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  1. Do you not fancy some little vignettes within the building, could add an entirely new perspective to whats going on i. The model and make it viewable through 360 degrees?
  2. beauty, one of my all time fave kits the Trumpy Skyraider, you've definately done it justice
  3. aha !,!! Yes thats it!!! Brilliant, thanks guys,,some sort of towed thing for settingoff or detecting mines .?
  4. Guys.. What are the things on battleship decks that look like torpedos. .? I need to build 4 in 1/72 for HMS Roberts...
  5. You should finish that one as a steampunk Tornado!! Would look excellent in wood with brass and steel details...!
  6. B****y hell, i cant wait for this, it will,for me, probably be one of my all time fave buildsmin 42 yrs of modelmaking with hopefully many more to come!
  7. Its boystown !!, fantastic, ive just given the money for three of the Wellingtons!,!, If its on BMM , its a fabrication, caveat emptor.....
  8. Like it, re,imds of the one from the new star trek movie that the policeman used to chase Kirk in his Dads Corvette
  9. The BBMF will NDT the entire wing for heat damage etc now and then have to restore the damaged section, then replace the Merlin, they will of course do a perfect job but i bet it takes them a few weeks to get it right and done to their standard , there may well be a fair bit of panel removal etc, more than you would think to ensure it is tip top
  10. Hi there, whats your trick to the high gloss, mine always seems to come out satin....
  11. That is very very very nice indeed... It inspires me
  12. Beautiful model, one slight problem, you have both ailerons deflected downwards, they work in opposition, one up, one down, and wouldnt ever be seen in the format portrayed.
  13. Interesting comment, having looked at the hk Mossie, i would say thevdetail on the airfix kit, of which ive built 3 is far superior,
  14. Are you refering to the helicpter itself or Trumpys rendering of it? Im not truly aufait with the Dauphin but it looks ok as a kit to me..
  15. What were you using as a wash? Might help to know to help deduce any issues...
  16. Thanks for that, was about to orser both, my plan was just to use the bomb door area and turrets from the sanger and all else would be FM..
  17. How much of the original Fonderie 1/48 Halifax is still included in the Halton kit? I want to build the Halifax and was wondering if i could get the Halton and use a few bits ( as little as poss) from the Sanger kit... Cananyone tell/show me the exact contents of theHalton?
  18. First class , great to see it finished, plenty of talent there!!!
  19. Many thanks for the list, some great shots and a great help
  20. The russian is actually the 1/32 trumpy frogfoot, its not actually as big as it might look, my sons f15 and flanker dwarf it! Spit is very much a composite of materials, ply, balsa, fibreglass, aluminium, made from Montfortons book, a gem of a publication, closest thing i have to a bible
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