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  1. Paul J CanMilair do 3 sets for the Arrow. At $20 a set! No thanks - my modelling skills don't justify that sort of expenditure. Oh and by the way I bought my model in the Hobby Center in Ottawa back in 2006 and was the black box with better (much) decals and corrected plastic. Chris(CTModeller) has this boxing and didn't think too highly of the decals See you Tonight!? ???? where were you? John
  2. I would reinforce that warning about surface finish - get it as fine as possible. Also beware of using 'basic black' primer. It takes time to set properly. I had trouble with the finish darkening and not setting properly and this, I was informed, was because I had not allowed enough time after priming. Apparently days are needed. If you look in here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.p...c=43527&hl= There is a P1a where it went right - polished aluminium over Humrol gloss black and a Fairey FD1, polished aluminium over alclad basic black primer, where it didn't - you can see the
  3. Yes it is the early model. I wondered if the later release might have better decals. I also wondered if they corrected any of the other faults beside the actuators. I thought about getting a later one but decided against it. Anyway it's now 'finished' - probably to appear in 'Ready for Inspection' soon Thanks to all who replied John
  4. Whilst waitng for something to set on this, my latest exercise in masochism, does anybody know if anybody ever produced a decent decal sheet for this kit? The one in the kit is dire. Failing that does anybody know of decent pictures of the markings and stencils. I've got the Boston Mills book 'Arrow' but it's not much help. John
  5. That looks very nice indeed. I have one which, when I took it out a short while ago, had badly warped rear section of the wings so it went back in the stash. Regarding the decals I am very wary of 'aged' Hasegawa decals. I have had them fail to release from the backing or break up when they do. John
  6. I built the 'A' version a few years ago and reckoned that there was a lot wrong with it. In particular it was too long and the cockpit was too narrow - the seat scaled out at about 10 inches wide. Is the 'F' model better? John
  7. A really well built model and most impressive photography. It has that 'real' look about it. John
  8. I thought that it was private. Can anyone get in and when? John
  9. Nice work. What was it like to build? I've got one of these in the stash John
  10. Nice work from a man after my own heart! Apart from the X-5 I've either built them or have them waiting in the stash. One I really must get around to is the X-3. It was one of those that was around in my youth and promised so much. Are you still building? John
  11. Thank you all for the kind words. I have just edited the main post to show how the pannier was made. Val Ukraine - Thank you for the pictures. Unfortunately for me these appear to represent the production version but I am sure they will be a great help to anybody else thinking of building one. Sebastien - If you want one in 1/48 you must have a big house and workbench! In 1/72 it's about 350mm long. Andy - the thing behind the cockpit was not that in your pictures. I was referring to the little triangular bit on top of the forward edge of the rear canopy and is not visible in your picture.
  12. Tu128 right front by johnrieley, on Flickr Tu128 underside by johnrieley, on Flickr At the beginning of last year in view of my advancing years and the number of models in my stash I made a resolution – MUST NOT BUY ANY MORE MODELS! This lasted until the first air display of the year when I was sucked into a passing tent full of brightly coloured boxes with pictures of aircraft on them and came out with a lighter wallet, a feeling that I might need psychiatric help and an A-model Tu 128. I knew what I was getting into because I had seen and read the General’s
  13. Pin, Thank you. The first link I already have from an answer to an earlier query. These two links come up as unavailable http://aviaforum.ru/showthread.php?t=14155 http://aviaforum.ru/showthread.php?t=23025 Ken, I went looking in my copy of 'Soviet Heavy Interceptors' and in the process found an answer to a question I was about to ask. 'Is there any anhedral on the tail' as the place where the tailplanes meet the fuselage is angled downward and the kit gives no clues. In fact there is DIHEDRAL... Urr! something else to be removed and adjusted. Should have looked there first. John
  14. Whilst looking at one of my pictures to check a minor detail on the missile rails I was horrified (open the gas oven!) to see that contrary to the instructions in the kit the wing fences were not directly over the outboard missile rails. A check on General Melchetts TU 128 thread showed the same 'mistake'. I then looked at the reply to my previous thread about the intakes and in the photo of the production Tu 128 the fences are positioned above the rails so the kit and the General are OK. As I am building a model of the prototype can anyone tell me if it started as shown in the photo or does
  15. John R

    Tu 128 intake

    I am building an A-model version of a Tu 128. There appears to be a discrepancy between the intake on the model and the actual a/c at Monino in that the model does not have the kink in the sdiewall next to the fuselage. Was there a difference between the production version, as in the kit, and the prototype, shown in the photo. Any ideas anyone? John
  16. This came up in my thread about the La 176 and Flankerman, and perhaps others, wondered if anyone made it and where could he get one. Good news - Omega have released one and it is listed at Hannants. Bad news - approximately £60! I don't think that I will be joining the queue just yet John
  17. I was beginning to wonder what happened to you with no progress reports on that Flying Leopard and I was afraid that the men in white coats had come for you. Either that or you had gone south for the winter. Did it get chucked into the 'pending' bin whilst you got on with something feasible? John
  18. Hi Musa, Best one is British Experimental Jet Aircraft by Barrie Hygate has 3-views and cross-sections Published by Argus Books but out of print Available from Amazon but expensive British Research and Development Aircraft by Ray Sturtivant has descriptions and pictures of all British R & D Published by Haynes - available from Amazon British Experimental Turbojet Aircraft by Barry Jones has lots of photos and colour 3-views Published by Crowood available from Amazon Hope this helps John
  19. How about a few panel lines and rivets added with a pencil? Thanks Chris I agree that it's rather bland but a few reasons why not First of all I was still trying to find out if it was ever painted and had markings added. I have since heard from Russia that it wasn't so... Second reason is that the photos show an awful lot of very prominent rivets so how many do you add? Last one is a desire not to over-egg the pudding. It's taken a lot of time and effort to get this far and I was afraid of ruining it. However now that I know it wasn't painted I'll think again John
  20. No way! I want to model it 'as was' not 'what if' John
  21. Now finished as far as I can go See here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.p...topic=234912665 John
  22. This started out as a 'quickbuild' of a cheap kit but once started it turned out so awful that I really couldn't finish it 'from the box'. For those interested see the WIP thread http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.p...topic=234912219 At the moment I'm not sure if it is 'finished' because I have been unable to ascertain whether it was ever painted or had Russian markings applied. If anyone has any knowledge please let me know. Was it worth the effort? Well first of all there has been a frustrating hint that a new kit is likely and secondly I found that the problem with this sort
  23. Thanks - I wondered where the spurious markings originated John
  24. I have several 'dodgy' kits of Russian a/c in the stash. At the moment I have an A-model Tu 128 looking at me from the back of the workbench saying 'I thought That I was going to be your winter project' I started it last summer and after spending an evening trying, and failing, to get the bottom of one wing panel to fit the top I put it aside until I had less pressing matters to deal with. I saw a selection of your builds in another post and was most impressed John
  25. Aardvark your comment John, I don't know model of what firm you build, but I would advise to you to postpone this assembly! is too late. See this WIP thread It shows a picture of the box - the origin appears to be Russian and I saw a Maquette version for sale on Ebay a while ago. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.p...topic=234912219 Thank you for the photos but they are the same as those in my reference book. Where do you get the P&J models and how do I find out about new issues? It's a pity that someone is bringing out a 176. I thought mine might be unique. John
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