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  1. This was exactly my thought purely from the fact that I weighed wot I had and it came to 3 lbs ( lot of big airfixs) , I recycle my own in terms if using bits for stretching , and filling etc but still left with loads!!
  2. Hi chaps, whilst not being the most fastidious recycler in the world , I've had a thought and thought I would solicit the opinions of friends here, I have just had a clear out of my workshop to welcome in the new year and as usual have all the sprues collected from all the kits I have built this year, stored in a box, two of the kits being airfix middies(24th) various 32nd and 48 plus vacform offcuts, basically quite a lot, my thought being with the ever rising cost of oil( plastic) could the companys offer a sprue return policy or similar for points earned against future kits or something
  3. I've just finished 2 of the new airfix 24 th middies and no matter what I tried the decals were terrible, super glossy finish and softener and they were still silvery and very poor , as was the nimrod decals I used about a month ago, they must have quality issues with them which is a shame as the mossie kit beats everything I've ever built including in my opinion the tamiya spit
  4. Wow many thanks that's terrific , I've never seen a photo of the real aircraft! Thanks again
  5. Can anyone help?, I wish to paint my mossie kit in the colours of dz230 , black underneath, green and grey on top but I have 2 conflicting colour plans, one showing an unusual wavey demarcation line between the camp and the black with sky spinners and one with standard mossie demarcation line andgrey spinners, can anyone clarify for me which is correct etc, cheers gents all the best
  6. Sorry chaps , idiot that I am I posted this in the wrong place
  7. Hi chaps , I have 2 reference pics both have differenceson the demarcation between the camouflage and the black , also spinner colour is different, can any give me a definitive colour reference for this beastie?? Thanks chaps
  8. It's a scratchbuilt 1/48 scale one built from the plans in anatomy of the victory
  9. Thanks the egg planes are from amerang they do the full range now and can be oelrdered from any model shop
  10. http://s926.photobucket.com/albums/ad102/m...ent=photo-4.jpg http://s926.photobucket.com/albums/ad102/m...ent=photo-5.jpg Start of the build , brilliant other than lots of ejector pin marks
  11. http://s926.photobucket.com/albums/ad102/m...ent=photo-4.jpg http://s926.photobucket.com/albums/ad102/m...ent=photo-5.jpg Start of the build , brilliant other than lots of ejector pin marks
  12. Modified the noses on both kits to make them capture a 109 and a spit a little better as they both origionally shared a common nose due to the same mouldings being used on each http://s926.photobucket.com/albums/ad102/m...ent=photo-3.jpg http://s926.photobucket.com/albums/ad102/m...ent=photo-2.jpg http://s926.photobucket.com/albums/ad102/m...ent=photo-1.jpg Hope I've done the image links correctly apologies if not
  13. markjames68

    The Mossies Home

    It's a truly magnificent kit and having just completed the tamiya 32nd spit , I recon this beats it and haven't started it yet!! The only nuicance I think is the sink mark line that runs the span of the main wing molding due to the thickness of the flap shrouds, simply fixable and the only critisism really, I think not only have they made kit of the year, they have made the kit of the decade , dare I say even the best plastic kit ever? Possibly what do u guys think?
  14. Wish u well, but as has been said already a 50 pounds a year subscription won't work I don't think, this site is superb ,free, and offers ostensibly the same content but has been up and running well for some time, as have many others
  15. Picked one up today at transport models in Preston, he got six, think he may have a couple left
  16. haha well spotted tonyt !! cannons are pertly scratchbuilt, i boughts some brass barrels and used em on top deck, casting them so i can half them for the lower blanck decks, the canon shasis is made from lenths of dowl cut for heels and 2.5 mm thick wood for sides with bits of plastic for detail
  17. Thanks very much for the comment, actually no i am building it for fun really with the idea maybe of selling it when finished or at asuitable stage if an offer comes along!!haha
  18. Hello there. have just learnt the art of posting photographs to a website so thought i might share my current build with people on the internet it is a totally scratchbuilt model of HMS Victory, using a light ply set of frames then instead of wood, the model is totally planked in plastic, as it is a painted hull , it still looks wood but is very easy to work with, i can happily supply any information about tecniques to anyone that asks just not sure where to start, also forgive any problems with pics or typing, not too good att either am afraid. if i can figure out how to get the earlier b
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