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  1. thanks for that photo troy! i had already put a DH prop on my build when it should have been a rotol one, now changed, and ive used a set of resin exhausts that seem to match your pic (by blind luck more than any sort of research!) its obviously too late now for me to do anything about the nose on this one but i do still have three more different versions of this kit, not sure if i like hurricanes, or like this actual kit! i did have to use aftermarket decals, as the airfix supplied ones were badly out of register, but the plus point was that the set i used (aviaology vital storm pt2) also had a full set of stencils that have made my kit that bit more realistic.
  2. hi all! I'm currently building the 1978 tooling 1/72 airfix hurricane Mk I from the duxford box set as aircraft NN*D serial P3143, I've used valiant wings upgrade set, which has a very nice set of four spoke wheels, and my question is are these wheels correct for this hurricane? thanks in advance, phil. *edit* nearly forgot, could this machine have had the earlier "pole" type aerial? if not is there an aftermarket supplier of the later type? i still have three more boxings of this kit that only have the pole aerial that i may need to think about replacing.
  3. nice! i'm partway through building this kit now, and its encouraging to see how good it looks when finished. (although i am going the traditionalist route and finishing mine as the GJ+CB V3 prototype)
  4. thats two nice models mike! K5054 is something that's been on my "one day i WILL build one" list for ages.
  5. did someone say supermarine 224? heres my heritage aviation 1/72 version - and a happy birthday to her younger sister!
  6. hello all! after exchanging a few posts with stew dapple who is also building this kit, i realised that i actually had no pics of my finished kit! so today i took advantage of some half decent weather, and took some photos outside. hope you like! the wing roundels were from an aftermarket set, whilst the fuselage and tail decals were robbed from a MPM battle kit i have that has three decal options,and one handily enough, is the same as the airfix boxing. also the wing machine gun barrel came from a scrap/spares lancaster i have as it had a better shape the the kit supplies one.
  7. hello again stew! i got some proper pics of my battle today heres how the repositioned gunner looks- and you done your wing lights the same way as i tackle them now, although i drill a small dent into the back, fill it with either tamiya X-25 clear green or X-27 clear red as appropriate, to get it to look like a coloured bulb under a clear cover. not the best pic i know but does show what i'm talking about!
  8. hello stew, I've just realised that for some reason I have no pics of my finished battle! i'll take some and post them up in the ready for inspection forum. as for closing the rear gun cover I was tempted to do that too, as I did like the sleeker look it gave the aircraft, but gave in to the idea that guns sticking out are cool!
  9. and i thought the 1/24 stuka was a beast! incidentally, i have a red barons triplane partwork from 2006, but mine is missing 16 issues/parts, not sure whether to pick them up from ebay or sell the remaining at a killing if prices asked for on ebay are anything to go by.
  10. hello stew! I built this same "new" 1978 boxing of this kit last year, and I'm just in time to give you a heads up about the rear gunner, if you put his seat in as per the instructions then the tilt and slide window is right in his lap!- to cure this I moved his seat further towards the rear and this seemed to cure the problem. HTH, Phil.
  11. blimey! I've been telling people I've been working on this for "just over a year" looking at the dates on this thread its closer to two years then one! anyways to sum up. from about the middle of 2013 to November 2013 I went through a bit of a modelling dry spell, didn't entirely stop, but wasn't exactly throwing myself at kits like I did before either, and this build was probably the biggest casualty of that, what did give me back my modelling impetus was quite simply scale model world 2013, I was there all weekend caught up with quite a lot of people I hadn't seen for a while (members of my club included!) and wallop! I was back in the game! so back to the stuka, I did carry on scratchbuilding bits for the interior, and adding a bit more wiring- the firewall had more wiring and control rods added to match photos of the real thing i used an airscales transfer set for the panel dials- and that more or less brings me up to date, fuselage together, engine mounted and rudder on-
  12. "but i must warn you all my build rate is usually near glacial, but with a tasty project like this i'm sure i may get finished in under a year" well its nearly been a year and my glacial build rate hasn't let me down!! actually due to one thing and another i haven't spent a lot of time modelling since that last post of mine, and what time i have spent on this kit has gone on fettling stuff to make sure stuff like cowlings go together nicely before i commit to any paint. however i now feel like i'm actually building it again as opposed to scraping parts to fit and hollowing out bits (AM hollowed exhausts would be a hit for this kit!) so, here we go.... extra wiring added to the interior, and i will add more. something else that was like a kit within a kit, the main wheels. decals and matt coat apart these are finished so i could get an idea of how the humbrol paints looked (117 and 91) as i was thinking of using xtracolor paints, but i've got plenty of the humbrol colours, and no xtracolor RLM 70 and 71. its got knobs on! this is the moulded on kit part cut off, drilled and the shaft replaced by wire to give a more three dimensional look. well thats about it for now, see you next year!
  13. i built one of these about six years ago now, i built mine as the red movie dalek from the first peter cushing film. only after it was finished did i notice when the film was shown again on the telly that "my" dalek had a row of balls misaligned on the back! of course the thing is if you replicate that film mistake on a kit it would make you look like a careless modeller!
  14. hi! i've come to this thread a bit late, and i must say when i clicked on "gotha bomber" i was expecting back facing engines, lozenge and a lot of rigging!
  15. really? i managed to pick one up in the middle of last year via ebay, forget what i paid (under a tenner i'm sure) it came with no box, just the back part with the colour scheme (this was as advertised) but two sets of decals, however while both sets are the same there is a real difference in some of the colours! after i had bought it i spotted that S&M sheet that has the same version as the matchbox decals anyway. (i think, its been a while since i looked and the provost is up in the loft)
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