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  1. Thats very helpful photo proving the cockpit colors are same with US versions. Thanks a lot.
  2. Thanks for your replies guys. Looks like they've been threw full body and face "lifting" the Iranian cats. I found only this photo that is not good in big resolution. The instrument panel looks pitch black.On the left hand side cockpit wall next to the ejection seat looks like is grey. But might be some cockpit lights on the side walls ? I'm not sure.
  3. Hi guys I know is old post but I'm looking to find photos from Iranian F-14 cockpit.I want to find out if they been painted like the US grey with black switch panels or they are entirely black. Thanks
  4. To be honest I am very disappointed with this release as I do like the ATR and when Italeri announced the kit I was waiting with the money in my hand to get it. Hopefully I didn't !! With today's standards this kit reminds me 70's - 80's Era moulds. I'm guessing that they might rebox the Legato kit but I can't find any sprue photos to compare it. In general I was expecting a new tooling ATR and this release showing its vintage style footprints ! Still in the wait for a decent kit
  5. Personally i do like this release cos of the Yugo aerobatic scheme ! I would like to ask please if you know some information about the underneath paint option cos in Linden Hill decals gives the P.R.U. blue and airfix suggest Humbrol 14 and can't find any info on the net any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Nice build ! What colours you use for the blue and the green ? Cheers
  7. Very nice bird Pompeo!! Can you tell me please what colors you use for the bluish on the upper surface and the green on the bottom ? Cheers mate !
  8. Indeed very beautiful with the Portuguese markings ! And very beautiful build also i like very much the weathering. As for the Mk.i i totally agree with davidelvy.The new airfix spit is superb quality.Very nice cockpit detail also i like that airfix gives that "flat" effect to the tyres to simulate the weight of the aircraft.And of course the value for money of this kit is superb. There is only one issue for me that both kits have.They don't give an option for open canopy.
  9. Absolutely stunning mate One of the most amazing 21's in the net !!!
  10. Stunning work Diego ! The quality of your models are always high level standards.I always enjoy your builds.Thanks for sharing. Cheers!
  11. Fantastic bird you build there mate !!!! Very nice bomb bay from scratch and excellent paint finish !
  12. Anyone have an idea if arrived in UK ? A review here...... http://www.aeroscale.co.uk/modules.php?op=...ent&id=6403
  13. Amazing !! I want 5 lives for me to build all this And in the Fifth line you have room for others too
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