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  1. The skin was screwed on the bottom due to lack of access for solid rivets and a dolly, IIRC there were wooden battens attached to the ribs to facilitate this
  2. Plus the CAA wont let supersonic complex airframes fly in civilian hands in the uk, Mark and Ray Hanna could never get their Phantom airborne and the CAA wouldnt even let the Lightning fly out of the country, it had to be trailered
  3. nice, but im sure you meant upscaled to 32nd...
  4. Well done magpie that was a teriffic post and bit of deduction, terriffic explanation!
  5. Subscrbied, will go nicely with my sons1/6 delorean and his BTTF collection
  6. Is this definately 1/8 . And a kit? I know its Eaglemoss but i only ask as theres a sideshow 1/6 deloren out shortly that my son has a pre order on for his BTTF collection....
  7. An interesting statement, ive bought and built numerous copies of both kits and had no issues at all, a little care aside they went together well, the Typhoon is tricky but no filler on cowls, etc... as far as im concerned , whilst not Tamiya fit, they are perfectly servicable and good kits, the Typhoon (24th and 72nd )the 24th arguably being one of the all time greats due to the detail and surface patina which IMHO is unsurpassed at the moment any any company in terms of capturing character.
  8. The vulcan was fully inverted.. 100% at the top of her last high power climb, she climbed about 80 degrees to i guess 3-4000 feet the rolled completely inverted,everyone and anyone will tell you the same who was at fairford on the saturday, i was , to say the least , astonished, as was the crowd, as i believe were the show authorites who the following day exclaimed that' the sunday display would be far less exuberant' was i believe their actual words. I have a perfect photo of it imverted., i will get my son to post it if we feel it prudent,.... i would make a guess that beacuse she rolled i
  9. I saw it fly at fairford this year at the saturday, a wingtip scraping hard turn on takeoff and a massive power climd rolling out FULLY inverted to end...... nah, thats not aerobatic at all.....
  10. Keith, what a cracker, the kit itself is dam good really and i have enjoyed it, but the clear parts have been a royal pain
  11. The Gaurdian is even refferring to the loop as' a lunatic manouvre ' Also IIRC from the news interviw last night , the ban on display manouvers for jets is temporary, not permenant
  12. Only from watching 2 videos of the approach i thought he had approached on the B axis and then done a ' quarter clover' manouver to end up on the A axis of the display, Like i said, i havent watched it many times or with any great accuracy and am completely unfamiliar with shorehams layout .the photo/overlay/arrow thing above on this page looks rather inaccurate to me from what little ive seen
  13. Is the old matchbox lysander renowned for being a pig of a kit ? Ive been modelling for 40 odd years and would class myself as pretty good..... HOWEVER... The wing spar/ glazing are on this kit has made me feel like im a hamfisted 6 yr old again!, After messing around for ages, i came to the conclusion that the spar/glazing/framework simply does not fit as supplied, i have eventually acheived an acceptable result but only after major fettling trimming which was i think lessened and helped as i elected to remove the side panes to have them open.... That was a tough evenings work.....
  14. laminar flow arent necessarily thin, its the thickest part of the aerofoil thats in a different place, approx 60% chord instead of 25ish
  15. OK, hope this is gonna work.. tommorrow morning, my son and i are off to Flying legends followed by RIAT, we are camping for 10 days and have a power socket.... First thing to be packed... A reduced but still excessive modelling tool kit and paints and lamp...... Secong thing....... Compressor and airbrush... Third thing...... My sons 1/32 Revell BO105 and my 1/48 Revell Ventura, possibly even an extra kit incase Oh and then some clothes and food...and the tent..... And chairs.... The plan? Starting Friday morning and then on and off through the week between shows, we are going to w
  16. I just used decals, no clear dip, they are good and will work well
  17. They already do, available as kits or finished models, about 6 or 700 quid each IIRC ( for the kits)
  18. I trimmed of all the excess decal film and used plenty of sol, and put them on the inside, a little fiddly but the can look superb
  19. The 4 blade prop /aspect ratios and what looks like the shadow of a vertical exhaust make me think RE8, the one on the right has a similar aspect ratio to a camel and the port horizontal staab outline kind of backs this up.... Not a dogfight double though and i wouldnt have thought 2 1/72 reissues of 2 poor by todays standard kits that are probably older than i am is exciting news.?
  20. Simplified a lot, The wings are moulded with a 3 part mould, top, bottom and central core.the top and bottom mould close around the core, plastic is injected , cools, and the top and bottom core then move away, the wing is then slid off the central core through the trailing edege( flap / aileron box), the slight flexibility of the plastic enables this. I bet other companies have a go somewhere down the line but it does strike me as a bit gimmicky and more expense for less parts( am always a lover of high parts counts;)) also just a guess here but pretty close i reckon, it will be important
  21. Hi Edgar? Going off the saying ' you learn something every day', i always thought the magnetos were the little cylindrical objects set in a slight'V' at the front of the gearbox, obviously thats not the case, can you enlighten me as to what they are,? ( from my poor description) Thanks Mark
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