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  1. Can someone please show me where the drag chute is housed on a lightning and hown it is deployed, cant find much info at all and what i can find i cant figure out how it works Also can anyone tell me what is immediatly to the right and left of the seat on the side consoles, it looks like a plate that runs from the edge of the console to the sill of th canopy but not sure if its open behind it or a full box type thing...... Any info greatly appreciated
  2. Seawater on a fabric and doped wood airframe and instruments and a shockloaded engine? I think it might be longer than you think...
  3. Academy kitis superb, as imho is the Trumpy one( albiet not quite as good) , looking forward tomthis Revell offering though, will be good to compare what is assume will be a 60 quidish kit with a hundred quidish rendering of the same machine ...
  4. Contact Westair, they still there and the guy that runs it day to day knows a lot about the history of the company and aircraft ( Peter is his name) iirc they have some pics of the rapide on the waiting room wall
  5. ,artin Baker themselves are unwilling to help due to the' military nature' of their product, am Building( about to start) a 1/5 scale English Electric Lightning mk6 and need the best info possible , plans preferably for the seat and possibly cockpit interior, if anyone has anything that migh help original dwg wise or similar i would be very grateful, have ammassed an excellent set of reference photos from walkrounds etc, just looking for that little extra it takes to make a museum scale product.....
  6. iIrC, griffon radiators are deeper by quite a bit than the merlin radiators,
  7. Depends wether you want to do a bit of modelmaking or a bit of kit assembling and painting, with proper modelmaking,imho the Airfix one wins hands down, the Tamiya kit is great for assembling and painting with minimal effort and is a great mojo restorer outof the box
  8. I wtched the first 40 mins then sacked it off and did something more interesting, never binned a movie part way thru before but this one is pants, corduroy trousers infact........
  9. Just picked up the hood kit, the hull is an amazing peice of toolmakers art, a 7 peice slide mold with only one seam line down the centreline on the outside,.... Awesome kit !
  10. Wow that is truly an awesome looking machine, GREAT photograph!
  11. I always considered myself quite knowledgeable but happy to come across new stuff, discovered today for the first time the Heinkel 119, what an absolutely awesome looking aircraft, looks like the lovechild of an He 111 and a Bugatti 100, Lovely lovely looking aircraft IMHO and the float version is incredible.... mr Heinkel certainly had an aesthetic flair, not dissimilar to Mitchel..
  12. Would anyone know of a good website that would have great detail shots of all interior aspects of a twin seat Flanker cockpit, rear walls, floors side panels etc.. ? Failing that , is anyone aware of any good old fashioned books they could direct me to purchase at a reasonable price? Cheers
  13. Acrylic from Tamiya, i didnt know they did enamel...
  14. Its not just gunze colours, tamiya tape does this with Tamiya gloss if you mask too early, my method around it is to paint matt colours, do all masking and then gloss coat over that before decals .
  15. Looking on riat site i noticed something interesting, the 2 f35a's are confirmed, the f35 b however is not actually confirmed yet,.... A little bothersome as its actually the only one i really want to see, would hate them to have a get out on it,,....... I suspect it will be top of mosts list as the must see , even over the Raptor, and one of the top draws and reasons people are booking tickets , not saying im cynical or anything but have seen similar marketing tricks in the past by other companys that need the income/ draw etc...
  16. its not just the P+V at rhymes thats shut, no camping there at all this year, was pretty sure this was going to happen and am very surprised totterdown has decided to go ahead with his camping under the circs, it was bordering on obvious really, apparently riat are opening an official campsite on the old red carpark but reckon even totterdown will be on its last year this year....
  17. Dont forget theres 2 sides to grounding an aircraft, the Hunter itself may well have been 'fine' at the time of the crash and no airframe issues dierctly attributable to the cause, however, IF in the investigation its found that ground crew wise , maintenance may not have been up to scratch and there were issues that raised their head, they may remain grounded even if theres technically nothing wrong with the airframes airworthiness if it cant be proved that all maintenance across the board on all hunters is up to scratch and done to a suitably high standard
  18. Lovely work but wow, you were right when you said it wasnt a good looking plane.....
  19. Dam that etch looks good, what would that sheet cost for those of us that also build the big hph kits?
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