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  1. Supertom

    Python 3 adapter pylons for the F-15

    Hello everyone, Does anyone happen to have detailed drawings/photos of the Python 3 adapter plyons mounted on Israeli F-15s? I'd like to scratchbuild some, and Google has failed me.
  2. Supertom

    Transport/cargo group build?

    The question is would the rule be that the conversion had to be put into production, or at least prototype phase? A C-97, while not an executive transport, started out as the B-29 so that could apply. What did you have in mind?
  3. Supertom

    Transport/cargo group build?

    Yikes, I didn't expect this much feedback! I was wondering about trains too, but trains could haul cargo, or people (or circus animals). Therefore, maybe the rule would be "vehicles designed for the express purpose of transporting cargo?"
  4. Has there been discussion of a transport/cargo group build? This could encompass everything from transport aircraft (military and civilian), cargo ships and trucks.
  5. Supertom

    Chieftian in 1/72?

    And that's the thing. I looked on Scalemates, but I'm convinced I saw a 1/72 Chieftian being discussed for future release, but I can't recall where. It might just be a rumor, but since I can't find that post/thread/discussion again, I might just be losing my mind. Thanks for confirming guys!
  6. Supertom

    Chieftian in 1/72?

    So I'm guessing this is an oft-discussed topic, but I couldn't find a thread using the search (somebody smack me if I did it wrong), but other than Cromwell, does anyone do a 1/72 Chieftian? I could have sworn I heard a rumour that ModelCollect was on to it. I'm surprised there isn't a modern kit of it out there.
  7. Supertom

    Hobby/Model shops in China

    Hi Rene, thanks. I will have to check it out!
  8. Supertom

    Hobby/Model shops in China

    It's been two years since anyone posted to this, but has anyone been to Guangzhou lately? I'm staying at the Marriott/China Hotel on the corner of Liuhia and Jiefang Road and I was hoping to find a hobby shop or toy shop that sold models. Hoping to snag the new Trumpeter J-31 kits while I'm out here.
  9. Supertom

    1/72nd Nanchang Q-5 from Trumpeter

    Luckymodel. They say they're out of stock though, I'm not sure if they're backordered or if they haven't gotten them yet.
  10. Supertom

    1/72nd Nanchang Q-5 from Trumpeter

    Well, I've got them ordered. I'll put up some sprue pics when they show up at my door.
  11. Supertom

    1/72nd Nanchang Q-5 from Trumpeter

    I can't wait. I may wind up getting three just to do all three schemes!
  12. Chinese aviation buff scratchbuilds 1:1 J-20 replica
  13. Finally! I've been hoping for an injection molded rendition of this kit.
  14. Supertom

    New tool F-15E/K by Academy in 1/72

    Wait, so when's the -15K variant coming out?
  15. Supertom

    Malaysian Hawk 208

    Cantik Aidy, syabas!