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  1. It's a great story behind this particular airframe, funnily enough the reason why this particular aircraft appealed to me was that the 393rd were based at Stoney Cross which is just down the road from me in Salisbury, so there is a fairly local interest factor as well. I too enjoy researching my models before building and if I have a question........well...I post it here ! Thanks all for the help much appreciated ! Cheerio Clive
  2. Hi A quickie question ! I've picked up the print scale 1/48 decal set P-38 Aces over Europe pt 2 and I'm quite taken by the scheme for Scrapiron IV. Alas the info sheet that comes with the decals only has a side elev and I could do with some advice regarding the D Day stripes. In the side elev the stripes are shown only on the underside of the twin tail booms and because the pic is in side elev you can only see the stripes on the underside of the wings. My question is........In Nov 1944 did P-38's still have the stripes on the top surface of the wings or were they removed ? I've seen a fe
  3. Thanks for the extra info, very illuminating ! Still confusing though, but I guess its the old adage 'If theres no photo, then it didn't happen' ! LOL ! If any more info turns up then please post as I'm sure others are curious as well. All the best Clive
  4. Hi AaCee Yep I've got that book, and frustratingly there are no pics, but it does say some early IL28T were supplied to the chinese before they stated to build them as the H5 and the wings were plumbed for tanks I believe. Alas though the lack of pics is a downer, but hey ho its a challenge ! I think I'll build it with the wing mounted torpedoes and wing tip tanks.....that way a photo is bound to turn up showing they never had them LOL !! Cheerio Clive
  5. On a bit of a whim I purchased the new Bobcat 1/48 IL28T kit and really liked the look of building it as the Harbin H5 decal option in the kit. This particular option has torpedoes under the wings and wing tip tanks which looked a great combination ! But.......... This is where things started to go a bit fuzzy ! First off I can find no pics of Chinese H5's carrying torpedoes ? I know they did but no pics ? I noticed that although the painting guide shows wing tip tanks, within the instructions is a note saying to omit the tanks on the chinese versions which is a s
  6. NPL said "Maybe if it is about modelling you get more from your money than from less expensive kits" Yep you've hit the nail on the head there, and said it in a much more concise way than my verbal ramblings ! I think it's all down to your personal approach to creating the finished result. If you get enjoyment from chopping and changing things to make a model 'Your Own' then cheaper kits are going to be more attractive. If you don't like chopping and changing then the more expensive kits may tempt you more..............................Oh dear rambling again !! LOL !! I
  7. I totally agree with the 'Frustration' of these large expensive kits. I have a longing for ( hmmm actually it maybe lust ! ha ha !!) for the HPH 1/48 B-36, but the cost is astronomic, plus I'd have nowhere to put it alas it still doesn't stop the wanting....sigh ! That's interesting about WNW and their Lanc. If that turns out to be right, I think it will tempt people to go for it. Being second into the market with a product can have it's advantages. I wonder if WNW will make the production run the same size as their WW1 kits and go for the collectable/limited edition market or make
  8. Just a quick note ! By the time I got around to formulating my ideas for reshaping the wings, I found out that Iain (32 SIG) over at the large scale planes forum was running with a very similar approach and to his credit has ploughed on with it and is making great strides with this kit. If you interested see :- https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/78152-hobbyboss-132-liberator-gr-mkvi-raf-coastal-command/ Cheers Clive
  9. I have to admit I too think HK models are somewhat overpriced for what they are. I like them, but wince at the price. I bought the do-335 (love that aircraft) and whilst it's a nice kit, it was expensive for what it was and to be honest I wish Revell Germany had done it, as their range of 1/32 kits were competitively priced and had excellent potential. Until recently you could pick up a Revell Germany 1/32 Ju-88 for under 40 pounds ! (Then they got greedy, put motors and lights in it and wanted silly money !). To be honest had Hobby Boss made a better job of the Libs wing profile, and sorted t
  10. Hi Thepureness ! (neat name by the way !) Yep the instructions don't allow for the wings to come off but.......Instructions are just mere guides to life ! ha ha ! There are two large holed spigots that come down from the underside of each of the upper wings which pass through the big chunky fuselage main spar. These spigots then somehow I assume are to be glued to the strange recessed hex head indentations in the lower wing half ? (This is what makes me feel that maybe the original intention was to use self tappers here ? Who knows !). What I'm thinking is trim the btm of the spigots flu
  11. Hi Tony, Hope your well ! I too would like to see some RAF decals or even better RCAF ! In Carl Vincents book 'Canada's Wings Vol @ Liberator and Fortress' there are loads of nice options for RCAF examples. When Hobby boss eventually release the 24D the option to do the GR.V becomes a possibility, as I said before Ugly but nice with the dumbo nose. As for the B24J Fair in the Nose and tail turrets and you can easily do a RCAF Lib C. You know me I'm a FAA, seafire bloke really but I couldn't resist the charm of a big Lib ! Had a closer look in the box today and something struck
  12. Hi JohnT, Yep when hobbyboss releases the B24D then like you say one of the issues will go away (providing they don't unleash any new mess ups on us !). I have a soft spot for all Libs to be honest and I wouldn't mind a D since you could convert that to an RCAF GR.V with the dumbo nose, kind of ugly but nice ! A couple of more things about the kit, the main wings, if your worried about supporting such a huge structure, on the internal surfaces there are huge internal braces moulded in and a big box spar that goes in the fuselage. I don't think it's going to flex at all ! If your a
  13. I nearly got my hands on one on Friday, but Parcelforce didn't turn up ! But.....they did today !! Now normally I don't do big scale kits but I do dabble occasionally, and today my first reaction was...f.f...f...flippin 'ell is that big !! Opening the box the first thing you see is the fuselage halves and they are the biggest bits of injection moulding kit i've ever seen, then underneath are the upper and lower wings (both huge) then a box of PE, clear, rubber wheels, a centre portion of the box filled with bits and bobs, and another box filled with other bits n bobs ( too many bits n bobs to
  14. A question for the more learned amongst us ! Quite often when I build a model I pick up if available the Crecy blue cover reprints of the pilots notes, for two reasons the cockpit pics are useful and the operation of the aircraft is an interesting read. Thing is I’ve noticed that some of these now are getting hard to get hold off (don’t even think about getting hold of originals…silly money !), and have been replaced on Ebay and Amazon by photocopied, ring bound copies or are on CD. I’m curious has the copyright on these old pilots notes expired or are technically these Cd/ring bound co
  15. Well this kit has at least sorted out one thing ! It separates the 'Assemblers' from the 'Modellers' ! LOL !! (don't take it to heart I'm only joking !)
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