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  1. That hood looks great Andy. Please be careful using alu cans, the material is very sharp and can cause some really nasty cuts. I use scrap alu from all kinds of "household appliances" : old VCR's, DVD players, etc. The alu is a bit thicker, but also less sharp. Sincerely Pascal
  2. Here's some photos of my Super 7 : I used spraycans for primer, green and clearcoat. The clearcoat gave me a very big run at the rear of the body. The run was sanded and a thin layer of clearcoat was sprayed over it, it's no longer visible : Sincerely Pascal
  3. Nice project. Build this kit some 15 years ago. Added some details to the engine compartment, wooden dashboard, bezels made from wire, etc. And, I had a big paint run on the rear of the body. If you're interested, I think I still have the photos. PS : great idea to finish it with an aluminium body. I would give kitchen foil a try. It comes in many shades and is a lot cheaper then BMF. Check out some of the WIP's of the airplane modellers for inspiration and how to's. Sincerely Pascal
  4. Nice work. What zeropaints color did you use for the blue ? The 2-bottle (white and blue) set or one of the other Rothmans blue colors from zeropaints (ZP-1039, ZP-1077). I need a Rothmans blue to touch up my 1/18 Minichamps 956L, do you know if there's an alternative for Rothmans blue ? Tamiya, Humbrol, etc. Sincerely Pascal
  5. I have some experience with sanding out drops of clearcoat. I let the clearcoat get really hard (if I use spraycan for the clearcoat, I wait about 4 weeks). Then I use the sanding pads that come with the Novus polishing kit and gradually wet (using plenty of water) sand the run away. The clearcoat will really dull, but it will become shiny again when you use the finest grid of sandpaper (if not use a buffing/polishing compound). Be careful not to damage the lip that surrounds the wheel arch.
  6. I followed this "live" a couple of years ago. It's still a masterpiece ! Sincerely Pascal
  7. Very nice work with those tiny details. The french tricolore looks great ! Sincerely Pascal
  8. That's not a restauration, it's a major upgrade. Stunning work. Sincerely Pascal
  9. Nice work. Following with great interest, I have 3 of these kits in my stash. Sincerely Pascal
  10. That looks superb ! Very nice work, great details on this very small scale. Sincerely Pascal
  11. Hi Nick, I took a good look at this photo. What's the white thing that's on the left of the Ferrari emblem on the plenum ? Is that a piece of frame from the printing process ? Is it possible to get the Magneti Marelli emblem sharper detailed ? It's looks a bit of when compared with the numbers on the block. Sincerely Pascal
  12. Progress is very slow because - despite all models being Bburago's - there are quite a few tiny differences between each model. So every part that I make, has to be tailored to a specific model. Used some plasticard to enlarge a part of the body : With some plastic strips and putty, I made the top of the beams round, needs a bit more sanding : Here's my handmade frame, every frame is a bit wider, lower or higher depending on which model it will be fixed to: Used CA and a steel nail to beef up the structure : Dryfit. I'm glad I ordered the letters A (they are made with a CNC millingmachine) a bit too tall, now I can sink them into the beams to get a strong bond : Sincerely Pascal
  13. Metallic yellow = giallo tristano , nice color for the 599GTB. This is a 599GTO :
  14. Looks mighty fine Nick. I'm still looking for the oil pipe, hope to find some photos today. Sincerely Pascal
  15. The paint is terrible ? You're selling yourself short here mate . Yes some parts are a bit rough, but I see patina and weathering on a lot of parts, it makes them look very authentic in my opinion. Good job Nick.
  16. Some very small fit issues with the water cooling pipes, but overall very nice work Nick !
  17. A bit late, but this photo might still be handy for the shape of the gasket : Underside of the block : Gearbox from an unusual angle : Angles and curves : Water cooling pipe attachment : Pulley and connectors : Will look for more oil pipe photos this afternoon. Sincerely Pascal
  18. Hi Nick, This is how Autograph made the pipe : And this is the only photo that I've found sofar : I'll look at the DVD tomorrow and see if I can take some more screenshots. Sincerely Pascal
  19. No this is not the 1/24 FPM kit, it's a 1/18 kit made by some italian.
  20. I applied a lot of putty to the F-40's, while the putty is hardening I did some work on this 250 Bertone. The way this model is designed, the windows are never gonna fit properly : you have to glue a PE border to the clear plastic and glue that to the body. No way this is gonna give a good result. So after much head scratching I came up with a solution that might work : I'll use a 2 x 2 mm plastic H-profile that I will glue to the body. This will replace the PE border and give the clear plastic something to fit into (at least that's the theory) : I started by removing the resin A-pilar : And replaced this with a strip of brass : Made a trench in the inside of the body so that it can be fixed securely : Dryfit with the side windows, yes we might be on to something : I'll keep the PE border for the side windows, the H-profile will be used for the windscreen and rear window, dryfit : It will take a lot of work to carve a little ledge in the resin for the H-profile to be glued to. This ledge has to be about 0,5 mm wider then the H-profile because I'm thinking of gluing a 0,5 mm black cable on the outside of the H-profile. We'll see if that works. Did some work on the interior, a couple more parts and this will be done : I made it as strong as possible so I can be pressed into the body, dryfit : Looking pretty good : Sincerely Pascal
  21. Nice work Nick, That same waterpump was offered on Ebay for 20k US dollars in 2018, it hasn't been sold since then. For the prices he's asking, I don't think it will ever sell. I'm pretty sure that you can order a new build F40 waterpump even today.
  22. The amount of detail is just insane. Great work Nick. Can you please post some more photos (like the ones above) of the block from all angles ? They are a joy to look at. Sincerely Pascal
  23. Very nice work Nick, Those parts indeed have a lot of complicated curves : One of the underside of the thing that sits on top : Sincerely Pascal
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