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  1. My understanding is that businesses are trying to keep going, to help prop up the economy when possible.
  2. So does that mean J-066 didn't get the plates until the new scheme in 2006?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm trying to build the F-16 RNlAF J-066 "Orange Jumper" from the 1999-2005 scheme (with the large kangaroo). On the side note of the sheet regarding the stiffener plates: Does this mean I only use A, D, E, F, K & L? I'm confused.
  4. Luigi, This is awesome! I'm doing Bort 44. Those red R-27s are fantastic. I wonder what's the story behind that?
  5. Hello everyone, I'm working on MiG-29 Bort 44 from the 773 IAP back when it was based in Damgarten (that two-tone green scheme) and I've had good luck on the tops and sides, but I can't find anything for the bottom? Does anyone have references to that? Thank you!
  6. I haven't built an F-16 in a while. Count me in please!
  7. I'm surprised they still haven't kitted a 1/72 AMX. I'll still wait. Hey, maybe it's that Top Secret kit!
  8. I talked to a guy who covered the Aussie purchase of the Tiger as a defense analyst and he said that Tiger never really worked out. I understand the majority of the bugs have been ironed out as of October of last year, but perhaps it was too late and the MoD had lost its patience with the platform.
  9. Hi everybody, Does anyone have the dimensions for the Pave Tack pod? I'd like to attempt scracthbuilding one in 1/72.
  10. Oh, it's brilliant! Nicely done! Do you have a WIP for this?
  11. Wait, what? Aren't the Sentinels fairly new aircraft?
  12. Do the other boxings have the RAM panel tape? Mine does not (it's the original boxing).
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