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  1. Redcoat2966

    Tamiya WESPE Sd.Kfz.124 - My first blog build

    Cheers Rob.... Wished I could have given the dark grey a shot with the technique.....that'll have to wait. It'll be "some"additional modulation today and detail highlighting. Go a feeling with so much interior detail, it's going to be a "longish" project......... Thanks again. Simon.
  2. Redcoat2966

    Tamiya WESPE Sd.Kfz.124 - My first blog build

    Thanks Soeren Yeah, it's an effective technique I must say. I was going to do the Wespe in Dark Grey but after a lot research yesterday discovered it wasn't shipped to the front lines until march '43. Dunkelgelbe though was standard from Feb '43 on all production units and in the field when time allowed to make the switch. So my test in a darker colour for the B&W technique will have to wait until I do a more earlier AFV....... Simon.
  3. Redcoat2966

    Tamiya WESPE Sd.Kfz.124 - My first blog build

    Afternoon all Cracked on with the Wespe today and got the base coat after a B&W primer beneath. Getting to quite like the B&W technique, especially on lighter coloured AVF's. I have a couple of things to fix and adjust as regards details in the build. Once done, I'll pop some modulation highlights on various upper structure details. Maybe tonight. Sorry about the purple line.....something in the pic file.....I'll try and take another, but off to start dinner.......
  4. Redcoat2966

    TAMIYA STEYER 1500A/01

    Thanks Kris.. First time experiment. I like it as a technique for light coloured vehicles. I'm going to try and crack it on darker coloured one as soon as I have the right subject. I might try it on the Wespe I'm working on in Panzer Grey. Simon
  5. Redcoat2966

    Takom Panther A Mid-Late w/zimmerit

    Hi Lloyd Yes, I don't envy you on painting that suspension system in place. I had enough trouble with some seats in Steyer I fixed in not thinking about the detail painting I needed to do along with the tools I put on - but hadn't done the camo'...... I've decided after all the line up I have to do at present (and all the mistakes I've made....)......... a fixed list/plan of the sequence that I will do and the painting stages. I find sometimes (as I've done) that it can runaway with you, as you mention. Nice to hear about the fit at the rear on the KT. I think though a Panther is where I'll go. I'll try and keep some notes on which of their offerings is the best one. Nice clean work so far though mate...
  6. Redcoat2966

    Tamiya Panzer IV Ausf D

    Thats really starting to take shape mate........looking forward to the final leg........ Simon.
  7. Redcoat2966

    Takom Panther A Mid-Late w/zimmerit

    That's looks like a long build....well for me anyway t my speed......but very tempting. I will certainly plan on a Takom Panther at some point for a long term project.....really looks nice so far. Takom is really blowing some of the other manufactures into the weeds now with their line up of AFV's......all I hear are good things on their build and accuracy..... Simon.
  8. Redcoat2966

    1/35 Mirror Models T-20 Komsomolet

    I agree with Hamden, very interesting little AFV.....and yes as Kris said, not something I'd have wanted to dropped into......has the look of a more up-armoured Universal Carrier with the open backed seating. I'll look forward to following it along your build Rob. Simon.
  9. Redcoat2966

    Taigen Panther G 1:16

    That's a good use of YT Soeren....very clever. Love all the additional work, nice and sharp...... Simon.
  10. Redcoat2966

    TAMIYA STEYER 1500A/01

    I took a look Rob on their site. They do look good as you say. Maybe in the future, I have to find some economies and try and use what I have in the stock and stash piles.... That’s a good idea Clive, I suppose it acts the same as lead foil. I use to save wine tops to do the same. I just got some of that Green Stuff, maybe give it a try. Thanks for the input though chaps. I might set myself up one day and have a stowage from scratch build......but I’ll be honest, I think I’m hitting a brick wall after painting for so long on the SIG 33, Steyer, Zug, T34 and Wespe. I’m starting to get the building bug, so I might switch to building the 20mm for the Zug’ So I think I’ll be back over on the Zug’ thread on the 20mm......
  11. Redcoat2966

    TAMIYA STEYER 1500A/01

    Cheers mate....... and I agree Rob, it is lacking in content in the rack.....not enough "junk in the trunk" . Thing is, I don't have any what I think is convincing looking stowage as regards bed rolls etc etc. I have a load of 1970's early 80's Tamiya accessories from old forgotten kits. Not really up to scratch now..and my budget won't stretch to additional stowage kits that are available....I might try and do some homework on making my own and see where I go..... I'll keep looking to see what i can dig up in what I have, maybe something else I can pop in the back......plus I am a little Steyere'd out....hence shifting to the Wespe....but I might get the camo' on Steyer done over the weekend....have to see... Regards Simon.
  12. Redcoat2966

    TAMIYA STEYER 1500A/01

    Well....at last the final base coats of all that's going in the final build. I may dig up some odds and ends; have to see what I find. For now the next step is an isolation layer and then the camo' scheme....then on the weathering and chipping. I'm going though for a break switch to the Wespe and get it primed and ready for it's base coats. Need a break from this one........So, here's where's she's being left off until the camo' maybe next week'. Off to the Wespe........
  13. Redcoat2966

    Sherman tanks in the PTO ...

    Nice job all round Etienne. Like the camo' a lot.......and the extensive add on's and scratch....that has to be coolest "medieval" access hatch to date....... Simon.
  14. Redcoat2966

    Miniart 1/35 AEC Mk1 Armoured Car

    Wondered where this one had got to Rob. Thought it had fallen off the bench........ Nice job mate.......I really need to take a look at some more Allied AFV's. With all these Shermans, and Brit stuff on the go in the forum at the moment....I feel left out..... Maybe after my window sill lineup is worked through....it'll be my next build....maybe a Cromwell...... Great job Rob....... Simon.
  15. I gotta hand it to you Clive.....you do like put yourself through the ringer though.........it would have already gone out of the window at high velocity if it was on my bench.............fiddly is an understatement...... It's definitely one for the future....but a bit bigger.... Looking good though. Very tight and clean for such a small scale......nice Regards Simon.