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  1. I'm surprised they still haven't kitted a 1/72 AMX. I'll still wait. Hey, maybe it's that Top Secret kit!
  2. I talked to a guy who covered the Aussie purchase of the Tiger as a defense analyst and he said that Tiger never really worked out. I understand the majority of the bugs have been ironed out as of October of last year, but perhaps it was too late and the MoD had lost its patience with the platform.
  3. YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! Thank you Jari!
  4. Hi everybody, Does anyone have the dimensions for the Pave Tack pod? I'd like to attempt scracthbuilding one in 1/72.
  5. Oh, it's brilliant! Nicely done! Do you have a WIP for this?
  6. Wait, what? Aren't the Sentinels fairly new aircraft?
  7. Do the other boxings have the RAM panel tape? Mine does not (it's the original boxing).
  8. It's not that simple - I already have the Fujimi kit on hand! So while what you sent me was really helpful for my next project (because I will be getting the Academy B kit), I do want to use this kit as well. That's why I was asking specifically if anyone tried the DNModels mask on the Fujimi.
  9. Hello all, Like it says on the tin - has anyone tried DNModel's 1/72 F-35B RAM panel paint masks (designed for the Hasegawa kit) on the Fujimi kit? Alternatively, used aftermarket RAM panel decals for the F-35A on the Fujimi kit (most likely a combination of cannibalizing the decals for the common panels and masking/painting the rest). Feedback/suggestions much appreciated. Ta!
  10. Yeah I've been begging for that since AModel announced the G550. The sprues appear to indicate that his can be done by switching sprues around. Too bad there's no way to tell Amodel directly.
  11. It looks really great actually. Glad to see people are still building unwanted kits. Some of the guys in the club ask why I'd build a "crap" kit, and well, it's fun, it's good practice, and it makes me happy. Hey, we should do a Rubbish Kit Group Build.
  12. Whoa, that one in the background has a splinter scheme?!
  13. Wait, is this a test shot that you built? Do you know if there are plans for an F-5A too?
  14. Hi James, Yes, I checked it up against the plans (and thank you so much!) Though what confuses me is that my tailfin appears to be leaning over to port!
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