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  1. Well it's the Buccaneer that's got me exited and is very welcome. I'm intrigued by the B-17G re-release with new markings. I hope that this includes the early tail turret which would allow an olive drab/neutral gray scheme provided they chose one of the 220 Douglas built aircraft with the staggered waist windows (as per the kit) that were built before the switch to natural metal. Still, a 1/72 Buccaneer! time to buy some more EDSG. Stuart
  2. Probably not for me but I hope they sell tons of them and make a lot of money. Should prove popular across the pond too, Stuart
  3. Very nice, why can't they make cars that look like that now. Only ones that work all the time and don't rust like the originals.
  4. I learnt to drive in a Cortina Mk4! I might buy that. My dad's 1.3 litre. 0-60.....eventually. With a good wind behind you. Mind you I wouldn't mind building the Mk3 he had earlier. 2.0 Ghia in Yellow with a Black vinyl roof. I'll get one when I win the lottery. Hoping for a 1/72 Vulcan. Don't think I'd buy anything else too big. Unless they did a 1/72 Boeing P-8. But I doubt that'll see the light of day until the RAF get some. Stuart
  5. The F-35 isn't scheduled to get Meteor until 2024 and the Tranche 1 Typhoons won't get it at all so they will need AMRAAM until the 2030s, especially as they're to concentrate on the air defence role (freeing up the Trance 2 & 3 for air to ground ops). Stuart
  6. I doubt we'll see a BIII as the fuselage halves are only set up for the two gun tail turret and most IIIs had the four gun one which had a shallower fairing underneath. The engines and horizontal tails are on a separate sprue so I believe a variant with a different engine is planned but I think a BII is more likely as the merlins will give more of a different look. The triangular windows were used on the Mk VIII and also on the Mk Ic when used by coastal command (check photos of 311 sqn) so perhaps a maritime version is in the offing too. Just my thoughts Stuart
  7. Perfect. Thanks for the help. Lovely photos too. Stuart
  8. Hi, a couple of quick questions here. I'm building the Airfix AEW2 and wondering about the flaps. What photos I can find seem to show the flaps up when the aircraft is at rest, is this correct? to be honest I'd rather build it flaps up and I'd rather this was the case. Also bomb doors? were they closed when at rest or open like the Lanc? I haven't decided whether I prefer them open or closed. Photos seem to show both. Thanks in advance for any replies. Stuart
  9. Hi. I've just finished the new Airfix FG.1 and fuelled up by all things Phantomy I was wondering if the F-4J(uk) can be built from the Academy kit or are there things missing? I'm aware the aircraft were essentially F-4S but lacking the slats on the wing but I'm not sure how the F-4S differed from the F-4J. Thanks in advance for any advice. Stuart
  10. I believe that the larger tailplanes were a requirement for the 4 bladed prop. Others may know more though. Stuart
  11. Hi, I remember reading that Humbrol were going to discontinue production of their RLM paints that were only released a few years ago as well as other colours including 167 Barley grey. Is this true or was it just a rumour. The paints seem to be in stock on the website and at Hannants. Thanks in advance for any info Stuart
  12. Yes you're right it was an M4A2E8 from the tank museum.
  13. If you're not bothered about them being exactly contemporary with each other then I'd recommend Tamiya's early Tiger (no zimmerit needed!) and their new M4A3E8 Sherman. This is also a match for the duel in the film Fury as the tiger used in that is the one Tamiya based their kit on. Anyway some early tigers showed up near the end of the war as they were taken from training units. If you can get the Tasca Firefly in the Tamiya boxing that has been said is a great kit. Stuart
  14. Buccaneer S2, B-25 C/D (there's no modern kit of the earlier version and it saw a lot of RAF service), Me262, Wellington. I think all the above would sell well and could stay in production for a long time.
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