions and make some notes...have a good day all and chat soon.




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  8. 1 hour ago, echen said:

    Thanks @Redcoat2966 A very interesting film. I think it shows a little why Tigers were so expensive to build in the first place!


    41 minutes ago, THEscaleSHOW said:

    It makes you wonder who was or is crazier - Henschel's designers or the guys from the restoration team 🤪

    Great video-thanks for that 👍


    Yeah, my thoughts exactly. From what I've read it took 250,000 man hours per vehicle and 300,000 Reichmarks in cost. I have to take my hat off to that young chap, very talented in metal work indeed - even down to making the wing nuts from scratch. I wonder how long before they embark on the full interior and up and running.

  9. Hello all.....had a chance to do some catch up on the forum. I wanted to drop this in the thread. Not having sen all of this thread, it being a long one; but I came across this on Youtube. Thought it was a good one as you get to see a lot of details on the Tiger one in restoration, especially some components and how they went together. Impressive work they have completed to date.



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  10. That's a nice Sturmtiger. I don't think enough are painted in plain Dunkelgelb, as this is. Really nice variations to the colour overall.......it's a colour scheme I intend to do more of in the future, as I've fallen into the trap on some projects to do a camp scheme........really nice job...:yes:

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  11. 19 hours ago, robw_uk said:

    Yep it is the Takom version.. biggest differences are no rear shovel and just a round cover over the winch without the large wooden box (apart from being a Panther D chassis not an A)

     Hi Rob, yes I know the one. I put one in the sale section on here a few months ago....but no takers. I sold it on Ebay in the end. Thought as I already had the spaded version it could go. You should enjoy the build as it virtually the same internally.


    Good luck with it.....:yes:

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  12. 2 hours ago, robw_uk said:

    stunning work... only just stumbled across this as I was looking for build reviews before I plunged in for the ausf D version.... (which I got at a very good price). I know it is not exactly the same kit but gives me an idea on what can be achieved.... 


    any thoughts on whether the Ausf D would have zim?

    Hi Rob, how are you and thanks for the kind comments. I take it you mean the Umbau version D, is it by Takom?.......if yes, to my knowledge it was released after the order for Zim to stop being applied. I might be corrected, but it was without.


    Thanks again mate....enjoy the build. I enjoyed this one a lot as a full interior as you can expose more than a standard Panther interior kit.

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  13. Seems like you're having some little issues, but it's look really good mate. Defiantly a kit I'll look for in future, but as you say maybe check out the Miniart one. I'd lie to know your overall opinion at the end. Painting it looks to be a mamouth task as it does have quite a lot of detail. I have a Jagdpanther on the cards next, with the same issues.



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  14. Really like how this is turning out Rob, nice job. I think the Wespe itself is spot on. I know there are some out there that lean towards very light weathering, wear and tear. If you study images, especially the Eastern Front, the AFV's and soft skins were well dogged. I think you've achieved that look. Nice all over.



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