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  1. Hello, i used Aires resin sets for the undercarriage and cockpit,Icarus decal set for markings and painted it with Xtracolor paints. It displays an aircraft of the Acroteam - 4 Aces (Kare ton Asson) flying with F-84G Thunderjet,around 1954. https://ibb.co/x7QN8BH https://ibb.co/sw20HyW https://ibb.co/RDnmWCs https://ibb.co/w4FQMys https://ibb.co/DRGwBKJ https://ibb.co/bvPSfLJ https://ibb.co/q7zMLRv
  2. Hello to all. Does anybody have the instructions of the decal sheet that ICM released for Gloster Gladiator Mk.I/II in Foreign Services?
  3. New schemes https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/bristol-blenheim-mk-1.html
  4. Hello! Could you please inform me in which publication i can Granger drawings? Thanks!
  5. I was interested for the TF-102 conversion.Obviously much better than the Maintrack one. Too bad they are out of business.
  6. Hello. Don't know if this is the right place for this topic, but does anyone have a recent experience with c&h Aero Miniatures site? I tried to contact them but I had no answer.
  7. Hello, does anybody know if the roundel blue Xtradecal uses for interwar Walruses (on their Xtradecal 1/48 Vickers Supermarine Walrus Mk.I Collection # 48174) are the same as the Xtradecal 1/48 RAF National Insignia/Roundels A Type # 48031 decal sheet?
  8. SBS released the engine set for the 1/48 Blenheim https://sbsmodel.com/model/SBS-48059/bristol-blenheim-mk.-i-engine---cowling-set-for-airfix-kit
  9. Great subject but resin kits are unreliable.For corrections or a conversions are ok. After some time especially the wings will warp.
  10. Hello wildebeest. If you can email me the plans I should be very gratefull.
  11. Which the PSL book is? Yes you're right there are some plans on pages 190-191
  12. Kirkby book is an excellent reference,with many photos and details for every Manchester build,but no plans. Aj press book about Lancaster has many plans about Manchester,but don't know how accurate are. Does anybody have the Aviation news vol12 25 from 1984?
  13. Hello, can anybody help me with some accurate scale plans for Avro Manchester?
  14. Thanks for your help Troy! I guess i have to wait untill someone releases a new engine set for the new tool kit.
  15. Thanks for the reply. I mean this set https://www.cmkkits.com/en/detail-sets-accessories/spitfire-mk-i-engine-set-1-48-for-tamiya-kit/
  16. Hello, Does anybody knows if the CMK engine set for Tamiya's Spitfire MkI in 1/48 can be used for the new tool Spitfire?
  17. I was wondering if anyone tried older Eduard sets for the first edition Tamiya MkI kit to the new one. And what was the results.
  18. Nice to hear and great option.Many Blenheims had them. I guess it's too soon to find any review or photos from instructions or kit parts.
  19. Hello, i used the Tamiya Spitfire Vb kit along with Aeroclub conversion set to make a XVI variant,in Greek colors. I also used Ultracast resin sets for seat,cockpit door,propeller,wheels and exhausts plus CMK set for gun bays. All markings are painted except the serial number and stencils. It depicts a RHAF machine around 1949. https://imgur.com/a/kGKfy https://imgur.com/a/kGKfy https://imgur.com/a/kGKfy
  20. Thanks for the info! Thanks for the info! If you could find it drop me a note!
  21. Thanks for the reply.This was the only plan that i could find in the net.
  22. Hello, i'm searching for any info (scale drawings,plans,cutaways etc) for this graceful flying boat. Thank you!
  23. Thank you for your help! I found some pretty good blueprints for the He-111 only. I have also the Aero Detail book with some excellent references and 'sceleton' drawings.
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