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  1. Thanks, I have that image too but it shows an early load using British 500lb bombs, not the latter M117.
  2. He was referring the the GAF Canberra Mk20, not the bomb itself.
  3. Awesome. Thanks again. Now if I can just figure out how the M117 bombs were fitted to the Aussie Canberras in Vietnam. Only image I have is this and it's not very helpful. https://imgur.com/a/Sydr4dA
  4. Thank you for your site and images CK! They're amazingly helpful. One question if you're able to answer, do the bomb beams run the entire length of the weapons bay or do they stop short? Cheers!
  5. Hello everyone, I am in the process of building Airfix's Canberra and I am having a hard time believing the bomb rack that fits into the weapons bay is realistic. I am building it as an Australian Mk 20 in 2 SQN Colours in Vietnam, so if anyone has any images of the weapons bay in this era with M117 bombs fitted, I would be very appreciative, but anything will do as there seems to be a dearth of images out there for some reason. Cheers all!
  6. Nice. Be interested in what you think after using them. I had my cart filled with Ammo.... but then started thinking
  7. Thanks for the info Harry. I have watched many tutorials and tried out some Ammo on my current build with success, apart from brush painting the same colour to correct some damage I caused. The technique isn't hard to understand once you have it down, so I'm not worried about learning. I'm more interested in what people think of these paints in general and what gotchas people have come across.
  8. Thanks for the info Shin. I had heard good things about MMP hence why I bought some of there stuff to try. I tried airbrushing some LGG over a test subject using MMPs instructions for thinning etc and found that it was a little translucent IMO. I think it would definitely need more than one coat to build up the colour properly. I can get MMP in Au, but there only seems to be a single stockist. I will have to try out some more of their stuff in anger and see how they go. Clear coats seem to be a big issue for water based acrylics across the board, which isn't good. Mig Lucky Varnish seems to have big issues with adhesion or discolouration too. I want to go down the more healthy path of water based acrylics, but there seems to be a lack of information surrounding them, like they're a dark art! I used the Ammo One shot on my last build and it is awesome stuff. Will be using it again for sure. Ammo seem to have a good rep, but there isn't an abundance of people on the internet that seem to be using it. The one bottle I did try out wouldn't brush on even with a layer of primer under it. It just beaded up and refused to go down. My plan was to get some AK or Vallejo acrylics for brush painting after that experience and just use Ammo for airbrushing. I will look into Hataka Red, I have not heard of them before. Keen for any more opinions!
  9. Went through my paints (Testors MM, Humbrol enamels) over the holidays and I've decided I need to update them as a lot have gone off. I've bought some samples to try out some acrylics from MiG and Mission Models, but of which require a different approach to application with an airbrush. The give good results, but when brushing are not as good as the old enamels. Mission models issue with their Poly mix going off in the bottle kinda turned me off of them. I like the idea of the water based acrylics from Ammo of Mig, but there seems to be very little information out there about pros or cons with these paints. Has anyone got any opinions on these? AK 3rd Gen also hit my radar but don't seem to do aircraft colours. If these don't hit the mark, I will go to Lacquer acrylics, will just require me to move my airbrush outside. Probably SMS if that is the way I go. I have analysis paralysis... HELP! Any information would be great!
  10. No stencils included sorry, just the RAAF Lincoln unique markings.I can send you a picture of the actual decals if your interested?
  11. Sweet build there Neil! I designed the Aussie decals (novascale) RAAF Lincoln decal set that's available on eBay. To bad to weren't doing a RAAF Lincoln or I could help you out with some markings.... Keep the progress pics coming!
  12. Well done in adding all those little details to your build. Lovely
  13. Awesome. In considering getting one of these to test myself now after watching your great effort Nigel. Great job.
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