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  1. tried to start painting my model today, but the paint just reams to be repeled by the plastic?
  2. been to the shop got a funny look when i asked if i needed acrylic or enamel paint, then i realised i had my wooly hat with a pom pom on. Got 3 paints a white matte , silvey metal matte, and a burnt red gloss. when painting is it best to keep the finishes the same? goint to start painting the insides then i can start slowly building
  3. Thanks for the tips so far. Not started it yet as all i have is the kit and the glue. Is it worth painting inside the cockpit and pilot on this model? The version i have is either the british or us with wheels skis or floats depending on what parts i use. But im thinking of doing it as a livery that i fly on Flight sim with for a charter company. Or is this to ambitiouse for a first project. Looking into knifes and that, how many paints will i need to start with? and will the paints differ if im going to get a air brush? TIA
  4. Thanks again, I will have a look at the books. Is there any magazines of worth out there? So the idea is to slowly build the kit and let each bit dry complealty and make it as nice as possible and not all in one go.
  5. Thanks all for the quick replies. Just a few questions. I have seen some builds on here or the aircraft been painted before its been built, is this the way to do it. How long does it take you to build a kit? Just in the past i have tried to do it in a day which i take it is not how you do it. Im going to start with my beaver and see what happens.
  6. Hi, hope this is in the right place as its my first post here, after been told about the site. Looking at some of the models you have made they are really good. And i would like to start. from my moddeling past i can remeber as a child airfix kits and gluing my hands together and the stickers that you put in water that just eitehr fell part or stuck all over your hands. I have found a DH beaver kit (airfix) in the loft dont know what scale it is but it will fit on the palm of my hand i guess. What im asking for is what would be good to get me started doing this properly, to make models lik
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