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  1. GMK

    Rheinmetall Lynx for US Army?

    The 50mm Supershot is based on the 30mm, but is more compact (don’t know how). As can be seen, it’s not a case-telescoped round. I understand the pros and cons of case telescoped cartridges; like bull pup rifles, I’ve settled on “interesting, but irrelevant.” (Hybrid cartridge cases now deliver greater pressures, velocities, terminal effects, consistency, and accuracy from shorter barrels, making barrel length less important than in the past.) The .338 Norma uses a different cartridge case than the .338 Lapua Magnum, which is “forcing” the development of .338 Norma sniper rifles. I’m going to CAD up that signature management stuff and see if I can 3D print it.
  2. GMK

    Rheinmetall Lynx for US Army?

    This is the AJAX-based Griffin III: 50mm main armament (85 degree elevation/20 degree depression), Iron Fist Active Protection System, Remote Weapon Station, drone launcher, .338 Norma coax machine gun.
  3. GMK


    Staggering is the word. As an aside, and ignoring practical considerations such as camouflage etc., I wonder whether the late-lamented colourful schemes of the 1950s-70s were tolerated for morale reasons?
  4. GMK


    Not sure that the Thud is a fair yardstick - the overwhelming majority of its losses were combat losses in Vietnam.
  5. GMK

    V-22 as COD for the new QEII Carrier?

    My understanding is that the F135-400 (engine for the F-35C) and the F135-600 (engine for the F-35B), in terms of physical envelope of the engine itself, is essentially the same. The -600 plugging into the separate Integrated Lift Fan Propulsion System (ILFPS) module. For the purposes of the CMV-22, the COD requirement includes delivery of carrier air wing spare engines onto aircraft carriers. So, that’s the F404 for the C/D Hornets, F414 for the E/F/G Super Hornets/Growlers, and the T56 for the E-2, with the F135-400 for the C model Lightning. As the conventional C-2 COD can’t land on an Amphibious Assault Ship (LHD, LHA, etc.), I’m not sure carrying the F135-600 (or the F402-RR for the AV-8B, for that matter) was a requirement. All that being said, taking the commonality between the F135-400 and F135-600 engines, I imagine that freighting the -600 engine internally via CMV-22 wouldn’t be too tricky to pull off.
  6. GMK

    V-22 as COD for the new QEII Carrier?

    No - it’s internal. That was a mandatory requirement so that the CMV-22 could fly the F-35 engine out to the carrier battle group.
  7. GMK

    a couple of magach's in 1/72

    Lovely work. Didn’t like the Magach 7A, initially. It’s definitely grown on me, though. Lovely work. Didn’t like the Magach 7A, initially. It’s definitely grown on me, though.
  8. I’ve been questing after a 1/16 Abrams since 1995 when I picked up the Jim Shirley Productions resin 120mm scale (remember when that was a thing?) kit...and botched it with expanding foam filler! Now I’m converting Tamiya’s 1/16 M1A2 into a M1A1 in Australian service. Thanks to one of the cavalry regiments being granted freedom of entry to Brisbane last year, I finally have a good collection of pics of a single tank: ARN 055, c/s 31B “Cersei” of C Sqn, 2/14 Light Horse Regiment (Queensland Mounted Rifles). Having been working on this for a while, here’s a selection of “in progress” pics. Replacement of the kit rails & bustle with Plastruct 1.25mm plastic-coated wire: Enhancement of the kit anti-slip with Tamiya textured sand paint: Replacement stowage bin handles: Scratch-built bustle rack extension progress: And some overall progress: Thanks for looking.
  9. More stencils: Army Registration Number, kangaroo, and vehicle name.
  10. Stencilled the roo on as a test:
  11. GMK

    B-Wing - Bandai 1/72

    @Will Vale agreed! @AndyRM101 - what software do you use for the labelling etc?
  12. GMK

    Kill Team/Space Wolves

    Beautiful work! Very subtle painting and weathering.
  13. GMK

    Challenger 2 Mark 2

    Looks like the prototype for the CR2-2 is being unveiled. Iron Fist Active Protection System, Leonardo panoramic sight, not much else new. Missed opportunity to replace the main armament with something supportable and who’s ammunition is still in production, but interesting nonetheless.
  14. GMK

    Challenger 2 Mark 2

    You’re right - “prototype” should’ve been “prototype of the BAE proposal”. The Rheinmetall offering will be interesting to see. Whilst projectiles are being made in the UK for the 120mm rifled gun, ammunition is not. A projectile without propellant isn’t ammunition, it’s a paperweight. Can’t really agree with you that a smoothbore’s “primary AT round is HEAT.” The prime tank-killing round is a APFSDS round, the penetrator of which is considerably longer in a one-piece round of ammunition, improving the L/D ratio. Modern, US APFSDS ammunition (M829A4: which is available in non-DU variants) is as effective out of a L/44 gun as German 120mm APFSDS is out of a L/55. It also has an Ammunition Data Link. The ADL enables the Abrams’ fire control system to send information to the M829A4. (http://www.dote.osd.mil/pub/reports/fy2015/pdf/army/2015m829a4.pdf) An example of a modern HEAT round is the M830A1, which travelling at 1,400 m/s seems to be moving at a fair clip. It also has a discarding sabot, as well as a variable fused air burst and some other tricks enabled by its ammunition data link that enables the gun to “talk” to the round. (https://www.northropgrumman.com/Capabilities/LargeCalAmmunition/Documents/M830A1HEATMPT.pdf) My view on solving CR2’s lethality problems would be to replace the turret with one from a M1A2D. It comes with compartmentalised ammunition stowage for 36 rounds, a data-linked gun, has comms installed, modern sights, and excellent armour. (https://www.armyrecognition.com/september_2018_global_defense_security_army_news_industry/new_designations_for_upgraded_m1a2_sepv3_and_sepv4_abrams_main_battle_tanks.html)
  15. GMK

    Poseidon MRA Mk.1

    The RAF has announced the formal, in-service name for the P-8A Poseidon as the Poseidon MRA Mk.1. I wish they’d do the same for the F-35B Lightning and the EC-135R Rivet Joint!
  16. GMK

    Hasegawa 1/72 F-35B USMC.

    That is lovely work on a significant type.
  17. Two things had been slowing things down: stowage & markings. The .stp files for some stowage were used to 3D print the Australian-unique water jerry cans. While I was at it, I printed off a FGM-148 Javelin missile tube for another build.
  18. The Australian Army is looking for a family of up to 450 IFV. General Dynamics is offering variants of their Ajax family, complete with new turret. Apollo in the background;
  19. GMK

    AJAX (well, Apollo) in the Antipodes

    The calibre was mandated as a result of the Phase 2 result. It would make no sense to select a different calibre system for Phase 3. For Phase 2, there was no appreciable difference in target effect between the tendered systems - one in 30mm, the other in 35mm. In effect, both met that lethality requirement, which was verified before tender release.
  20. GMK

    AJAX (well, Apollo) in the Antipodes

    A couple of points: 30x173mm is the mandated caliber for this phase. This is not the same round (30x170mm) of the old UK RARDEN 30 mm and has a wider range of ammunition natures. The IFV must also have a twin Spike 2 ER capability, which addresses its anti-tank capability. I honestly think BAE will not bid (their last failed bid cost tens and tens of millions), despite having a Norwegian CV90 at the show. Australia has already rejected the E35 turret that’s in the CV90NL as part of Phase 2. Puma isn’t being bid as neither PSM nor KMW have a presence. Also, representatives from both companies have said Puma is unsuitable as there are only two variants and the turret is unmanned. Rheinmetall is looking to bid the KF41 Lynx, which is a bit of a napkin panzer: But, back to AJAX, I think it’s the strongest competitor.
  21. GMK

    AJAX (well, Apollo) in the Antipodes

    I may have played a part in that:
  22. GMK

    Poseidon MRA Mk.1

    You could call it “Barış Kartalı”, or maybe “피스 아이”...