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  1. It is excellent indeed. Got also other two and they are superb too. And yes, this forum is a great source of information given by experts.
  2. I'd go with brown prop and spinner, although read somewhere that some spinners were painted green.
  3. The best one, and easy to build are Tamiya's. I know what I'm saying - have already build eight. Am building A6M2 Model 11 from Fine Molds and it's very good. and more detailed in places. But for young modeller I'd go for Tamiya's. No fit issues.
  4. It's has probably been already discussed but can you tell when two-level rudder pedals were introduced? A.Price said in his two books that they were used during the BoB. It that correct?
  5. It would be completely fantastic if Fündecals release next parts covering early Spitfires, more early war Spitfires Mk. I and further Marks. One set a year would be great, even if smaller tan part 2 (that must have been costly). Returning to No 92 squadron, it was N3250. I've checked in their ORB.
  6. You are right.According to one book it should be N3250. (and such aircraft was allocated to No 92 Sqn). The problem is that this preliminary profile has other errors - wrong size and shape of code and indyvidual letters. I have already posted photos on Czech forum wher VS answers quaestions. Hope they will corrct the mistake.
  7. Having access to original paint chips it would be reasonable to make such paints. For example AK could have done it but haven't. There is one more option for French colours - Hataka make them...Unless AK decides that they are worth making. However, I strongly doubt it.
  8. The instruction says that LO-G should have "cheese cutters". I looked at the photo of that plane and couldn't see any signs of them. I know that the wires were thin and in the black and white photos are sometimes hardly visible, yet there should have been the fuselage "plugs" visible. I might be wrong but according to to the info founf on BM Supermarine implemented IFF Mk.II in December 1940. However, as the device was ready earlier it might have been introduced late autumn. The other thing is that, IMHO, some of suggested planes should have hydraulic undercarriage selector as, according
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but do I see 3 pilot seats? And what about 5 canopies? One very early (flat), one middle type (flat sides and rised above pilot head) and late one (Malcolm hood)...What about two others? I understand for props include Watts, DeHavilland, early Rotol (Mk.II and some Mk.I and V) and the fourth one? Late Rotol or deHavilland Hydromatic typical for Mk.Vs?
  10. In their Leaflet Eduard have shown painting options - some are interesting, some are boring. There will also be a a bressin figure of this bl**** Trenchardist and the cause of death of hundreds of brave pilots - D. Bader. I'd rather see Sailor Malan, Roger Bushell, Robert Stanford Tuck, Eric Lock, Paddy Finucane, Alan Deere, David Crook...When I think of Bader I connect him with Hurricanes not Spitfires.
  11. What do you mean by that? However, it still will need filling some lines. But yes, it's step forward. Yet, making closed cockpit will be a pain in the bottom again. Tamiya's solution is much better.
  12. Long time ago Vladimir Šulc said that they focus mainly on 48th. It's clearly visible. So far they've released many more models in 48th (from what I remember: Bf 108, Hawker Tempest Mk.V old tool, P-39 Airacobra Family, He 280, Spad VII/XIII, SE 5, Siemens somthing, BF 110 family, Bf 109 E, Bf 109 G " on steroids", new Bf 109G, F and K, old FW 190 A family, new FW 190 family, F6F, Spitfire VIII/IX/XVI, new Tempest Mk.V, AVIA B.534, P-51 Mustang, FW 190 D, MiG-21 family and quite soon we'll get new Spitires Mk.I-V, Tempest Mk.II and Mezek and this Czech trainer aircraft) than in 72nd ( Hellcat,
  13. Yup, they have. The one in Cosford, which received them after being withdrawn from the frontline service
  14. Graham, so should I understand that the HA Scheme was painted in MUs?
  15. Most probably GZ-M, although I have decals for GZ-N.
  16. Hello How are you Fellow Modellers? I hope you are fine. I've got two quick qustions. Currently I'm bulding a Spitfire VIII from No 32 squadron and I have a problem with the camouflage. Was High Altitude factory painted or at MUs or in squadrons? If in MUs/units were stencils painted again or there was no sense/time to do it? And yes, I've tried to find this information on the Net and Forum, but uncle goolge hasn't been very helpful. Cheers and take care Dominik
  17. And the first made this year. Wonderful new tool Spitfire Mk.I from Tamiya. Decals - Illiad Design. Paints - Gunze C and H and Tamiya. Cheers Dominik
  18. Hi Everybody My second kit finished last Wednesday. Kit is wonderful Tamiya. Code letters from Cut then Add. Small decals Tamiya. Paints Gunze C, H, Tamiya and AK Real Air. Cheers
  19. As there were at least two types of de Havilland props used on Spitfires Mk.Vc (at least I've seen two - the one also used on Mk.I and the other, Hydromatic I think, used on Spits Vc in MTO and Australia (yet thre might have been more types) I really doubt Airfix will do anything with it. I would require designing new parts. On the other hand, the pilot seat also looks strange. The cannon barels installation looks unusual. And generally parts look a bit thick. One more thing - I wonder what's their idea for undercarriage installation. I only hope it won't be as weird as in 48th S
  20. V. Šulc mentioned these boxings at the beginning of the year in Eduard Info. IIRC they were supposed to be released last year but as Eduard focused on 1/48 Tempests, Messerschmitts and Mustangs Fokker was moved to this year. This year, in 1/72, we are going to see only Fokker, another boxing of Spitfire Mk.VIII and MiG-21, so nothing new as these kits had been designed previous years. It sound like 72nd de-evolultion.
  21. Honestly I don't think Airfix will release Spitfire Mk.Vb in forseable future...It's against their policy. I only hope they've improved their QC and there won't be any issues like with Buccaneer. Only this strange oil cooler shape...I can't recollect any photos with such coolers...
  22. I have a question about Spitfire Mk.Vb/c oil cooler shape. I always thought that I know it but quite recently Airfix have shown their new Spit Vc 3D renders and the shape ot their oil cooler is quite interesting. Especially its aft part with some kind of wide opening. Is there something I didn't know before?
  23. What's wrong with the shape of oil cooler? https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/new-for-2020/spitfire-mkvc.html Did it have any flaps?
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