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  1. Hi toms111s, The console to which you refer has little detail on it on the real thing. I have the Kuivalainen set (albeit for the hawk 51) which also only provides for the three consoles. There are some excellent cockpit photo's in the walkaround section. You'll find it under Hawker Siddeley Hawk as opposed to BAe Hawk, just scroll down to the bottom (sorry, don't know how to do links!). Hope that helps, Mark
  2. A great looking model, nicely finished and rigged.The effort to finish it was well worth it!!!!! Mark
  3. An excellent build and an interesting history. Thanks for sharing both! Mark
  4. Thanks All for your very kind comments. I'm glad you like it!! SimonR.......I took the odd photo of the build along the way. I'll have a look and see if I have any of the seats. Cheers, Mark
  5. Hi All, The most part of this build was completed by the end of last year but I only got around to completing the seats and canopy this summer. I had intended to make this OOB but became influenced by geedubelyer's fantastic Red Arrows build and decided to have a go at adding some detail. I added some simple sidewall framing in the cockpit and adapted the kit seats to represent the early type. With breath held, the landing flaps were cut out at which point I had committed myself to fabricating new ones. The task wasn't too bad, just a bit fiddly to attach them back to the wings: super glue a
  6. That's an excellent walkaround Hawkkeeper: I've been on the lookout for detail photos of the 'plumbing' and frame work on the cockpit side walls for sometime. Thanks very much indeed for sharing!!! Mark
  7. That's a cracking build of a great kit. Excellent paint job and weathering with a wealth of added detail: even the split pins on the engine bearers! Thanks for sharing, Mark.
  8. Cor blimey, that's gorgeous! Love your choice of scheme. Just had to take another look through your WIP: great work indeed. Mark.
  9. Hi Andy, The surface wasn't too bad but it took a bit of work to get a uniform sheen on the top camo. The green had a satin finish so glossed up easily but it took about 4 coats of Klear, and a go with micro mesh, to get the matt grey to gloss up similar. The AeroMaster decals were flawless but the kit stencils suffered some silvering in places which I think would have been worse without the decaling solutions. I did think about using klear to place them and decided against it on this build just in case I mucked it up as I have not used it for this purpose before. To All I'm dissapointed th
  10. Thanks Kallisti. I persevere with Xtracrylics 'cause I like the colour range. However, I will be using Tamiya acrylics much more now that I have tried them as they spray easily. I can now also buy them locally(when they keep the stocks up) which is a double bonus! To All Unfortunately the build ground to a halt on Sunday. When I started to apply the decals I noticed that when I applied my microsol it left a brown stain on the decal and paint work. I just about managed to remove it with a damp cotton bud but nearly wrote the decals off in the process. On examination, both the set and sol hav
  11. Looking excellent Mark. Very neat and tidy build! If you don't mind me asking, how did the Citadel Mithral Silver go on? Cheers, Mark.
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