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  1. Hi all i want build a Spitfire 1/48 Fr Mk.18 was in service in Far East (X48127 Extradecals), i want start from Academy Spitfire Mk.14 with correction of Daco, i read there some modifacation... on the wing? it's Correct? Please Help Me... Thank You Lewis
  2. fw190ddora


    hi guys give me some impression about hataka hobby paint color, i want use airbrush..the best mix...everything thanks
  3. Hi Guys after i see this topic i start some couple of week ago my Flanker,,, some picture.. i use akan color
  4. Hi guys i start to study my italeri AC-119K 1/72,do you suggest any conversion? anyone do you suggest any upgrade kit for it? thanks
  5. Wonderful job! What do you think about AKAN color for Su-33?
  6. worderfull!! could send me where it's possible contact of Photo Etched parts from DM... thanks
  7. Great Job! !! I build too,what do yuo think about Akan color for pain it?
  8. Hi Guys I wanted to build a F - 7 of the Egyptian Air Force from a Mig - 21, F - 13 's revell . They should have in-service training for the F - 7B What are the changes to make ? I saw that we have to add the rear brake parachute and that there are two versions of the canopy , one early and one late , right? Thanks for your help Alvise
  9. your work really interesting, I wait for the final result (I hope that sooner or later Italeri put his hand to the mold and correct it ...)
  10. hello guys do you know if there is any conversion or upgrade for made a Indian Mig-29K in 1/72 ? Cheers Alvise
  11. wowowowowowowowowow...... i like it...afther the Su-33Ubk...uuuu...
  12. I would like to modify a Su-33 in the Hasegawa 1/72 to turn it into a Su-33Kub, I do not think that there is a conversion, someone has scale drawings? Do you have suggestions?
  13. Hello everyone in My friend bought the B-17 in the revell 1/72. Wanted to make a scene, often photographed, the change of one of the engines through a sort of crane or SOMETHING SIMILAR, in this scene also enter some FACILITY of support ... Tips on where to find the pieces and the facility? thanks to evryone for help sorry for my english Alvise
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