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  1. Just catching up, looks great so far Rob and hope you are enjoying the build, if you could send me some photos when finished I would really appreciate it! By the way, both the S and T classes have sold well which I am very pleased about, the S has recouped costs after just a few weeks so I will hopefully look to do a U class at some point. Mike
  2. Perhaps they were just bringing out kits that people said they wanted but never actually bought.
  3. Excellent model Jon and I'm pleased to hear you enjoyed building it.
  4. Five Star are excellent but I am currently running down the stock I have as I won't be stocking them in future. Nothing to do with quality or reliabiilty of the company, both are excellent, just a business decision. Mike
  5. Just seen this, it's coming along great Jon and yes, there is a typo with the paint colours! Mike
  6. I stock Flyhawk kits. Regarding mark up, you probably don't know that trade prices from Chinese suppliers are often higher than retail from Chinese sources. If you see what you think are high mark ups this is in fact nothing to do with UK or other retailers charging significantly more than usual, it is down to Chinese business practices. Also you forget that costs of shipping, import tax and operating a business in the UK are significantly higher than for those selling kits on ebay for example. So no, kits sold by UK retailers do not have 'ridiculous mark ups', if you want to try starting a business to do what you suggest then you are very welcome to try. Mike
  7. I was planning to get these done a couple of years ago but it fell through, it is something needed though. Any help with information on the cranes would be useful as that has been a sticking point. Mike
  8. I will be stocking White Ensign Models etch when I reopen in a few weeks. Not a full range yet but there will be in due course.
  9. As mentioned I do stock Black Cat Models but I am currently taking an extended break which will include some changes to the business. Hopefully this will mean higher stocking levels of fewer brands to try and help out with those issues of getting deliveries from the EU. Mike
  10. The Elsass is a very complex kit, a lot of etch and parts so I would recommend it only to those with a fair bit of experience in using etch and building resin kits. As a new Combrig kit the quality of detail and casting is superb, amongst the very best kits of any type (resin or plastic) currently available. I stock Combrig in my shop and have a small number of 1/350 kits at the moment including Elsass but can order anything you need although delivery is quite slow at the moment for obvious reasons.
  11. Thanks Mike, shipping to the US has gone up a lot recently unfortunately but I'm sure I can still tempt you with something! Mike
  12. They are nowhere near Combrig quality unfortunately and for what you get, more expensive. I did consider stocking them a couple of times but I just don't feel they are good value. Mike
  13. I will be releasing a 1/700 HMS Glamorgan under the Starling Models label, hopefully before the end of the year but most likely early next. www.starling-models.co.uk
  14. Pitroad / Skywave are very much active although I think the sets you mention may be out of production. Mike
  15. I have the Orange Hobby F-35b and C available in my shop at the moment. www.starling-models.co.uk/en/ Mike
  16. There are paint recommendations in the instructions for the Sovereign Hobbies Colourcoats brand Charlie. Mike
  17. Thanks for the promising news Al, good to hear Martin is on the mend. Mike
  18. The Ark Royal kit is now back in stock as are the extra aircraft sets, Mike
  19. It was initially released last year but will hopefully be available again shortly. Mike
  20. I have a set of british tugs and barges in 1/700 as well as a number of other items that would be suitable along with various sets of small ships' boats. Mike
  21. I stock Sea Kings under my own Starling Models label, I do usually have Merlins but they are out of stock at the moment, they will be back later in the month. Mike
  22. It looks great Ken, you have done a fine job and the base is a very good complement to the model. As Stuart says the T class has almost sold out of the first run so an S class is on the cards. Unfortunately this will be delayed due to the need to look for a different designer, which is still ongoing, but it certainly is a good chance for 2020. Mike
  23. That isn't on the current list of planned kits, L'arsenal have a 1/700 Sheffield available. Mike
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