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  1. Thanks. It’s been fun.
  2. I’ve been questing after a 1/16 Abrams since 1995 when I picked up the Jim Shirley Productions resin 120mm scale (remember when that was a thing?) kit...and botched it with expanding foam filler! Now I’m converting Tamiya’s 1/16 M1A2 into a M1A1 in Australian service. Thanks to one of the cavalry regiments being granted freedom of entry to Brisbane last year, I finally have a good collection of pics of a single tank: ARN 055, c/s 31B “Cersei” of C Sqn, 2/14 Light Horse Regiment (Queensland Mounted Rifles). Having been working on this for a while, here’s a selection of “in progress” pics. Replacement of the kit rails & bustle with Plastruct 1.25mm plastic-coated wire: Enhancement of the kit anti-slip with Tamiya textured sand paint: Replacement stowage bin handles: Scratch-built bustle rack extension progress: And some overall progress: Thanks for looking.
  3. Did a daylight test for the paint tones: they seem pretty accurate to my eye. Some touch ups required, but looking solid.
  4. Built a mock-up of the turret sides to assist with the construction of the Australian-unique track hangers. These are handed (of course), and designed to act as brush guards for the track when moving through thick scrub.
  5. Well done Steve. Excellent model, great achievement, and an entertaining blog, to boot! Quite apart from the model itself, you’ve managed to raise awareness of early Australian submarine operations, types, and their associated sacrifices. Again, well done.
  6. Lovely, lovely work, Ragnar! I think it’s the razor-sharp canopy frames that really set this one apart. Always loved the Skyknight, and this is the best scale rendition I’ve come across. The fact it’s a Matchbix kit is, frankly, jaw-dropping.
  7. Painted the skirts and the rear of the hull... Really coming together now.
  8. Spent a few hours detailing the tops of the ballistic skirts. Well worth the effort, IMO. A mix of 1.5 x 0.5mm strip, Tamiya poly paper, punched discs, and Meng bolts. Almost ready for paint
  9. Love this build! Sterling work.
  10. Thanks to a USian friend, I was able to access TamiyaUSA to obtain a parts sprue to make a spare wheel. Improvising a mill from my drill press, I removed the hub, six of the studs and bolts, drill the resultant holes, and the removed the studs from the remaining bolts: Started the turret roof mounting point for the spare wheel. It is bolted to the roof in front of the CITV blanking plate, using the four bolts for the (removable) turret lifting eye.
  11. GMK

    Question for the Abrams experts

    There wasn’t a “procurement trial” of the Abrams - they were bought off the shelf. Originally they weren’t even going to be painted camouflage, rather left in the CARC sand and fitted with Baracuda camouflage panels [these failed testing]. The Tamiya 1/48 & 1/16 M1A2 kits are “straight A2s” - they aren’t SEP like the examples in NATOflage fitted with M153 etc. These tanks also have an different-shaped piece of equipment in the bustle rack [VCSU vs. EAPU] Apparently some “straight A2s” stationed at Fort Knox were painted in NATOflage, as per Dragon’s original M1A2 kit from the 1990s.
  12. Nice work Steve! Really appreciate the hard work required to achieve a convincing finish in small scales - you’ve nailed it.
  13. Tamiya’s M1A2 is a vanilla (i.e. non-SEP, non-TUSK) A2 from the US Army 4ID from late 2003. As such, it missing some of the features present on Australian hulls, namely the slave starter receptacle (think jumper leads for your tank - more on that in later posts), and the infantry/tank telephone box. As Australian Abrams’ go through deep-level maintenance, the ‘old’ phone box is replaced with the new type. A mate of mine did the CAD, I just printed & painted it: I’ve also started on the Australian-unique fridge that’s mounted adjacent the EAPU in the turret bustle. The fridge power adapter (small box near the cross-wind sensor [also hollowed our]) is also a 3D-printed part: More to come...
  14. Started painting the rear hull. The Tamiya 1/16 kit is a bit simplified, especially the rear hull. I cut out the entire exhaust plate and scratchbuilt the replacement grilles. Thanks to a mate, I’ve got the protective grills CAD’d up and 3D printed.
  15. Started the paintwork on the top of the upper hull. Pretty rough so far, but the focus is the immediate vicinity of the turret race and ring. This is a prerequisite for screwing the lower turret to the hull, so is a little out of order.
  16. A little more progress... Tracks on, with one of every nine end-connectors painted blue as per the 1/1 tank. Started the Commander’s Weapon Station (borrowed from the Trumpeter kit) adding the laser-reflective glass.
  17. Really liking that camouflage job. Subtle, yet very convincing.
  18. Thank you, gentlemen. @Sairou I’m using SMS Australian Army paint colours (https://www.scalemodeller.com.au/). Apart from the names (we say “cam” not “camo”), they’re flawless. @Badder I’m very fortunate to have a couple of mates who help out by doing the CAD. I just upload to Shapeways and go from there. Here are some pics of the 1/1 Cersei
  19. GMK

    F-16 Block 70/72 for Slovakia?

    Can see it in Australia, nil issues.
  20. GMK

    1/16 British

    There’s a 3D printed RC scorpion/scimitar kit around. I bought the turret for a M113 MRV conversion. Will try to find the link.
  21. It’s not little. Here’s a pic I took from the commander’s hole of the Boxer CRV/Direct Fire High Survivability Lift (DFHSL), looking over the top of an ALSAV to the (loosing) AMV35: It’s a big truck.
  22. Slight correction, the NZLAV is a Piranha 3 hull, very similar to later Canadian vehicles. I remember hosting the Kiwi officer at a mess function who was sent to Darwin to look at ASLAV in detail. He loved the turret but hated the vehicle height - not surprising coming from a Scorpion!
  23. Got there in the end, I guess Some stats from the recent Australian Boxer announcement: 211 “drive modules” (hulls). 223 mission modules (133 with Lance turret). First delivery: 2020.
  24. Beautiful work! Very clean, very precise.