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  1. I was tempted to do mine a the lighter medium sea grey, but I may look at XF66. I going to modify the kit to add the RAF DASS kit, doing ZM404. There is quite alot of MAWS sensors, 3x LAIRCM turrets (1x each side and 1x above the tail ramp) and alot of flare/chaff launchers to add,12 individual on each side. Interest not sure how much of the RAF aircraft have the full DASS suite fitted. I have seen ZM401, 404 and 411 fitted, Most of the other RAF airframes have about half the flare/chaff launcher fitted, but not all of them.
  2. Afternoon All, Getting ready to start my 1/144 A400 that got from John. What is the best grey to use, looking at the kit, seems a little dark. Was looking at doing Medium Sea Grey? Matt
  3. I've seen them in grey and in green. Green when they first came in service, I think would of changed to grey by period your doing Colours to use, I'm not 100% sure.
  4. There will be one for 31 Sqn and another unknown jet.
  5. Cheers for the responses all I think I might try the CMK version, I knew I'd have to mod the TARDIS unit myself anyway, but these are a good starting place. Matt
  6. Hi All, Just wondered what are the best options cockpit wise for the Revell Tornado GR4 1/48 kit? Current project is a Op Shader RAF GR4, and I want to get a nice aftermarket cockpit set, the OOTB cockpit is okay, but has not a huge amount of detail. The plan is for me to mod the set to add the newer TARDIS unit, instead of the older center map display. Regards, Matt
  7. HI Devilfish, What I can see, G-BYWO was allocated to fly by 85 (R)Sqn. She did not carry 85 Sqn markings, just had the RAF Church Fenton crest on the tail fin. http://www.rafchurchfenton.org.uk/1efts.htm http://www.rafchurchfenton.org.uk/stationbadge.htm Hope that helps!
  8. Was the Litening III in service by 2003? Would it be a TIALD pod? Thought it was in later on during Op Telic, the Litening III came in part of UoR? I might be wrong mind!
  9. Cheers for the additional information Des!
  10. Thanks Ewen Sorry for the late reply, work does in the way of this hobby!
  11. HI Guys, I was researching some information ont eh F3 for an upcoming F3 model. I noticed the difference in the Aerial fit on top of the spin of the aircraft. Switching from the twin blade aerial, then later in service these are removed. Does anyone know roughly when the updated aerial fit would of be changed from? From pictures i've seen, its around 2001 to 2002 mark? Cheers, Matt
  12. Hi Guys, What colours are correct for Omani Typhoons? I have got overall Medium Sea Grey (FS36270), same as their Hawk Mk208’s. However, what is the best colour for the lighter nose cone? cheers, Matt
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