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  1. One of the 'must haves' for my collection but in the 'couldn't face the hassle' building department. Wonder what the Dora Wings version will be like when, or if, it appears John
  2. Lovely model but it did make me feel old when you said that it had been in service for twenty years as I was involved in the design of the software used for stress checking prior to it entering service. John
  3. I didn't know (or forgot) that you had done a Venom. We could have pictured the two together.
  4. Nice model and a fascinating story. I love the way these aeronautical 'unknowns' turn up on Britmodeller. Thank you. I wonder if Moa is thinking 'wish I had thought of that'?
  5. With some kits I feel that the only sensible course of action would be to buy two and build the first in order to find out how to make a decent job of the second but as you say... Regarding lifespan I'm approaching my acturial limit so I may soon be in a position to offer some personal experience. John
  6. I like it but my first reaction was that it was a control line model aircraft John
  7. You are a few short (Sorry Chris - couldn't resist it!) John
  8. 1. Does anyone have, or know of, pictures or drawings of the mountings for these weapons? 2. Are there any drawings of the different nose shapes of the noses of these variants? The nose on the original Fireflash version looks very like that of the Firestreak version. John
  9. Are all these recent builds, Chris, or has it been a steady process?
  10. Fascinating and excellent work, as usual. There was a TV programme recently about Hornby/Airfix which introduced me to the term 'SABLE' standing for Stash Already Beyond Life Expectancy John
  11. Did you see my builds of both versions? Each awful in its own way. John
  12. I share your feelings as I once managed to wrestle a Delta 2 Campini Caproni to the ground. I had to lash the fuselage halves to a metal bar and soak them in hot water remove the warps. Just after finishing it I found that Valom had issued one. John
  13. So why did you do it when you had a perfectly satisfactory scratchbuilt one?
  14. Fairly typical Amodel kit - nothing quite fits and the instructions about where to fit parts can be a little vague. The Yak 120 was the company designation and was changed to Yak 25 when production was authorised. It first flew in 1952 and could be considered a contemporary of the Gloster Javelin and DH110. Information about converting the kit to the prototype configuration came from the Aerofax book of the Yak twinjets by Yefim Gordon. Modifications consisted of removing the outer wing fences and various bumps and aerials that it acquired in development. Assembly is as fiddly as one expects but there are a few traps for the unwary. I could find no information in the kit about the anhedral angle of the wings (more of this later). I discovered at the decalling stage that one wing was a couple of mm forward of the other. The canopy is too thick to fit over the seats. Fortunately I had not glued the seats to the cockpit floor before finding this out. There were two real nightmares. The decals were EXTREMELY reluctant to leave the backing sheet and I found that very hot water was needed to loosen them and then the backing sheet would just drop away and sink leaving the decal floating on the surface. I ruined a couple in the process. The positioning of the main wheels on the fuselage looked wrong. They were attached too far forward for them to retract into the bay and they came down so far that the outriggers on the wingtips were too short to touch the ground. Maybe I did not give the wings enough anhedral or there was a more fundamental problem. I repositioned the mainwheels but still nearly had a fit of apoplexy trying to get all the wheels to touch the ground at the same time. The ground angle of the fuselage is still not right but fixing it would probably mean a rebuild. Finish is Tamiya Gloss Aluminium. The grey bits are Humbrol Matt Light Grey. Here it is with the La 200B. As the La 200 had been flown and tested it was thought that it might be quicker to use it as a basis for a new version carrying the Sokol radar and it would be insurance in case the more radical Yak a/c turned out to be a failure. In the event the Yak was ready first and the 200B was relegated to being a test bed for the new radar. Here with the DH110 for comparison John
  15. I believe the real thing had some "interesting" characteristics if throttle and/or controls were moved too quickly. Nice model, Moa, but I thought that you had promised to stop taunting us with your old builds and let us get on with modelling instead of being distracted by things like this. John
  16. That's it. the RFI is here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234942854-english-electric-p1a/ John
  17. Instructions show two types of canopy. One like your first photo and the other as in the post above. Interestingly the a/c above has '21' on the nose the kit version with that canopy is marked '9'
  18. I just received a kit of the A&A Models YE-2A and on the side of the box it shows pictures of the YE-5 and YE-50 with catalogue numbers 7222 & 7223 respectively. YE-5 is scheduled for the second half of this year and the YE-50 is under development which means I will have time to save up for them. John
  19. It's less than a tank of petrol and how long does that last?
  20. Three of the big boys. Actually perspective makes the picture deceptive because the Tu 128 is the biggest. John
  21. Last time I saw an Aeroclub one on Ebay it went for £37! I wondered if the guy who bought it realised that he would have to buy another kit for the wings and tail. I think that I saw that Olimp Pro-resin were going to release one in 1/72 and somewhere on Britmodeller several years ago somebody scratchbuilt one in 1/48 (I think) Here's mine from the Aeroclub kit with Airfix F3 wings and tail John
  22. Thank you for all that comprehensive information. I'm sorry to say that given my advancing years, lack of manual dexterity and lack of patience there is no way that I could manage any of the multi-colour versions. Hopefully it will be of some use to someone else. For me it looks as if it's any colour as long as it's black or grey. John
  23. 'Soviet Heavy Interceptors' by Yefim Gordon - Red Star #19 might be worth a look. Somewhere in RFI on this site is General Melchett's Tu 128 which , if I remember, contains some background information about its operation and armament. There is also a brief description of it in 'Tupolev - the man and his aircraft' by Duffy and Kandalov John
  24. I have just acquired the Maintrack vacform of this a/c. The suggested colour scheme is highly speculative, as Maintrack admits. As the kit is from 1992 has the actual colour scheme come to light since then and what is it? John
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