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  1. Redcoat2966

    Dragon 1/35 Panzer IV Ausf.G complete

    Nice build, and the colour is spot on. Nice weathering....subtle...... Simon
  2. Redcoat2966

    Old Tiger

    Also, as regards the "sandy" finish......that's I believe because you have under thinned the paint...and it's drying before hitting the model surface.....it needs to be like milk in consistency (maybe a little thinner) and spray many thin coats until you get the coverage you need.....thin coats especially when doing things like modulation etc. Simon.
  3. Redcoat2966


    Hi John, cheers mate.........and yes, everyone seemed to empty their plates....... I started to develop a new chipping and scratching method. I'm trying to get the smallest and finest scratch's I can. I still do a little lighter shade of the base colour, but less than on the "Wespe" recently finished. More a "haze of fine scratch's, especially around the service hatch's etc. Then pop some graphite over the top of it to get a polished like sheen. What I have discovered, the Vellejo painted are still soft for a while. So once the area is chipped and scratched I pass a damp cue tip over it and it softens the brush marks, Leaves a better natural look IMO....... I'm switching the Steyer the rest of the week.......give this one a break. I think it's good to do that....come back to it fresh.... Thanks for taking a look mate. Simon.
  4. Redcoat2966

    Panzer I w. pak 40

    Hi Stips.....impressive in light of the scale.....nice subject too......I'll watch along as it goes....... Simon.
  5. Redcoat2966

    Old Tiger

    HI THERE....My advice would be to go to Youtube and see the many vids on there on the spray, modulation and finishing techniques.....try Mig Jimenez and subscribe to his feed....he's pretty good and great video's....I have them on while I'm at my bench....always pick up new techniques etc. I've watched quite a few on the starting from raw plastic through to the final weathering.......there's a really good one on the KV-1 by Adam Wilder, that has the start of painting through to final touch's.... Simon.
  6. Redcoat2966


    EVENING ALL......just an update on progress. Working my way over the vehicle in the chipping and shading phase. I'm going to leave this one for a week or so, and switch to another project - maybe the Steyer and see if I can resurrect that one for a bit. This one has been a trial, especially the interior as regards chipping and wear detail.....but anyway, here she is for a couple of weeks Well, off to cook dinner......maybe later chaps....have a good evening..... Simon.
  7. Redcoat2966


    Evening all.....interim update...nearly got it to the final pint job stage and then on the filters and wash's.....need to add the tool clasp's and the interior detail which is ongoing being painted off vehicle to add before the filter stage.......well, here she is.
  8. Redcoat2966

    French WW1 Pair - FT & CA

    Try the W&N Galleria matte varnish DA. For me the best to date I’ve used, and should take care of that sheen, easy to use when thinned with iso. Cracking AFV all round as well mate, nice job on both..... Simon
  9. Redcoat2966

    Marder IIIM

    Nice job Ian.......cool chipping.....is that the salt method, or hand painted? Nice camo' too...the weight of the line is spot on..... Simon.
  10. Redcoat2966


    Hi Kris..and thanks.........I mixed about 75% black Ultimate and 25% grey Ultimate........the lighter areas are a Dunkel Gelb mix of about 70% and 30% white. Then finally pure white, lightly airbrushed at the heart of the major areas. Top coat 4 to 5 thin layers of Tamiya DG. Simon.
  11. Redcoat2966


    Thanks chap's........I have to admit.....me too........put it away in a box and while hunting for something; came across it. Given myself some issue's with the side wall's being in place, but I'll finish anyway.....see how it looks. Simon
  12. Redcoat2966


    Evening all....hope all are well I decided to switch back over to this little number.....and get it painted and finished. In the earlier build stage I made a bit of an error in my enthusiasm to get back into modelling again and affixed the fighting compartment into place......big mistake which I didn't make on the "Wespe" I recently completed. So, having now to do all the detail work in the confines of the compartment in-place as opposed to separate pieces to attache once finished..... Well, here's where I stand. I decided to go with after seeing Ian's Marder III and the grey and cream alternative approach...which I have to say I will continue to develop as I believe he is right, and less harsh. Once she was dry, on with the Dunkel Gelb.....I went with Tamiya's as that's what I had at hand and need to use all these odd's and end's I have hanging around. About 5 very thin coats over an hour or so........ I'll try and post tonights progress if I get a chance....all the best....... Simon
  13. I think a second hand car lot salesman would plump for “ One careful owner, with aftermarket upgrades and features”....... Thanks Pete for taking a look and positive comments .....
  14. Cheers Francis.......still some additional detail and stowage, leaf litter etc.......but leaving it for a bit and switching back to my”Grille” 38t. It’s been languishing for a while.......needs some TLC thanks agin