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  1. Hello Superb job, she is brilliant. Truly an inspiration for any one wishing to build a Marauder in model form. Eric B.
  2. Hi Thank you AV O. Does this mean it was not even an upgraded F-2 but actually an F-16. Or was it to be an F-2 modified to receive an F-16 block 60 avionic suite? In any way your reply clarifies the F-2A Kai/F-35 perspective. Cheers Eric B.
  3. Thank you It clears the subject for me and closes my search. Cheers Eric B.
  4. @airdaniel That is a very nice collection. Nice build. Eric B.
  5. Hello all First I would like to thank "eng" for his information. I ordered a few sets and I will sure will buy more. I have now received my order. Though I have not used them yet all I can say is they are sharp, well designed and well defined. I bought B737-200 engines that I will use in an attempt to upgrade an Airfix B732 (I had tried the Authentic Airliners route but they are no longer available) - some B737-700 and B737-400 flaps and other items. Seeing this first delivery I will sure extend my purchase and will follow the line in the future. Eric B.
  6. Hello, Sorry to ask but is the F-2A Kai something real or just kind of a what if? I saw information about the Hasegawa kit then searched the internet. All photos showing F-2As with CFTs were models and I could find none showing actual F-2s with CFTs. Cheers Eric B.
  7. Hello Everytime someone mentions the KAI T-50 missing in 1/72nd scale reminds me we also have no serious contender for the AIDC F-CK-1 same scale. Regards Eric B.
  8. Hi, I received mine and it's a gem. It sets a new standard over previous P-51B/C kits. Now it makes me look forward to their forthcoming P-51D - I'll by several... Eric B.
  9. Wow, Thank you Nick. That's great! Let's see about the Airbuses too. Eric B.
  10. Hello all, Great information and I'll be happy to get one. By the way I wish they will later consider doing the B707-320 later. Eric B.
  11. Superb I am interested in both. 2022 already is a good year as far as airliner kits are concerned... Eric B.
  12. Hi, Congratulation, this is a fantastic work. Weathering and building really are convincing and inspiring. Cheers Eric B.
  13. Wow, After much hesitating I failed to buy the original U-125A boxings. It for once was the right move because I may be more interested in the new boxing - Civilian Bae 125-800 for me This one I will buy... Eric B.
  14. Thank you, That's very useful information. I was not considering the A320NEO Revell kit because of lack of landing gear. Corrrected : I just ordered one today. Eric B.
  15. Hello, I also probably have missed your firdt posting here. Glad it re-emerged as it is a very pleasant built. Love your result and thank you I learned some of these Sukhois were used in our "western european" skies. Congrats Eric B.
  16. Wow, Just finding this thread now... quite late uh..! Fantastic build as ever, I like your result very much. Inspiring and though mine is built (but I might start another one one day) your WIP is very informative - thank you. I actually went exactly the same way with my own F7F. I did not like the Octopuss kit at all and reverted back to the old Monogram kit. I prefer to work those classic mainstream kits (did quite the same with the Monogram F8F which is the same type of kit.). It also was a lenghy built (5-6 years) with quite the same aftermarket options : I think props were stolen from Hasegawa F6Fs and I may have used Aires/Quickboost engine cowlings. ... and how lovely it is to see such a beautiful F7F in 1/72nd scale - rare sight. Cheers Eric B.
  17. Stunning. Absolutely beautiful work There's no clue that is 1/72nd scale whatsoever. Original kit is improved in a "professionnal" fashion down to the sharpness of surface details. Just as if Eduard had already released a 1/72nd scale Tempest. Confratulations. Eric B.
  18. Thank you, very useful, I will gratefully use your information. I have been following you on the "Ready for inspection" forum for quite a long time but I was not aware you had some topics in the WIP chapter. Great job indeed, very inspiring and very informative. I will look into the WIP for more of your work. Cheers Eric B.
  19. Thank you again. Have you any summary of the shortcomings? Eric B.
  20. Thank you both for your kind replies... It is basically what I figured in both case - real aviation and model point of view. What made me wonder is that none of the illustrations about the Zvezda A321ceo showed the sharlets. But if they are in the box that alone would justify buying Zvezda A321ceo 7040 besides A321 7017 I already have. Regards Eric B.
  21. Hello, I can't get my mind set on this. Is there any difference in molding (new kit parts or new tool) between th original Zvezda A321 kit (factory livery - 7017) and this new A321ceo (7040) or is this just a matter of decals. By the way is the A321ceo exactly the same aircraft as the A321-200 or are there any physical differences Cheers Eric B.
  22. Hello, It actually what was advertized by Zvezda as ref. 7040 - It reads "A321ceo". We might expect one later but it seems Zvezda has not announced an A321NEO yet. Or did I miss something? Eric B.
  23. Hello, And you replicated it very well. Very nice build, congratulations. The DH Hornet is such a neat aircraft. Eric B.
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