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  1. Completely different sadlly, the intake hole as has been rightly pointed out is much larger and a different shape
  2. It wasnt just a Capri, it was a Capri Ghia, to use a Delboyism....
  3. Blimey, looking at the Buccaneer artwork, its no wonder they hired Roy Cross......
  4. Different aerofoil, but shouldnt matter too much, obviously blisters are completely different as are all but one panel line and the undercarriage wells are completely different shape, as are the rads and ailerons. Basically its almost the same but totally different
  5. The Spit in the photos has the original but clipped wings , the HPH kit has the late not so eliptical wing with a different plan view etc, i dont envy you backdating the wing.....
  6. 450 meters??? If i was stood on the crowdline at RIAT, 450 metres would put the aircraft displaying over the fields at the back!!! On the. Plus side, if i stay in blackpool i will probably get a better view of the RIAT display..... Methinks Totterdown and Rhymes days of moneymaking are over, POSSIBLY not this year but from next i bet......
  7. If i was a big business, i wouldnt let anyone know my plans,lest i get pipped to the post, regardless of how enthusiastic i appeared to the customers , so i would imagine EVEN IF they were halfway through some tooling, they would continue to deny it......?Whilst i do agree, the comments on LSP are quite persuasive and whilst they corrently DONT do 32nd that means they dont earn profit on 32nd, and there is money out there for the right aircraft in the right scale, i think a Blenheim is a better choice personally, i would buy it in 32nd, as would many, not in 48th or 72 nd though.(although man
  8. Theres a vicious rumour circulating on LSP that Airfix are about to break into 1/32 with the Beaufighter........?
  9. Happy birthday you gorgeous sexy lady
  10. Looking at the hull on its side at the right of the pic, i would say it was biggerbby a large margin than the Tamiya kit.. Could possibly be one of the Graupner RTR modelas around 1/150 Theres loads of companys in china that do this kinda stuff, had one or two myself
  11. markjames68

    Spit v 109

    Well rememberedA couple of hundred pounds of 'Krupps of Essen' infront of him and a canopy he would not want to have to deal with in a bail out situation, is what paul Day said Loved that programme, he was very fair and accurate with his criticism of both airframes, other than poor ancilliary instrumentation and the hand swap on takeoff, he did favour the Spit from an'impartial' point of view..
  12. If u have the tracking number, call parcelfarce, they will tell u what u owe and u can go collect it.... Figure on about 25 for first hundred and 20 therafter,, ... Roughly....
  13. Put simply, fatigue index is linked to airframe/ spar life and calculated by the amount of simple/ aerobatic manouvers the aircraft does , the lighter its flown, the lomger it will last..... Put simply..... I , being in the industry, am not REALLY interested in speculation, the same as many here, however many are jumping to the conclusion it was an airframe problem......the CAA have IIRC said in their first interim report that all seemed to be functioning correctly as viewed by the onboard cameras
  14. The same reason you build plastic kits, because you can and because you enjoy it
  15. This could be problematic for some of the smaller shows http://www.caa.co.uk/Our-work/Consultations/Open/Statutory-air-display-and-low-flying-permission-charges/ I would imagine that this will be paid for by a hike in ticket prices ultimately, might get away with it this year but reckon gate prices will rise next year for the shows that decide to pay the increased cost....
  16. You COULD try popping it in very very hot water and manipulating it back to 'straight ' , ill be honest though, to get it perfect will be bordering on very difficult indeed if not impossible as you run the risk of the heated plastic buckling in directions you dont want, its about the only option really but worth shot before it gets the bums rush......You havent got anything to loose at this stage. No sniggering either, bet theres not many of us that havent done that or similar in our modelling careers......
  17. Looks like there not getting them at pocket bond, at a guess it would. Be 225 as they usually work out same in pounds as dollars, pegasus dont ship overseas from America so have ordered one from culttvman in the states, with the new eagle transporter kit 320 quid shipped for both, the shipping is scary cost as the MLEV is huge, anyways, stashed 70 quid in the workshop to cover government rip off tax incase they dont make it through customs.......
  18. Does anyone know if the Rms Empress of Russia had wooden decks during WWII or steel or painted wood or a mix etc?
  19. Absolutely brilliant, i love these type of kits, look on the box side, 109,Zero,Corsair aswell!! Built the Meng 'comedy' lancaster a couple of months ago and it was fab, added flaps, gear bays and bomb bay detail aswell. This 'comedy' spitfire looks like it might be from the same designer as the Lancaster.... Certainly better than Revells 'comedy' Halifax Hayate, not zero, wrong glasses on !
  20. They wouldnt have to ban it, just debate it, the 100000 sigs stand for nothing really, airshows wont be a thing of the past at all, the income and interest from trade and public far outweigh the nearsighted approach to shut them down, they will go on in a more moderated form, just as they went on after the review when many many more sadly died at Ramstien, the same doommongerers said the same back then, the only thing ive reall noteced since is the fact that the display items arent allowed to overfy the crowd now.
  21. Duxford will be fine i think, they will however have a raft of extra paperwork to submit,shows like blackpool et al may become more popular and larger due to the fact that they are well placed for crowd saftey as the display items are over the sea. Will be interesting to see what happens at Riat with the big farms, Totterdown and Rhymes etc right on the perimeters that are jammed full every year. Never was a fan of thise 2 places personally And only in my humble opinion, (im sure some will disagree veciferously)the landowners took the as they charge silly money to camp and i assume it all go
  22. 22.5 m tall, thats 64 cm or 25 inches...... Thats big......
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