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  1. Thank you for such a kind comment @Kodiopa, it's very much appreciated Keith
  2. Absolutely stunning! Agree about the paint on the real car, but it looks fantastic on your model! Superb work! Good video again too - is your cat still asking for food....?! Keith
  3. Very cool! Doubt it's real on a J plate....unless it was another DVLA Local Office foul up....!! Keith (ex DVLA Vehicle enquiries.... )
  4. Good start, looks like this will be an interesting build! Keith
  5. Wanted to give two emoji's for that post Chris - a like for Annie and a sad for that despicable paint on the Gladiator - how dare it react like that....?! Keith
  6. Cheers Gary, many thanks for your kind comment I did add the harness bar to the cage as I thought the bar immediately behind the seat would have been too close to attach the harnesses to in real life (that's my excuse anyway as I just couldn't attach the harnesses neatly to that bar in the model....!!) Keith
  7. Many thanks indeed Colin, much appreciated! Oh 'eck, he's just bought a V40 - better tell him to check the belt's been changed....!! (pretty sure it has, it's one of the first things he always checks after the Calibra incident!) Keith
  8. Indeed, that's right - mostly they were painted in cellulose which was then (sometimes!) polished out. Metallics did often have a clear coat back then, but that wasn't the miles deep super shiny 2K they use today! The body is looking good now, if you were to go tor the Meguiars on Future, I'd be tempted to stick with the Scratch x as it's less abrasive than the Ultimate Compound. That's a nice looking car! Keith
  9. @Kitkent @Ian @Spiny @Anteater @Toftdale Many thanks everybody for your great comments, you're all far too kind Keith
  10. I had a cambelt go in a Belmont SRi but they'd put a non-interference engine in them and it did no damage at all! Shame they hadn't developed that engine earlier.... Keith
  11. Many thanks Vince, very kind My son's first car was a 2 litre Vauxhall Calibra - it was a really nice drive until the cambelt broke and lunched the engine and he scrapped it.... Keith
  12. Thanks again @Vesa Jussila and @spaddad, very kind of you both I hope I'm still around then to post it! Keith
  13. Many thanks for the kind comments everyone (including yours @Andy J ), they are very much appreciated. Hi Marco, that was the initial plan, but as the last 911 I did was blue I fancied a change so went with Tamiya X5 dark green. As it's gloss I was hoping to just flat and polish it, but it doesn't shine very well. And I just burnt through the paint on the top of one of the front wings.... . So it needs a bit of a re-paint and then gloss coating. Keith
  14. Thanks Marco, much appreciated! Indeed, lightning fast for me!! I'm just about to start polishing the paint on the early 911 you kindly sent me the steel wheels and hubcaps for.... Keith
  15. Morning all. Finished this recently, for me a relatively quick build as I started it in the first lockdown in 2020. Not a particularly enjoyable build, problems started when I opened the box and found the A pillar on the drivers side had a major kink in it which I straightened out as best I could using the hot water and brute force method and then used copious amounts of superglue and tape to hold it against the glass when I stuck the windows in. Worst part of all though were the decals - the Tamiya ones had yellowed badly and the interior ones all broke up when they sniffed the water. So I got a replacement set from Shunko. First problem with them was they weren't a complete 'set' - and you have to mask and spray the large areas on the doors, which was fine apart from trying to match the yellow of the decals - which also didn't match the yellow of the Tamiya decals so I couldn't have used them even if they'd have worked! Then came 'using' the Shunko things - they were, without any doubt, the worst, most awful decals I've ever had the misfortune of trying to use (even worse than Monogram NASCAR ones if anyone's familiar with those!) The Shunko things were as flexible as cardboard, wouldn't settle with hot water, attack by hairdryer, microsol, Mr Set and Sol and when I finally resorted to Daco strong decal solution the ink ran on the flaming things staining the surrounding paint! Perserverence, stupidity and the use of all the above finally got the despicable things to work. Oh, and they also had a weird plastic like carrier film.... Anyway, I'm quite pleased with it now it's out of the way and I quite like how it looks sat on the shelf. Pics - Thanks for looking ATVB Keith
  16. I usually flat the gloss coat down with 4 to 12 thousand micromesh and then use all three Tamiya polishing compounds in sequence. But I don't know if the SMS paint is water based or....?? If it's water based I'd skip the micromesh stage and go straight to the compounds. If you can't find (or don't want to buy) the Tamiya stuff a lot of full size car polishes will also work but they tend to be a bit harsher so go easier with them! I'm finding these work quite nicely on model paint so may use hem instead of Tamiya in future as they're easier to get hold of; Meguiars Ultimate Compound Colour & Clarity Restorer 450ml Meguiar's G10307EU ScratchX 2.0 Car Paint Scratch Remover 207ml, Fine scratch and paint blemish remover (didn't post it as a link as it's a UK supplier) Keith
  17. Strangely enough I was watching a live stream from LAX the other day and a BA 777 arrived and I noticed exactly the same thing! I don't have a suitable model to try it on, but we have a Ford Focus in Frozen White which is the 'whitest' white I've seen on a car. Parked to most other makes it makes them look like light grey or cream! So I was thinking maybe spraying the radome in Frozen and the rest of the airframe in 'another' white might work? Otherwise if using modelling paint use 'pure' white for the radome and add a touch of grey to darken it for the reast of the fuselage? I read somewhere that Boeing lists 49 different whites in their colour range! Keith
  18. Yes, thanks Dave, I was literally wondering an hour or so ago whether Greg might have restarted selling to the UK, so it's good news indeed! Keith
  19. There's another on going thread on chrome here; Keith
  20. They look good from here - probably some of the trickiest shapes you could have chosen for a first go at BMF! Keith
  21. I don't particularly like the Senna (understatement!) and I'm really not a fan of silver cars - but I think you made an inspired choice there and that really is my favourite of all the built Senna models I've seen so far. Silver actually really suits the car and makes it almost attractive! Really nice model! Keith
  22. I have a built Heller 1/72 Bf-109K that I'd lost interest in as I couldn't be bothered with all the masking needed on it Chris. But when I came across this thread your brush painting did inspire me to attack it with a hairy stick! I painted the fuselage with Xtracrylic but wasn't really happy with using it, so have bought some Humbrol Luftwaffe enamels to have a go at the rest of it. I'm not expecting great results but it's going to be fun having a try and if I ruin it (quite likely!!) there's not much lost! Keith
  23. I know you've probably said before Chris, but I don't remember sorry, do you thin the paint, and if so roughly by how much? Anson is coming along very nicely! Keith
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