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  1. Redcoat2966


    Yeah, thought it was a deal. I’ve been looking for a Brit AFV for some time. Total cost of the project wasn’t bad at £55 Friuls £20- picked them up at the Telford show Kit £20 - Ebay free ship PE £11 - Ebay free ship Resin cables £4 - Ebay free ship looking forward to getting my teeth into it
  2. Morning all.......this will be the next project.....my first British AFV since a Cromwell back in the 70's. The kit itself should be with me in a week or so, as I picked it up from a seller in China free shipping for £20....thought it not a bad deal. Decided on the Voyager PE upgrade set, minus the fenders. I'll thin the kit fenders down where necessary; but it'll be muddied up so may not be an issue in the end; and of course Friuls. Well. Once the kit arrives it'll be a few day's drawing and writing up a plan and sequence of attack on this one. Until then, all the best......
  3. Redcoat2966

    RMASG Centaur.

    Hi John......I know the feeling... I have six..... underway, so I need something to pick me up............so I'll start another...... I'll incorporate the detail from your start of your Centaur at the rear....also the stop removal you mention on the running gear. No PE fenders for me on this one though, had to draw the line on the mounting bill of extra's..... Maybe me kicking mine off, will give you that motivation to complete yours in parallel...... Cheers mate Simon.
  4. Redcoat2966

    RMASG Centaur.

    Hi John, did you ever finish this one....just picked one up and intend it to be my next project....Voyage PE, Friuls and tow cable upgrade. Curious on if you finished it, or intend to complete the build log. Cheers Simon.
  5. Hi Stix, yes......he told back in the early 80's, long longtime before anyone knew of the Tiger at Bovington. So I've always taken it as a true story. He told me that an officer rounded up a team and got out there to secure the location. While waiting for the engineers etc; a dust cloud was seen coming. As the Axis always recovered AVF's if possible, a fight was assumed to be on the cards. Luckily the RE arrived and the rest is history. He did say there biggest issue was the fact that Tiger was 50+ tons, combined with the transporter; that the bridges over the wadi's could just about take the transporter....so a hair raising time when both were taken back over the same bridges....... I think once I've done the Centaur that's on its way to me....the 131 may be next.... Cheers Simon.
  6. Thanks Hairtrigger........ Maybe I was being a bit harsh on the MC tracks....but the pins have a tendency to drop out with handling, as they rely on friction to lock in. I had to in the end wire connect them like Friuls....so I think from now on I'll stick with Friuls....although I just picked up a set of ModelKasten for a Sd.Kfz 7....so see how they go........... Thanks again Simon.
  7. Many thanks Bern.......much appreciated. I'll put all my open top AFV's to the back of my stash pile after this one for a bit...... Thanks again Regards Simon.
  8. Redcoat2966

    Type 89 Ko - China 1937

    Yes, a really different subject.....nice end result too. Interested in what you think of this manufacturer and their tracks a Ace Spade Always thought about giving them a go on a project one day. Cheers Simon
  9. Nice piece Sairou, nice dust overall. As the chaps have said, some nice detail thrown in too. You never think it will all be seen but does go to give a “lived in look” that this one has. This 250 is the one thing if I won the lottery I’d love to buy......one of my fave vehicles.....cracking piece all round Simon
  10. Redcoat2966

    ICM 1/35 T-34/76, 1944

    Great job Sairou, love the figures. It’s somthing I have to buckle down and get done a for a few of my projects, maybe while I’m waiting for my next project to arrive - I’ll give it a go Really nice T34 mate, just the right amount of weathering for a vehicle with a two week shelf life. The figures do give it some nice movement......10 out 10. Simon
  11. Cheers guys, appreciate you taking a look and the thumbs up. I’ve decided my next planned project is the Tamiya Centaur. Just waiting for it to land. thanks again Simon
  12. Many thanks to both of you for your kind comments, really appreciate you popping in to take a look. Just a couple of finishing touches and done. Just get a plexiglass case for it that I might do a base with a cobbled street and some undergrowth, grass etc. I’ll probab over time add extra stowage that suits as I pick stuff up. Thanks again Simon
  13. Nice job that..........nice interesting subject too Simon
  14. Nice bit of modelling there Francis.. ....and same question on. The snow Simon
  15. Hi Corsair...thanks for taking a look..........and big yes to that............decided to shift back over to a simple T34 with a some mud treatment...... Cheers Simon.