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  1. Not checked the Revell kit but suspect it will have the extended nose gear. Thanks for any help with the 892 sqn decals.
  2. Thanks for the responses. It is only a small problem but the Hannants sheet X48186 is for the modified Phantom that visited a US Navy carrier and does not include the words Royal Navy. Assume this was produced to be use with the Hasegawa kit. Maybe somebody has a spare Hasegawa decal sheet ?
  3. I have the Revell 1/48 Phantom FGR2 but want to build as a Royal Navy aircraft. I am happy to deal with modifications to the kit but seem to have drawn a blank on 1/48 decals ? Thought Hannants did a set but nothing on their website ???
  4. Truly amazing that 75 year on this sort of information is still coming to light. What a great shame your grandfather could not have been encouraged to commit his story to paper or even a simple audio diary for future generation read, hear and learn. The information held within such log books are first and foremost a families story but with the right research I would hope they can be shared with a wider audience. Can I suggest that you post your grandfathers story on the Flypast Forum many very knowledge people over there who I am sure will be pleased to help and give advice. ww
  5. Sorry if this subject has been discussed before. I have been given a part built example of the big Fokker Triplane. Wings are complete and all fuselage frames seem to be attached to the magazines, but struts, undercarriage, wheels, engine are all currently missing. Have asked the previous owner to look for them. Question. Is it worth looking for the missing parts to complete the model ? Waiting for a reply from the magazine to see if spare parts are available. It would seem to be a waste just to dump the completed wings and metal parts, anybody have a complete but damag


    thanks for the replies. Had a Formaplane vac in the loft for years. Happy to build vacforms, maybe one day ?


    I have a Formaplane 1/72 vac Hastings. Are there any built reviews ? What are the biggest issues ? Could a Halifax kit be used as a donor kit ? The Elevington Air Museum, used a set of Hasting wings to rebuild their Halifax, would it work the other way round ?
  8. Thanks for the super quick reply. Makes sense as the I thought the pattern was three greys.
  9. Quick question about the Two Bobs Arctic Bandits decal sheet. Two different mid grey's are mentioned FS36118 and FS36231 Can anyone point out which mid grey to use for the forward, middle and rear ? Also what grey should be used for the radar nose ? Thanks in advance
  10. That is what I guessed from photos, or rather the lack of them, showing the flaps down. Guess as soon as the pilot had landed he would retract the flaps to a 'ground setting' Without engine or APU power the flaps would stay up
  11. Sorry to ask an obvious question about Lightning. The Airfix and Sword kits have separate parts for the flaps, what angle of deflection should these be set at. Also would the flaps only deploy is the aircraft was powered up ? So a static aircraft would normally be parked with the flaps retracted. Thanks Paul
  12. Sorry for reviving an old post but Airfix suggest Humbrol 209 for the 'orange' colour. Would Britmodellers agree or suggest a different colour ? The model above looks very 'red' but guess that could just be the photo. Admit I have not bought the Humbrol 209 yet so dont know what colour is in the pot.
  13. Whilst I would love a Sea Venom, maybe a Venom FB1 / FB4 would give more options ? Obviously the two main RAF versions (different tails / rudders ?) but also several foreign air forces, with the modified nose of a Swiss aircraft being a particularly interesting subject.
  14. Lot of diarama stuff, figures and a few vehicles for the railway modellers. Think N gauge is about equal to 1/144 ?
  15. Nice build. Interested in the 'red' colour you used Humbrol 209 I think you said. Strange how in your photos is changes shade. Has the model been varnished, if so with what, matt or satin ? thanks Paul
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