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  1. Interesting photo's. It appears to have a Spitfire V Rotol Prop with an ES/11 spinner attached in those photos in a similar fashion to Z2315 currently sitting at Duxford with the Charlie Brown lookalike climbing out of the cockpit. Anne
  2. Check out some of the pre-painted 1:144 trading models produced buy F-toys, Doyusha, Tomytec Gimix and Café Reo. Remember, just because something is pre-painted doesn’t stop you from painting it or improving it yourself. In fact quite a few of the Platz kits like the F-1, T-2, F-2, F-4EJ and UH-60J are all F-toy sprues. If you’re after a 1:144 Spitfire the F-toys Mk.Vb is way better than the Minicraft/Crown/Arii/Revell (all the same kit) effort. Same has to be said for the Café Reo B-17 which is far better than the awful kit now sold as part of the Minicraft range. On a similar vein, the pre-painted F-4EJ Airfix Mini kit is one of the best 1:144 scale Phantom out there but suffers from a problem you will encounter with many kits in this scale which is large and overly simplified wheels and under carriages. Anne
  3. A very good way of doing it. I have to say that the pictures appear to show that you’ve caught the subtle covering of the tanks very well. Anne
  4. Hello John, Yes I’ve made it over to Britmodeller as well. Having flagged up a small issue with the Silver Wings Hart, I thought I’d check up on how you were doing with the Demon. Vested interest, I’m planning to supplying you with wads of cash for a number of these. The first photo appears to show two fuel tanks in the centre section of the wing (could just be my eye sight). Is this just the wing for the Hind? I’ve been looking at lots of Hart family photos in the past few days and all the Demons I’ve seen, (with the exception of RAAF aircraft) only have one gravity fed thank on the starboard side of the centre section. Hope I’m not throwing a spanner in the works. Anne
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