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As a result of the close-down of the UK by the British Government last night, we have made all the Buy/Sell areas read-only until we open back up again, so please have a look at the announcement linked here.

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  1. As long as you bring plenty of Jaffa Cakes with you Duncan, we'll see what we can do :)
  2. It's unfortunate, but in line with government guidelines, the decision has been made to cancel this years Northern Model Show (Sunday 7th June) as well as all the club meetings forthwith. A date has been set for next years show (Sunday 6th June 2021) at the same venue. IPMS Tyneside wish you all a safe isolation, during this tough time, it's what, as modellers, we've all trained for. Best wishes to all NormanD
  3. Thank you to everyone who attended the show again this year, we really hope you had a great time, it's nice to see so many people again. We tried to air out the hall as often as possible, by opening the outer doors as often as we could, but this had a little effect within the hall, we've also badgered the venue staff to switch on the air extraction system, but were greeted with the same replay "It's broken". I can report one theft on the day, a sleeve of Jaffa Cake apparently found their way, into the possession of the security staff, I'm assured Duncan B had no knowledge of this (as he handed them over) which were promptly dispatched. Hope to see you all again next year, and we'll try and work out a way to keep the hall temperature down. Best wishes Norman D.
  4. I bought this compressor after reading this review, cracking piece of kit, well recommended if you're thinking of buying a compressor.
  5. Bear have you tried the Deluxe odourless super glue, it's very good, no fumes at all.
  6. I'm loving the whole build, I have the same kit which I'll be building at some stage, I know where I'll be looking for reference, excellent work Rick ‚Äč
  7. How old is the bottle of klear? and how many times has it been open, I has similar problems, then I bought a new bottle and noticed how foggy looking the klear was in the old bottle, when compared side by side to the new one, might be the klear has started to harden off in the bottle.
  8. Any idea of the release price? ... so, so tempted to order one
  9. That is simply one stunning model, weathered to perfection
  10. Excellent Mig 21 .. top work, I love the finished result
  11. I've just bought one of THESE from Maplin and can I just say it's bright, very bright on the low to mid setting, the top end setting I'm afraid I'll melt my worktop, it's not cheap, but I've read many reviews and it was very well rated, so took the plunge, I'll see what it's like after a while of use.
  12. Cheers Wyverns4 for the tip, bought some today from the body shop and they do look like they'll last Thank you all for your input Norm
  13. Hi Guys I've had some squadron sanding sticks for many years and they've been excellent, although worn, I've downgraded them to polishing tasks now, so I replaced like for like with new ones, thing is, these new ones are wearing away quicker than I thought and only after a few uses. I've been to a few nail salons shops in the area and asked if they sold the ones they used (raised a few eyebrows asking) but they don't sell to the public and the manufacturer she gave me will only sell in bulk. So what's the best out there at the moment, that fellow modellers recommend. Thank you in advance Norman
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