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  1. Probably true. However, anybody that has used their Brassin one piece cowl for their spitfires, know that they are too long and don't fit. Sure, after some trimming you can get them to fit, but you lose some detail in the process, which kinda defeats the purpose!
  2. Absolutely, and in no way was I aiming that as a criticism of the forums or it's membership, rather a nod to the collective knowledge on here that highlights these issues. I agree regarding the pricing, it does seem a bit steep. All the best. Ian
  3. I don't think there are many folk on here that would agree that Trumpeter get a pass for abysmal product design!
  4. You may have to cut out Tamiya paint masks yourself, but at least they fit the kit they're intended for. Unlike Eduard's.
  5. Yep, I and other members on here have found the same problem.
  6. Many thanks Tony. I'm interested to hear what they come back with. Ian
  7. Fully agree, you would have thought they would have tested the fit before release, particularly with it being designed to fit their own kit! I'm keen to hear what you find with yours, Tony
  8. I've had a go at shortening one, I actually took too much off and now it's a fraction too short, it's still too wide though. I did notice that the detail on the resin part doesn't match the kit detail, but I assumed this was because the resin part is superior to the kit parts, how wrong was I?!! Looks like I'll be giving a Barracuda cowl a try.
  9. Hi Tony That's great, much appreciated. Ian
  10. I've bought three of these to use on Eduard's Spits, the problem is, they don't fit! They are too long and are too wide at the front to match the nose profile. I've offered one up to the Mk.IX, MK.XVI and MK.VIII with the same result. I realise I can sand/trim to fit, but it defeats the whole point of buying them. I can replace the recessed detail, but the raised fasteners won't be so easy. I assumed as they were made by Eduard for their Spitfire, they would just be a drop fit. Has anybody else used these and had the same issue? Ian
  11. Both are really superb, well done. But, you may want to check the main undercarriage doors.......... Ian
  12. Currently building the exact same kit, in the exact same scheme, hope mine turns out half as good as yours.
  13. Absolutely phenomenal builds! Really glad I could help out. Ian
  14. Same here, out of all the varied brands I have used over the years, Tamiya, Mr Colour, Revell, Xtracolour, Xtracrylix, Humbrol, Vallejo etc, the only issues I have had have been with Humbrol enamels.
  15. IanF

    The horror!

    I regularly use AK Interactive ultra matte varnish over Mr Hobby, with outstanding results. Hope this helps! Ian
  16. I see this as a positive step. There is one member on here in particular who posts their work, contributes nothing to, or comments on other members work, then proceeds to point everyone in the direction of their blog/Youtube channel etc. I don't come to Britmodeller only to have someone who isn't really that interested in it to try and divert me away to their site. If nothing else, it is rude to the good people who take their time to run, operate and maintain this site. Regards Ian
  17. Nice, very nice. Just one observation though, the wing dihedral looks off, they look almost flat.
  18. Sorry, but I just don't see this. Let's not get carried away. Their Mig 31 is nice, really nice. However, the refinement of the surface detail doesn't come close to Tamiya, more like Trumpeter/Hobby Boss.
  19. A very skillfully applied paintjob indeed, however, it looks like it's served in the desert. Would the paintwork really fade so patchy like that?! Not a criticism of the craftsmanship, just the realism.
  20. Thanks guys, some excellent suggestions and responses here. Budget isn't what's driving my decision, I don't mind paying more for the Dragon option. However, from past experience, if I start a build and then get bogged down in fit issues and have to start fighting the kit to get it together, it just ends up back in the box and on a shelf, never to see the light of day again. Kittyhawks 1/32 F-86D being a good example of this! I realise some will think I'm not a proper modeller because of this, but I can live with that, it's just what the hobby is to me. Bigglesof266 many thanks for your input, that is exactly what I was looking for and more. I genuinely believe now that if I dont go for the Dragon option, I will end up wishing I had. I think once I've scratched the Dragon Tiger itch, I will be exploring all other suggestions from here! So, now the search begins! Regards Ian
  21. Guys, many thanks for your replies. This has given me so much more to work from. Reading kit reviews is all well and good, but it's good to hear about individual build experiences etc. Maybe I should by one from each available manufacturer!!
  22. Many thanks Jack. You have affirmed what I was thinking, I may just have to bite the bullet and go for the Dragon. Ian
  23. I'm quite fancying building one of these, and after having done lots of research, I'm stuck picking between the two. I quite like the idea of Tamiya, I know it will go together relatively easily and I can pick one up at a reasonable price. However after looking at some Dragon Tiger reviews, I'm quite liking the idea of one these more, what with the extra detail/options included. So, I've never built a Dragon kit before, can anybody offer any insight into ease of build, fit issues etc. on their Tiger I family. I am aware that their instructions can be a little vague in places. I'm not too worried on which version, however, I do prefer the look of the late production wheels. I guess my worry is, I go for the cheaper and simpler Tamiya, and then end up thinking what I'm missing out on with a Dragon Tiger! Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Ian
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