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  1. Hallo Keith, You did finish the whole car! I am only half-way. So far I had some disappointments, as I mentioned before, I missed the torsion springs and then also the lack of movement in the suspension altogether. But now I also realise that the steering function will not work, not only is it very difficult to get the steering rack (DC-42) sliding (It seems to me that the diameter of the brake disks interferes with the steering rack) but a more serious problem is the fact, that the front wheels can only roll in a straight line because there is no cardan joint in the braking axles (DC-47). This means that the wheels can only turn in sideways when the stubs on the joint are in a vertical position. (sorry for my awkward explanation - english is not my first language). If I want some steering in the front axle I suppose I will have to cut these stubs on the DC-47's. Is there a better way? Thanks for all the formidable pictures in this thread! Jacques
  2. Hallo, as I mentioned before, I cannot see how the rear torsion spring suspension could work, but even worse there will not be any movement in the rear suspension at all! The pushrods DC-43 prevent all movement. In my humble opinion this is a shame, I know that in modern formula 1 cars the movement of the suspension is very limited, but no suspension at all is not acceptable. The only way I can find to allow some suspension travel is to disconnect the pushrods DC-43 (page 13 of the instructions). Anyone a better idea?
  3. Hallo British community, I am in Belgium, and I assembled the Pocher Lotus up to page 14 without major drawbacks. The many highly detailed photographs you posted in this topic were helpful to overcome the many weaknesses in the instructions. Thanks for that! Still, I have two questions: 1. I am surprised to see that the torsion bar suspension is not designed to work, or did I do something wrong in the assembly? I checked with the Tamiya instructions, and their construction is different and clearly meant to work correctly. Is this a deliberate simplification by Pocher? 2. On page 15 I am getting confused about the connections of the tubing. Did anyone already figure out how to do this correctly, and maybe made some pictures ? Jacques
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