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  1. Thanks Nick, I just looked at the instruction sheet of the ICM Mk VIII Spit, it has the bands above and below, and the stars-and-bars overlap the bands. So if you ask me, the guys from ICM did a very good job with this kit. Greetings Pascal
  2. Thanks Nick , Are the yellow bands on the upper and lower wings ? Greetings, Pascal
  3. I've seen drawings of this Spitfire flown by LT Leland Philips Molland, CO of 308th Sqn, 31 FG USAAF, Italy 1944, that have the code HL-X and HL-K. Does anybody know which one is correct ? The X or the K ? Greetings Pascal
  4. Thanks for the replies. Now I know what TYRES to put on my Spits, I hope that nobody fell asleep with my question about TIRES Thanks again Greetings Pascal
  5. Thanks Edgar, Do you know if the 402 Sqn Spits had short or long spinners ? Greetings Pascal
  6. This Mk VI kit has a 4-bladed propellor and matching spinner. I also have the Mk Vb kit, that has a short and a long spinner, and De Havilland and Rotol propblades. But there's only 1 propellorhub : So I made a hub from a curtainrail wheel and some messing tube : And did a dryfit of the new hub, the short spinner and the DH blades : I'm pleased with the result, but it will be tricky to ge the correct angle of the blades. Does anybody know if this Spitfire had a short or a long spinner and DH or Rotol propblades ? Greetings Pascal
  7. Very good looking Spitfire Did you use a mask to paint the camo ? Greetings Pascal
  8. I started work on the rudder pedals. This is the cockpit-floor of the Aires-set : Nicely detailed, but not correct. So I decided to scratch this section : This photo shows the pipes of the rudder-pedals, they are oversized. I will try to make new ones from brass tubes : Still a lot of work on the cockpit Greetings Pascal
  9. Thanks for the reply Did some more work on the "ribbing". Before : After : Glued both halves of the wheels together, the tires have no tread. I asked a question about Spitfire tires in the 'Real aviaton' section : Greetings Pascal
  10. Hello, I've found pictures of "treaded" tires, one version has "stripes" and the other has "blocks". Did all Spitfires tires had a treaded surface ? Or was there also a "flat" version ? And what kind of tire was used on the Mk V ? Greetings Pascal
  11. How is the build coming along ? Interesting information about the hot air exits. Greetings Pascal
  12. I started work on the cockpit. First I made a new "bulkhead". I used the one from the kit to make a template from cardboard, and then made one from plasticard : Dryfit in the fuselage : Alost 99% of Spitfire kits have a flat piece of plastic for the cockpit floor. Since this is not correct, I started making a round one from scrap plastic : The new floor will be sandwiched between the 2 fuselage halves, and will be glued on the reinforcement strips (the bottom white strip) : I'm hoping that all goes well, there's still a lot of work on the cockpit. Greetings Pascal
  13. Thank you for the tip Edgar, I had not noticed it. Do you know which mark of Spitfire has this little window ? Greetings Pascal
  14. Thank you for the information Edgar. Greetings Pascal
  15. I'm terribly sorry, but I've posted my build in the wrong topic Maybe a moderator can place it in the WIP-topic ? Thank you Yours sincerely Pascal
  16. Thank you for your reply Graham, It's a shame that this sort of information is hard to find, I got about a dozen books on the Spitfire, but - although there is often a chapter about the different marks of Spitfire - this sort of details is never mentioned. I find it very interesting and from a modeller's point of view, information about these details are always welcome. Thanks everyone for the help, it's very much appreciated Yours sincerely Pascal
  17. Hello, To commemorate the 65th birthday of D-day, I'm building the Spitfire MkVb, AB910, code AE-H, 402 Sqn RCAF flown by F/O George Lawson on june 6 1944. I'm using this Mk VI kit as it is almost identical to the Mk Vb (apart from the wingtips, propellor and hub, and the rear canopy) : It's an old kit from the early seventies, but the quality is still very good. Did a dryfit, no problems there : The kit has recessed panellines, so I decided to rescribe them. These are the tools I use : Before : After : I'm looking for wartime pictures of AB910, any help is more then welcome. Greetings Pascal
  18. I've looked at some pictures of Vc's, but have not found the exhausts. Like this one AR 614 : http://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/spitf...re5c_walk.shtml As for the strakes, I found this on another site : "...unless your model predates 27-1-42. Mod 532, which stiffened the upper skin, on the Va & Vb, was incorporated from that date. Mod 529 (also for stiffening) for the Vc, was entirely inside the wheel wells, so nothing was visible; this commenced 16-12-41". (Posted by Edgar on ARC) Greetings Pascal
  19. Thanks ! Am I correct in assuming that these were only fitted to Spits that had the 8 browning guns ? Like the Mk I, II and the Va ? Greetings Pascal
  20. Thanks for the anwers and explanation I don't know if its allowed to ask a lot of questions, but here's another one : In this picture you can see, 2 "exhausts" in the white section of the roundel. The one on the right wing is bigger then the left one. Any idea what their purpose is ? : Thanks Greetings Pascal
  21. Hello, I have a question about the spitfire upper wing reinforcement strakes on the Mk V. Were these installed standard, or was it a modification ? And were they installed on other marks of Spitfires ? Here you see them on AB910 : (paulnann.com) And on EP120 : (fightercollection.com) But I've seen pictures of Mk V's without them, and pictures of Mk I's or II's that had them. All help is welcome Greetings Pascal
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