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  1. Ha. I just about flipped out when I saw the kit. It's beautiful. Anyway, are you gonna be at the Indianapolis contest next month?
  2. I think I saw that! Did you enter it at the Columbus Blizzcon contest on the 15th?
  3. Hi Michael, It's might be a bit hard to find these days, but ACE did release 2S1 Gvozdika, back in 2001. I cannot attest to the accuracy of it though. Myself, I'd love a Singapore Army Leopard 2SG, but Army is pretty secretive about the tank and people have noticed that there is some variation among the units. A guy in the know I spoke of said what's out there isn't definitive at the moment as they're still tweaking the design. A conversion kit is more likely since this is probably a pretty esoteric request.
  4. Why does it say "track assembly is aided with the use of a jig?" They're not going to hoist individual 1/72 track links on us, are they?
  5. Argh...and I just finally got the RB....my poor wallet....
  6. Make sure it's not actually very, very, very, very, very, very, very dark blue!
  7. So I don't have it on hand yet, as it was delivered to my brother whom I'll be seeing next month, but I do have the very first ROSE kit off the production line (mostly because I had been pestering Chris about it all year, haha) so I'll do a build and review on it in November.
  8. Hi Peter, I have not heard of hot transfers, but interestingly enough that's almost exactly how I apply traditional transfers: warm, almost hot water, blotted down with a cotton bud, then an application of Solvaset and left alone overnight. These HGW decals almost sound like those temporary tattoos!
  9. That's what I'm thinking. I can't be the only one hoping for this.
  10. Okay, seriously, they've GOT to be doing a CAEW next, right?!
  11. Completing lesser-quality kits builds character. If anything, it's looking great. I tried building this kit in 1996, never finished it, and it put me off Strike Eagles for years. I'm only just finishing another Strike Eagle (this time, the new Academy kit).
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