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  1. It looks really great actually. Glad to see people are still building unwanted kits. Some of the guys in the club ask why I'd build a "crap" kit, and well, it's fun, it's good practice, and it makes me happy. Hey, we should do a Rubbish Kit Group Build.
  2. Whoa, that one in the background has a splinter scheme?!
  3. Wait, is this a test shot that you built? Do you know if there are plans for an F-5A too?
  4. Hi James, Yes, I checked it up against the plans (and thank you so much!) Though what confuses me is that my tailfin appears to be leaning over to port!
  5. The painting instructions seem to show it to be completely vertical. It's the perfect fit of twist on the tail that throws me off.
  6. Hi everyone, Is the tail of the Mi-24A Hind supposed to be offset with a "twist?" I got the Zvezda kit a few years ago, and in a damaged box. It sat in my stash for a few years and I happened to pull it out to look at, and there was a twist in the tail boom, so that the tail ended up pointing to port that I assumed was a molding flaw but when I put the halves together it seemed to fit perfectly. I can't tell with any of the photos as I have not been able to find one of it looking straight up at the tail, and all of the 3/4 angle photos do not help. Thank yo
  7. Guys like you make Mach 2 kits look easy. Keep up the good work!
  8. Ted, you know how your eyes are always playing tricks on you?
  9. Actually, never mind! I found it! For anyone else who is curious, here is a link: http://exoticplanes.blogspot.com/2014/06/ethiopian-flankers.html
  10. Hi everyone, I've decided to build an Ethiopean Air Force Su-27, but I'm having trouble with the roundels. I wanted to build Su-27 #1953, and when I ordered my decals (Hi-Decal 72-050), I ended up getting an updated set. What I thought I was getting for roundels was... ....which you combine the two to form the roundel, but what I ended up getting was... I know Hi-Decal is pretty good on their research, but I've not had much luck finding this roundel on an actual ETAF Su-27, even on Google. Can anyone verify that this roundel is correct? Thank y
  11. Ha. I just about flipped out when I saw the kit. It's beautiful. Anyway, are you gonna be at the Indianapolis contest next month?
  12. I think I saw that! Did you enter it at the Columbus Blizzcon contest on the 15th?
  13. Hi Michael, It's might be a bit hard to find these days, but ACE did release 2S1 Gvozdika, back in 2001. I cannot attest to the accuracy of it though. Myself, I'd love a Singapore Army Leopard 2SG, but Army is pretty secretive about the tank and people have noticed that there is some variation among the units. A guy in the know I spoke of said what's out there isn't definitive at the moment as they're still tweaking the design. A conversion kit is more likely since this is probably a pretty esoteric request.
  14. Why does it say "track assembly is aided with the use of a jig?" They're not going to hoist individual 1/72 track links on us, are they?
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