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  1. Deacon

    Castoff Models

    Great news, Terry has been in touch and Castoff are up and running again.
  2. Deacon

    Castoff Models

    Can you guys help me? Are Castoff still in business? I sent them an order 4 weeks ago and I can't seem to be able to contact them about it? Cheers Deacon
  3. Yep, sorry guys but I've been badgered to build a Lancaster. It will be built out of the box, I am OK to build it as the Tiger Force B.I variant aren't I? Cheers Deacon
  4. I've just read through the build thread and have to say it was a great read. Wonderful end result mate, very well done.
  5. Deacon

    What 1:35 Tank?

    Sorry guys for not getting back sooner, I've been ill with flu. Just wanted to say thanks for your responses. Now I just need to have a word with the bank manager!
  6. What a great thread. I really like it when modellers tie their builds to a particular aircraft for a specific reason. Looking so good sir.
  7. This is such a wonderful WIP and build mate. I'd love to have a Manchester in my collection some day.
  8. I too had to re-read as to exactly what you were blundering around with as I couldn't see anything on the build? Lovely work mate.
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