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  1. I have no idea what may have gone wrong with your model, I love xtradecals. Only the ultra close-up photos show the problem, the models look fabulous.
  2. Beautiful; if you're allowed to call a beast of a muscle car beautiful.
  3. Unfortunately I can't see any of the Casimages photo links.
  4. Now then, where was I? Ah yes, I was buiding the Rolls before getting distracted by other models; wasn't I. Did I really last post something on this build back in February? Sheesh.
  5. C-5M Super Galaxy 83-1285 over Devon, out of Fairford heading west at 28,000 ft.
  6. We strive to produce works of art, and yet we are our own worst critics. There is nothing to fault with your build.
  7. Mmmmm... looks like a Whirlwind to me. Looks like an excellent Whirlwind to me actually.
  8. Yep, and you have done a great job. Maybe practice does make perfect, but you have done pretty well there for a 'starter'.
  9. Very, very nice indeed. Very, very nice.
  10. KP 1/72 Mig-12MF with Ethiopian markings. Wip here:
  11. Natter

    KP Mig-21MF

    1/72 KP Mig-21 MF with Pavla resin cockpit and vac canopy. The resin cockpit required much modification to get it to fit and the canopy doesn't fit (neither did the original) so has been cut and posed open. Decals from Berna Decals Africans (sic) Mig-21 Part 1.
  12. Natter

    KP Mig-21MF

    A big 'thank you' to @Corsairfoxfouruncle for the guidance on thinning Tamiya Acrylics for freehanding camo. I have used the advice on a subsequent build. Practice still required, but it gave me a solid start point. Work has been going on but I haven't posted much recently. Gloss (Mr Color GX112 UV Cut Gloss) and decals applied.
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