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  1. Thank you Noel, I have built many kits over the years including the pocher Ducati and Aventador, so not a complete novice! However this kit and its poor instructions has got the better of me along with(dare I say it)advancing years. Just not enjoying it. Listed on ebay now and seems to be attracting some interest.
  2. Sadly I have decided not to continue with my Lotus build. Just find it too challenging even though I have built 2 other Pocher kits. So if anyone is interested I shall be putting it on Ebay this coming weekend as a part built kit. Not sure if I will auction or set a fixed price.
  3. Programme was not conclusive but you would have thought the kit would have been test assembled but an experienced modeller before marketing.
  4. Actually shock is correct but I used a different screw so looks different and in fact will need changing before mounting to the ‘tub’ because it prevents assembly fitting flush. Thanks anyway…
  5. Firstly the tube around the back of the cockpit. Then spark plugs and so on. I want to shape the tubes to get contours right.
  6. Can someone advise the best method for putting bend in cables? I’ve tried heat - both boiling water and a naked flame. No good!
  7. Yes! Left gaiters off after struggling to get them on and glued. Maybe more successful with rear axle. Any tips appreciated and advice as to best adhesive?
  8. Just experimenting with posting photos. Useful for others to have reference photos especially as I find diagrams in manual difficult to orientate at times. Probably my age…
  9. I’ve completed front suspension/steering. Quite complex and getting things sequenced correctly is important! I would like to post photos from ipad. Is this only possible via Flikr?
  10. Yes I did. In retrospect I realise this wasn’t necessary as they are keyed. Updated manual is a little clearer. This would have solved the catch 22 problem. As mentioned before I have drilled a hole in discs close to the hub to allow access to screws. Hardly shows…
  11. Yes I think I could though with only small surface might not hold?
  12. Thanks for screw supplier info. Very good site. Also for updated instructions as pdf. P24 is updated and perhaps I wouldn’t be in Catch 22 situation with front calipers/brake discs. If I put calipers on I can’t get discs on and vice versa(unfortunately I assembled/glued discs and hub too soon).Now planning to drill hole in disc to access calipers screws…
  13. Recently started building but have to express some disappointment. Some screws too long and others too short! Also missing parts B1 and B2. And I’m only a few pages in! However it really is a stunning kit and I love not having to paint. Question for Keith Anthony. Where do you buy the allen screws you mentioned? Might be quicker to buy my own where needed but cannot find suppliers who supply such small sizes. Also thanks for posting photos - always useful for reference.
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