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  1. Do you think that's what's happened to the Ascona 400 kits too Gary...??!! I'm still waiting for them to announce a state of the art Mk2 Escort. But I'll have likely shuffled off this mortal coil before it arrives if they do...!! Keith
  2. Very little really I'd say - maybe the basic shell, front grille and some other body parts.... I guess it's how much is homologated that is allowed to change. I suspect bumpers, wings (fenders!), bonnet (hood!) spoilers and maybe the roof will be carbon fibre. Engine, gearbox, suspension, brakes and other running gear will be bespoke to the rally car, as will the majority of the interior - maybe the basic dashboard remains but with all replacement rally stuff fitted. K
  3. The A40's also look great fun in historic touring car racing! Always loved ADO16's as my first car was an Austin 1100. I'd love to see one or more of those in historic racing, but as they're really just a big Mini there'd probably be no point! Keith
  4. THis short video from Skoda anout their new generation Fabia shows a little of how they're built; Keith
  5. Well I have absolutely zero interest in the real car whatsoever, but as it's a @Bengalensis build I'll be watching with interest - great work so far! From memory of my time working in DVLA it was 1/1/1973 Keith
  6. I think they should take a step way back - and let Mk2 Escorts etc become the top class again! I'd go out and watch it again then!
  7. And the texture is way overscale - at least to my eyes! Keith
  8. Couple of days ago when filling up at Tesco a lovely little bottle green Saab 96 pulled up at the pump alongside. K
  9. Nice shot!! Not sure but might have seen that one earlier as we had a USMC Herc go over here heading east. Keith
  10. She's a real looker Gary, another excellent build off your bench! Top job!! Keith
  11. Ah shame, another of my boyhood heroes gone. RIP Paddy, thanks for all the memories. Keith
  12. So, after all this proof of concept printing super neat little aeroplane bits, I guess the next step is obvious Steve..... After @TheBaron's ultimate Sea Vixen your next project will have to be the ultimate 1/72nd Jaguar.....!! (whether I'd live long enough to see it come to fruition though is anyone's guess....!! ) Keith
  13. Really gorgeous model, beautifully built with a stunning paintjob! Top work! Keith
  14. Glad you managed to save the day after the wheels came off Gary! Keith
  15. Herc ZH899 - and for once it was under the cloud layer so actually saw it.
  16. Another little gem Trevor, I think it looks really good in its plain test livery - nice job! Keith
  17. https://second.wiki/wiki/estanislao_reverter
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