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  1. An update to this thread, since last posting the Tabard kit has actually sold pretty well and given that and the availability of a good set of plans of and S-class from a friend, then a second RN submarine kit in 1/350 is looking a strong possibility for 2020. Mike
  2. We have the etch sets in stock at the moment. Mike
  3. The kit will be available again in the summer, when Chris built the model the extra aircraft sets weren't available, but are now. Mike
  4. Sales of the T class have been a little disappointing so far, which unless it picks up, makes the chances of seeing any more submarine kits from Starling Models pretty remote. Mike
  5. Most of the kits in the new list were announced two years ago, some have obviously progressed but so far Flyhawk have tended to release 1 or 2 entirely new kits a year, by which I don't mean variations on something previously released. My point really is that it if they keep to that schedule, it is going to be some time before most of these are released. By the way, the 1/350 Prince of Wales is expected for release in three years, so 2021.... Mike
  6. It would be difficult I think, there are quite a lot of differences. Mike
  7. The kit is now available, priced £45 from http://www.starling-models.co.uk Mike
  8. Thanks to all of you who bought the kits, the more sold, the more likely there will be future releases! Cheers Mike
  9. 1/700 version should be in a week or two, it is HMS Tabard, T class group III, two kits in the pack, one full hull, one waterline. Mike
  10. Starling Models 1/350 HMS Nadder River class frigate has now been released. This is a full hull resin kit with etched brass parts, turned brass barrels and masts and decals.
  11. I have just posted some news on forthcoming Atlantic Models kits in the shops, manufacturers and vendors section. Mike
  12. Casts have arrived for the forthcoming Atlantic Models 1/700 HMS London 1941 kit. This is a kit of the County Class cruiser as reconstructed with the large bridge and two funnels. The kit was intended for release by White Ensign Models before their sad demise but will now be released under Peter Hall's Atlantic Models label and produced by Starling Models. The kit is resin and etched brass and will feature 3d printed AA weapons by 3d Modelparts to greatly increase the level of detail. Only the main structural parts are shown in the photo. It will be available late July or early August. http:// http:// Also coming soon will be re-releases of some of the former White Ensign Models 1/700 range again under the Atlantic Models label. These will include HMS Coventry and HMS Starling, again with 3d Modelparts weapons sets, the Round Table Class trawler and some new kits that did not see release. The first three will be available during the next few months with the others released in due course. Mike
  13. Mike McCabe


    Very interesting subject, I don't know anything about the ship but hope you have luck in finding more information. Mike
  14. For those saying they will wait for Flyhawk to release X, Y or Z kit as it is on their release list, I came across their 2017 release list from December 2016 over the weekend, it had nine kits on the list and they have since announced at least as many more plus a 1/350 kit. Any guesses as to how many have actually been released in those 18 months? One. Mike
  15. Three releases are coming soon from Atlantic Models exclusively through Starling Models, all are 1;700 kits and will include 3d printed weapons from 3d Modelparts. Firstly we have a new release, HMS London 1942, this is an entirely new kit of the reconstructed County Class heavy cruiser. Second is a re-release of the former White Ensign Models HMS Coventry 1940 kit, showing the ship in her anti-aircraft cruiser fit. Lastly and appropriately, another former WEM kit HMS Starling. The last two are upgraded with the 3d printed weapons parts, all will be available in 4-6 weeks. Mike
  16. Great work on Rattlesnake and I'm glad you enjoyed building the kit. The River class will be out at the end of this month or first half of June barring any unexpected events. Mike
  17. If you are looking for Chinese and Far East kit producers we at Starling Models stock Flyhawk, Snowman, Big Blue Boy, Five Star, Aoshima, Seals, Veteran, Yamashita Hobby, Pitroad and probably more I can't think of just now. Based in the UK so no risk with import charges.
  18. Hi Richard, I replied to your message on Monday, check you inbox. Mike
  19. Hi Paul A slight correction if I may, this was a kit that was due to be produced for White Ensign Models but will now be produced under the Atlantic Models label by Starling Models, if that makes sense! I'm conscious of how many people want to build this iconic Royal Navy ship, so I will do my best to keep the price as reasonable as I can. Mike
  20. Interesting that I can't recall any artwork of Japanese ships sinking, is there any? Mike
  21. Starling Models have just released a set of railings that includes the type you are looking for I think. Pre-dreadnought railings Mike
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