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    WW2 air operations over Norway, be it allied or axis. Also WW2 submarines.
    Oh, and greek stuff.

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  1. Just note that the artwork is wrong in regards to the code. It should be VV-A. Of course, that's an easy fix. Also note that by the time 235 Sqn flew with the VV-code they no longer used this rocket setup. They would have them tiered, two by two, to allow for 100 gallon tanks.
  2. Kyrre

    My Telford Beaufighter

    Many thanks, guys. Man, a 7 year old post! Got me inspired, might have to revisit my Beau-stash. So many kits - so little time, though. Kyrre
  3. Quite pleased, though these American airshows do repeat themselves (not that I'm complaining). I think it's the 4th time I've seen that F-16 doing the same routine. Displeased they didn't show up with the announced Osprey, pleased they brought a Bone. Nice show by the Bae Hawk, which was a long way from home.
  4. Kyrre

    Wings over Houston 2011

    Hey, They're Czech L-39 Albatros, along with a Mig-17. It's a civillian team called "Heavy Metal", and with the Mig17 as an outrider they did a quite nice show.
  5. Kyrre

    Wings over Houston 2011

    I do. Here are some detail shots.
  6. Nice show this year as well, the highlight being the Phantom of the USAF heritage flight. I'm certainly not complaining. Here's a selection for you who weren't there. (Most of you, I guess
  7. Kyrre

    Tamiya F-16CJ in 1/48

    Get down to the nearest Hennes & Mauritz, Boots or similar. Get a 4-part nail polishing stick. Start off with the second coarsest, move up to the finer bit when the seam is gone, finish off with vigorous rubbing with the rubbery-like bit. When done, dip in Klear or polish the canopy with some/any car polish. Crack open a Bud Lite (Sorry, I live in Houston) and pour it down your throat while admiring your work. K
  8. Kyrre

    FAA Golden age photo's.

    Truly amazing pictures. Very inspiring. Thanks! K
  9. I am positive that JZ217 was delivered with Sky unders, but like many other escort carrier Avengers (and FM-2's) it seems they were repainted some time in late '44, when they were doing a lot of anti-submarine patrols. Let me know if you need help with decals for alternative markings. I have what it takes, I think. This is what 846 Sqn planes were marked like in May '45. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Avenger_...ght_1944-45.jpg http://www.odin.uk.com/cms/index.php?optio...mid=186#joomimg Another picture I've never seen before, from '44, showing possibly red letters. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Grumman_Avenger.jpg Some more nice stuff http://www.crashsiteorkney.com/page19.htm Notice that if the underside paint appears to be going in a straight line in front of the wing, without the classic Tarpon "step" after the cowling, and with a "sweeping" style behind the wings and towards the elevators, the aircraft was painted white. Another giveaway is the black antiglare on cowling and front top of wings.
  10. Kyrre

    F-100 Questions

    So what you're saying is that I can build the Trumpeter F-100D with the kit decals? That'll be a first. :woot:
  11. Kyrre

    F-100 Questions

    I appreciate the offer, but I understand I can really assume that any or all of 20TFW's did visit Norway at one point or another, since the practice of traveling up North must have been going on for a good 5-6-7 years? I suspect Trumpeter's decals for -668 are wrong (was the lightning blue or red?) and thought I'd just go for a simple alternative. The kit has been a canvas for practicing bare metal anyway, and since these birds were painted silver it will never be very accurate anyway. What I'm saying is, no need to go out of your way for a scan, but appreciate nevertheless if you have some information about the detachments up into the snow. Regards Kyrre
  12. Kyrre

    Italeri Avenger

    Just a quick note. Avenger/Tarpon 1's with serial JZ100-300 were TBF-1C's. In other words, they had wing guns. You still have to do the observer seat, though. This according to J. Baugher http://www.joebaugher.com/navy_serials/thirdseries5.html Kyrre
  13. Veeery nice, useful for reference. Just remember that the Italeri decals aren't quite correct. Italeri has nicked a profile off the web done by my friend Bengt Stangnes, after me and him had done quite a bit of research on this particular machine. It crashed in Kilbotn, Northern Norway, on May 4, 1945. The wing roundels should be of the C-type and the undersides were most likely white. It had a black antiglare stretching down along the cowling sides, as was common at the time with 846 Sqn machines. To my knowledge there are no pictures of JZ217 around. Also note that JZ217 was a TBF-1C, and should have wing guns, not the common Tarpon 1 nose gun. Kyrre
  14. Kyrre

    F-100 Questions

    I'll jump in. I've been looking for good pictures of the 20TF-machines that were deployed on winter training to Bergen, Norway, towards the end of the 50's and I guess the beginning of the 60's. I have checked out the F-100-site and found quite a few pictures, but from the two pictures, which (erroneously?) states that the aircraft were "on a lake in Norway", it isn't really clear how the aircraft were marked at the time. Did they at one point remove the code on the fuselage over the wings?