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  1. Fantastic ,superb work,love to see it in the flesh.
  2. Excellent model ,thanks for sharing.
  3. Agree with everything said above.l have Ark as well.need to do body building to lift the hull. One solid piece of resin.
  4. This kit comes with lots of problems.I wish, I could start a again,however we must say, that a lot with your models and l found this superb link, only after I had finished Kent. There are plenty of photo,s of the County class on the net,here are a couple. http://countyclassdestroyers.co.uk/index.htm plenty of pictures http://www.modellmarine.de/index.php?option=com_alphacontent&section=11&category=210&Itemid=59 Great build of an Airfix kit. http://www.hazegray.org/navhist/rn/destroyers/county/ more pictures Items to overcome with the kit. 1 Plastic soft and brittle. 2 Gap between B turret and Bridge to big. 3 The difference in the class between Batch 1 and 2,even the rear mast was position different within the batches.
  5. Might have to send •••---•••
  6. I have one of these kits,I have started this ship and gave up,so I know when I say ,Superb model.thanks for sharing.
  7. Chewitt

    USS Guam CB-2. 1:350

    Found this link for Guam plans https://www.super-hobby.com/products/USS-Guam-CB-2.html And for Alaska Https://www.super-hobby.com/products/USS-Alaska-CB-1-20194526.html
  8. Chewitt

    Tamiya 1/350 IJN Yamato

    That's superb,thanks for sharing.Excellent work.
  9. I have a weak spot for Airfix,Royal Navy,HMS Fearless and Peter from Atlantic models is bring out in 1/600,Quote from Peter "Work is in progress now on the HMS Fearless 1/600 detail set for the trusty old Airfix kit. I have had quite a few requests for this so I have gone ahead and made a start".I will be watching with great interest.Still life left in those 1/600 ships.
  10. How could your body be so selfish,better to break a leg,I,m left handed it would be even worse for me.never broke anything lucky .
  11. Chewitt

    IJN Kaga aircraft carrier 1/700

    Just superb.thanks for showing this model.
  12. Yes very weird, the gaps,try to retype it,still have gaps,will have another go later.
  13. Only got shipboats,seacats,crew,tiding up and a White Ensign to fit. The model is not perfect,but its the closest I will get,using the Airfix kit.
  14. Managed to start the railings and some of the finer details.finished the helicopter,adds a bit of colour.
  15. Someone's been busy,looking good.