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  1. Thank you guys for the support and reactions. This week I got another confirmation about the our limited time. A close (modelling)-friend passed away suddenly, when his heart decided to stop, being 47 years old. I spoke to him just a couple of days ago and now we have to get ready for a memorial service for him on wednesday. It is just so freaking fragile. So this week I barely worked on any models and decided to spend some good time with my young kids (3 & 7). I've been working overtime since January, working 50+ ours a week and don't get to spend much time with them. Upc
  2. Everybody has those kits in their stash 'for later on, when I can do justice to that kit'. I have a couple of them and kept saving them for later. But very recently I lost a modelling friend to that awful 'C'-disease, he basically kept modelling till the last and he could enjoy it a little bit. But passing around 50 isn't what we all want or expect. But it does make you realise how unexpected life can be and how vulnerable it is. So, I decided to put projects aside and grab one of the kits that I've been saving for later, since later could already be now. It is in my opinion one of the
  3. Nice build, there is nice level of detail in this kit. I can see where you might had some difficulties like you mentioned, but you put down an nice project in such a short notice.
  4. You get your pension at 50? that is a nice, nice deal! hahaha. But it is very brave that you took the chance and started your own shop. I hope it will work out for you really well and you will not sufficate in the administration. I know what a killer that can be, i had my own business for a few years and boy I hated that administrative part.
  5. This kit is going to be re-issued, so not really worth high prices anymore. And I got 3 of them already in order
  6. Nice one! I've build the Fujimi Enthusiast 911 Targa once, and it is a great kit. If you don't mind, I can post a pic of it. Too bad you had to hurry in the end, it does miss the last details to make it absolutely great.!
  7. I don't think it is a problem to post them tonight. I don't know when they will 'judge' the models and when they will announce, but imho just post ;-) better late then never
  8. you are lucky! I go to bed at 1am and need to get out 6am, every single day even in the weekend. Do you run the store full-time? You can hold to my order a little longer, if i do win something i will use it on your store and i need some more bits and pieces. So lets combine with my next order, since i dont have a big budget at the moment
  9. happy birthday steve! I wish the store many more orders, i will be contributing to that too haha!
  10. One more day!!!!! Everybody; shift in top gear !!!!!!!!!
  11. Nice work so far Dan! Are you going to add some wiring/plumbing?
  12. Aww, I am very sorry to hear that, it was making such a nice progress. But please keep us updated, I am very interested in the pictures.
  13. Hi all, well these are the final pictures and hereby enter my model for judging. I've started making photo's in my spray-booth, but at a sudden point, there was a little bit of sun and I used it for as much as I can. It didn't take long, since the sun disappeared after 10 minutes, never to be seen again.... haha. Well, I hope you like my model. I mostcertainly had a great time building, knowing I am able to build fast and efficient. But more importantly, I build something without screwing it up...( I always manage to do that...)
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