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  1. The Airfix re-boxing of their FG.1 with RAF schemes rather than the original RN kit has all the parts for the FGR.2 including the stabs. Someone may have a spare set. Will take a bit of fettling to get them to fit but they should do the job if you can find some. Stuart
  2. Seem to recall Dragon did one. Also there is the old Revell kit I built as a kit, that was a two seater though. I can't recall any others so I'd hazard a guess at Dragon.
  3. Thanks, for that, I hadn't seen either of those before. The cutaway shows the lights as in the kit although they seem deeper than the kit part. The photo appears to show a Mk I which had the lights in the leading edge. I assume it's a Mk I as the squadron codes appear to be grey and as the Mk III appeared in 1943 they would have been red. The roundel also appears to be an earlier type. An interesting photo with a Spitfire and a Defiant in the background. Thanks again. Stuart
  4. Hi, I'm building the new Italeri Kit of the Stirling III and parts 37a and 9e appear to be lights under the port wing. I understand these were retractable on the Mi III. I can't find any photos of them, Would they normally be lowered when on the ground? The same parts are used in the MkIV kit. Thanks for any advice. Stuart
  5. I had no desire for a Comet at all. But it's Tamiya so I'm going to buy one, maybe two. Is three too many? Built the old Matchbox one as a kid many times. Better start the research. Stuart
  6. Dragon did certainly.. However IIRC the style of zimmeritt is wrong. Cuckoo had horizontal ridges like a Tiger whist the zimm on the Dragon kit is the more common vertical style. I'm sure others know more. Stuart
  7. Historically significant? If you're talking after the age of sail then: HMS Warspite - Queen Elizabeth Class for both World wars HMS Sheffield - Town Class, World War II HMS Dreadnaught - 1906 for technical development HMS Illustrious - Illustrious Class - Taranto HMS Victorious - Illustrious Class - Op Pedastal I don't know if there's a Sheffield in 1/350. Belfast is available She saw a lot of action. I don't think there is a WWI Warspite but there are ones in the WWII configuration.. No Illustrious that I know of. Stuart
  8. Bolt Action (Warlord Games) also do something they call a "Hollywood Tiger" which as the name suggests is the Tiger from the film. I can't seem to get a link to work. As far as the type of Sherman involved they were M4A3E4s, a postwar rebuild of the M4A3 75mm (w) VVSS adapted to mount the 76mm. The Bolt action model appears to be generally accurate although as a wargaming model it's probably a bit simplified. Stuart
  9. Looks like faded OD to me, bearing in mind this a/c had seen a lot of service by the time the photo was taken. Chromate yellow tends to look a lot more, well, yellow. Of course I could be wrong and it's faded Chromate yellow. Or it could have been re-painted in whatever matt paint they had available. Perhaps it wore off and the groundcrew just applied whatever they had. The anti-glare panels on the nacelles still appear dark so perhaps It's not OD. Either way it's some sort of light brown when the photo was taken. I haven't really helped have I? Stuart
  10. Hi, I'm just checking but to build a so called "Series 2" Tempest V from the new Airfix kit I just need to leave off the cannon barrels, correct? I mean I can add the wing tanks if I want to but there's nothing else required is there? I can't see the fishplates on the tail and the bump on the wing root on the first 50 a/c isn't there so. Just leave off the cannon barrels? Thanks for any advice Stuart
  11. It's a lot more reliable than it's English Electric namesake. Costs a bit more mind you
  12. Great, thanks for the replies. Stuart
  13. Hi, I missed the chance to get this the first time round. The Blenheim IVF is now available again and I was wondering if the parts are all there in the kit for a standard Mk IV bomber? I can source the decals and the instructions are on Scalemates. Does anyone know? Cheers Stuart
  14. The hatches with the external hinges (J, L and Early N) are on the B Sprue. the flush hatches (M and late N) are on the D sprue. The latter sprue has a lot of M and N specific parts for the rear hull and exhaust. I tired building the N model gun and mantlet to see how it went together and the gun barrel seems to go in too far, there may be another part to go there (or I may have overlooked it). There are a lot of spare parts in the kit. the instructions don't mention the later engine deck with the single hatch doors but the parts are all there, I've built two of them. There are even parts specific for the Stug III. They haven't announced one yet but the steel return rollers are in the kit. As long as you have Panzer Tracts 3-3 you can work out how to use the kit to build a much wider range of tanks than are in the instructions. Stuart
  15. I think it's all in there. I've not tried to build one to be honest but I can't see anything missing. Stuart
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