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  1. Agreed. I've been looking for a kit to make into a model of my Dad's first car.
  2. On mine as well! Good to see one of these as a WIP.
  3. Thanks for sharing, some great flying there I love the warnings from the aircraft systems
  4. AnnC

    First Solo!

    I'm so proud of you! Congratulations!
  5. Nice to see that people are impressed with my actions I'd thought that it would be a nice surprise waiting for him when he got home from work that day; I had received the voicemail message (to say that they had arrived at the shop) before he did! And indeed, I am a modeller myself, even if I don't make a lot, so I know that they're not all the same, and I don't think that Dave would get away with what Chadders did! (naughty boy?)
  6. Just to let you know, I have done some more modelling in the last couple of days! Between a busy move and various others things happening, I haven't felt like doing much modelling. But it is coming on
  7. Sorry Mish, I think life got in the way there...I do hope to get my build finished on time though! By the way, I like your latest avatar picture
  8. Sorry it's taken a bit longer than I thought to get something done Life got in the way... The LCM & Sherman are now together, apart from the door of the LCM, which I haven't attached yet. I have filled the gaps and, once the filler is dry, I will sand off any excess so I can paint the two models.
  9. Thanks for all your kind comments As I said I would comment on the kit, here's some comments : - there are some accuracy issues that Dave has pointed out: - something doesn't quite look right to me about the proportions - the canopy is blatantly wrong, and the plastic is so thick that the seat cannot be positioned correctly - the jet nozzles all look the same, where the front ones should be different to the back ones - the bit that sticks out of the back of the tail (don't know what it's officially called) is a bit too big - there are no retractor struts on the outrigger undercarriage legs - there was a fair bit of flash on the parts, and moulding seams (this maybe due to the age of the kit?) - the transfers could have been better; they kept breaking and they didn't stick too well (needed some Klear) and some of the sizing was a bit suspect, for example the serials were too large, while the roundels were too small and they didn't include the red bits that we added on the top of the fuselage - the parts fitted well once the flash had been taken off Overall it was a good build. The frustrating bits were in the painting! Maybe it just needs to air-brushed, to get rid of having to do touch-ups every time you try to paint something ?
  10. This is my Minicraft 1:144 Sea Harrier FRS.1. While not the most accurate of kits, still looks something like a SHAR. A pic of my SHAR next to Davec_24's 1:48 SHAR, also finished as XZ457: Gives a sense of scale!
  11. It is finished! A couple of pics of the two SHARs together (Davec_24's 1:48 SHAR, also finished as XZ457): Comments on the kit to follow; tomorrow, as I'm a bit short on time tonight!
  12. Nah, nowhere near...I need glasses all day, every day. I'm at the point where it's starting to get annoying (the Sea Harrier, not my eyes), with all the touching up to do. I'm doing little bits here & there, when I can.
  13. I agree, a flag-waving smilie would make a great addition to the fine collection of smilies. I know, & for Ann!
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